Four major reasons for sows to have a "fake pregnancy" situation

In the process of breeding sow, sometimes a typical symptoms appear -fake pregnancy.The so -called fake pregnancy specifically refers to the sow without pregnancy, but it shows the symptoms of a series of pregnancy.For example, slow movement, larger abdomen, and breast expansion slightly.So, what are the reasons that cause sows to become fake pregnancy?Please see below:

Reason one: disease factors

There are usually three diseases that cause sows to show fake pregnancy:

1. Sow’s reproductive tract is infected with reproductive tract diseases. If it is not treated in time at this time, the reproductive tract disease will further affect the sow’s ovaries, which will cause the sow’s ovarian function to be disordered.

2. If the sows are not estrus or abnormal estrus, then at this time, many farmers will choose to use aphrodisiac drugs to help the sow estrus.However, if the abuse of hormone aphrodisiac drugs may cause sow to have false pregnancy.

3. The farmers did not remove insects for sow, which caused sows to suffer from parasitic diseases.If the parasites in the sows further attack the sow’s reproductive system, it may also cause sows to become fake pregnancy.

Reason two: Feed factors

Unlike ordinary fattening pigs, sows are very taboo for feed nutrition or imbalance in feed nutrition.If you want to raise a sow, whether it is the mainstream energy, protein and other nutrients, it must be sufficient, such as many trace elements or vitamins is essential.For example, if sow lacks vitamin E for a long time, it is possible to have false pregnancy.

Reason three: Failure failure failed

Whether it is this diplomatic or artificial insemination, sow’s fertilization success is not 100 %. If you just fail the fertilization, it is okay to say again.However, after fertilization, the ovaries of the sow have formed luteal, but there is no normal fertilization, then the sow’s body will continue to secrete progesterone. At this time, a series of pregnancy will occur.However, the sow is actually not pregnant.Fortunately, this is not rare.

Reason 4: Poor physical condition

In the process of raising pigs, we all advocated early weaning of piglets, because this is more conducive to the recovery of sow’s body.If the sow is too long, it will affect the health of the sow, such as the severe body and thin body.In the case of excessive nutritional consumption of sows, it is generally not suitable for breeding.If a sow with poor physical condition is forcibly breeds, it is likely to cause fake pregnancy due to the disorders of hormone secretion in the sows.

The sow fake pregnancy is rare in the process of raising pigs, so the reason is that there are basically only the above four. I hope to provide you with a certain reference significance in the process of raising pigs.

Pig Baba is a signing author in the three rural areas and rural areas

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