Gifts for girlfriends are finally done

Today, I finally made the late gift and gave it to the newlywed girlfriend, and it had been more than a month since her wedding.

In fact, I bought the DIY small gift one month before my girlfriend got married, but at that time, I completely overestimated my hands -on ability that had been made.

When I know the news that my girlfriend is going to get married, I am thinking about what kind of gift I want to give as a congratulatory gift. I don’t want to give it too vulgar and ordinary, but I can’t find a gift that makes my favorite.Finally, I finally selected a hand -embroidered stag, and I was very satisfied.

But you need to follow the video step by step, because before the small items such as the sachet embroidered before, I feel that this table is nothing more than embroidered a lot of needles and more lines.Buy it down.

Early embroidery

But what I did not expect is that this small decoration is very energy -consuming, and I always feel tired after working at that time. I just want to lie on the bed to rest. I don’t want to pick it up.When the eyes are long, the eyes and the cervical spine can’t be eaten, and only embroidery can be embroidered.

Therefore, the time of embroidery is delayed and longer, and during that time, it happened to catch up with the driver’s license. Every day, the energy was not allocated to the production gift., Very anxious.

Work without embroidery

Not only that, I also strive for perfection. After all, it is a big event for girlfriends for a lifetime. Of course, I want to do my best to make a unique gift for her. I will be dismantled and re -embroidered when I am not satisfactory every time.The gifts that my girlfriend can do well can be done on time.

The day before my girlfriend got married, I said sorry to my girlfriend: I had a small gift to give you, but because the delay was not ready.

In fact, my girlfriend didn’t mind whether I gave her a gift, nor would I not mind the time and place where I gave her a gift, but for many years, I just wanted to express my heart more or less.

Although I couldn’t get some little regrets on the day of my girlfriend’s wedding, I was really incompetent. I just blame myself to buy it too late. These days, I continued to embroidery with the squeezing time.Although my embroidery needs to be improved, it is generally satisfied. For me, this is already a very fulfilling thing.

I called and told my girlfriend that I finally embroidered her gifts, and there was a hearty laugh from the opposite side.Then I wrapped it carefully and sent it to my girlfriend.

On the way back, I received WeChat from my girlfriend. She said that this was the best gift she received. I slowly closed my phone and smiled unconsciously.

Finally embroidered

The little story about giving gifts is over, but my friendship with my girlfriend will continue for a long time. The two of us who are not good at talking about each other always explain the friendship between girlfriends with practical actions.May we all be happy forever.

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