Gambling to have children!The 43 -year -old mother died in the end!This disease must not get pregnant!

She is the world’s first pulmonary hypertensive surgery pregnant woman


Died in Wuxi on April 1, 2019

43 years old

Four years ago, an emotional novel called "For the person who loves me and the one I love -alive" suddenly became popular on the Internet. Within half a year, the click rate exceeded 10 million, occupying this for a long time, occupying this for a long timeThe first place in the forum emotional column.

The author of this novel is a congenital heart disease caused pulmonary hypertension, diagnosed by a doctor as "only 4 years of life", Yuantianfu Morning Post and reporter Wu Meng, Huaxi Metropolis Daily.

For five years, Wu Meng has been fighting the illness, and he has been in love and gave birth to a baby on the bed.

On April 1, 2019, Wu Meng’s relatives released the last dynamic in her circle of friends: Wu Meng died at 17:35 pm on April 1 at the age of 43.


Knowing the danger of children, she took the initiative to write an exemptional statement

Wu Meng insisted on giving birth to a child after pregnancy, and learned that the survival rate in medicine was almost zero, and she took the initiative to write an exemptional statement.On June 16, 2018, Wuxi People’s Hospital multi -subject collaboration was taken for her to take a section under ECMO (in vitro circulation).

In the same month after birth, the hospital performed the heart room septal defect repair+lung transplantation.

After crossing the ghost door, Wu Meng’s life signs became more and more stable.

Chen Jingyu, a national lung transplantation expert who is the main knife, published an inner confession: "Complete the world’s first pulmonary hypertension maternal maternal transplantation. As a doctors of Wu Meng, I don’t feel happy at all.And my team, Wuxi People’s Hospital, and even the entire Wuxi and Jiangsu health world are heavy and heart -up. I hope that this type of surgery is the first case so far, and there will never be there anymore in the future. "

In December 2018, Wu Meng was hospitalized for infection.On April 1, 2019, Wu Meng died in Wuxi at the age of 43.


Why cause such controversy?

As early as 2013, Wu Meng was diagnosed with ESEN-MENGER syndrome (a severe congenital heart disease, including room septal defects and aortic transgression), and merged severe pulmonary hypertension.

The clinical guidelines of Europe and the United States have listed pulmonary hypertension as pregnancy taboos, because the perinatal mortality of pregnancy with pulmonary hypertension is as high as 30%to 50%.

This means that once such patients may die at any time, for the fetus, they will also cause dysentery, limited growth, fetal distress, and newborn suffocation for the fetal mother’s hypoxia.

After learning that he was pregnant, Wu Meng immediately decided: even if you have a life, you have to give birth to your baby.

Picture from Sanlian Life Weekly

Wu Meng was pregnant with a high risk of high risks. Regardless of the medical experts’ proposal and dissuasion of pregnancy, he insisted on continuing pregnancy and delivery, and sent video promotion online, saying that if he could give birth tohope.

The doctor said that paragraph was to warn other patients with Wu Meng’s case. Pregnancy was the taboo of the pulmonary high -pressure people.


In the end, I died …

In the second half of 2018, Wu Meng’s condition continued to increase. By February 2019, he could only breathe by ventilator.

Wu Meng’s husband said that she was hospitalized due to fungal infection and was also infected with Balman bacteria in the hospital. There was almost no medicine in clinical practice. She had prepared to change the lungs for the second time, but she gave up because her body was too poor.

In the end, Wu Meng had difficulty breathing and was thin and thin.Before dying, she expressed her guilt that could not support her parents, and could not accompany her children, and even regretted it. She was too wayward.

"Countless people asked me why the child should be born to death? My answer is, love! The love for life makes me unwilling to live; the love for her husband, does not want him to be desolate;He couldn’t bear to bear everything alone; the love for his younger son could not bear to give up his life at will … "On May 19, 2018, Wu Meng sent this passage in the circle of friends.

After 11 months, her friends also learned of her departure from the circle of friends.At 8:46 pm on April 1, her husband Wang issued a cricket in the circle of friends.

A gambling life,

No one knows if it is holding in your hands

A one -way ticket that goes without returning.

May every one

Family preparing to bred a baby

Can be cautious,

For love, for each other.

Source/cover News, Sanlian Life Weekly, Jiangsu News

Edit/Li Wei

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