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Fungus vegetables 老 Ancient and good vegetables

[Alias] Flowing sunflower, western cabbage, tofu, rouge, purple horns

Leaf and skyflower.

[Sexual flavor to return to classics] sweet, sour, cold; return to heart, liver, spleen, big

Intestinal and small intestinal meridians.

[Recommended consumption] 50 ~ 100 grams per meal.

Fungus vegetables are an ancient vegetable in my country.Because its leaves are close to round, thick and sticky, like the feeling of fungus, it is commonly known as fungus.Multi -fungus dishes are mostly distributed in Sichuan, Yunnan, Hunan and other places in my country, and are loved by the residents of the south. In recent years, northerners have also tasted its deliciousness.


The nutrient content of fungus vegetables is extremely rich. Calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and other elements are very high. They are rich in carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B, and protein, and have low energy and less fat., Clear heat and cool blood, diuretic, prevent constipation and other effects, suitable for the elderly.The calcium content of fungus vegetables is very high and the oxalic acid content is low. It is an preferred economic dish for calcium supplement.A kind of mucus contained in wood -ear vegetables has a good effect on anti -cancer.


The taste is sweet and fragrant.This dish is the same as the aunt and Tremella. Both are bacterial dishes. This product is sweet and salty.Nourishing the kidney and strengthening the yin, astringent essence qi, raw marrow and brain, long -serving the kidneys and strong kidney and good brain.

After the body enters the body, under the acceptance of the stomach, the spleen and transportation, it makes it slightly refined and refined blood, filling the brain to supplement the marrow, and treats the deficiency of the kidney yuan, the waist and knee are soft, the urine frequency, the fatigue and fatigue, the head of the head, the head of the head, the head of the head, the headDizziness tinnitus, insomnia and forgetfulness, loss of appetite.

This product is the best agent of Tianshuang Shuang.The heart and liver are blood, the spleen health is born, and the blood is hidden.The liver is the place where blood is hidden, and it is the dirt of the wind and wood, the body is yin, and the liver blood can be real.The heart is the source of bleeding, and the house of Shaoyin Junhuo, the fullness of kidney essence is self -sufficient. This is the two Shaoyin.The spleen healthy stomach is harmonious, essence of blood, kidney and liver overflow, liver blood filling, and complacent heart blood.The heart and lungs are the upper coke, the lungs are the qi house, the heart is the master of blood, the heart blood is strong, the lung qi is solid, the lungs are full of blood, and the blood and blood can be used accordingly.Qi Wangjin is born, blood is full of essence, and essence of qi and blood can be generated accordingly.The human body is weak, and all diseases will be obtained, and they will take this product -disappear.

healthy diet

The fungus dishes are suitable for stir -fry, and it should be frying it with prosperity.

Wood -ear is cold, has the effect of smoothing intestines and cooling blood. Pregnant women who are in early pregnancy and pregnant women who have habitual abortion are avoided.

Choose storage

When buying woody fuel, you should choose dark green leaves. The leaves look thicker and high -quality.


Fungus + sea rice: The two have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and the effect of lowering blood pressure and laxative.

Fungus + Tremella: The two should be cold, have detoxification effects, and can also supplement the vitamins, minerals and glue required by the human body.

Fungus vegetables + seaweed: The combination of soup with soup has the effect of nourishing deficiency and nourishing, especially suitable for the elderly.


Fuer fungus + soy sauce: Soy sauce should not be placed when stir -fry, because it affects the color and affects the taste.

main reference

Zhang Huaping’s "Food Health Nutrition and Food Encyclopedia" [M] Nanchang: Jiangxi Science and Technology Publishing House, 2013,4.

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