Four behaviors of the breasts, many women have done it.

Ms. Xia is a 30 -year -old workplace woman. She has a long -term busy work and life that has been exhausted.Every night when she returns home, she always lie on the bed with her mobile phone to brush her social media, watch drama, etc., and she will stay late at night without knowing it.In addition, in order to maintain her figure, Ms. Xia often wore tight clothes and also likes to eat spicy food.

However, not long ago, Ms. Xia found that her breasts had slightly abnormalities, her nipples pain, chest pain, and even small hard blocks in fixed positions.The anxious Ms. Xia went to the hospital for examination, and the doctor told her that these abnormalities were related to some of her usual habits.

Modern women often make some inadvertent mistakes in their lives. These errors seem insignificant, but they will gradually increase the risk of illness.Especially in treating your body, some incorrect habits may lead to physical health problems.Among them, the four behaviors that spoil their breasts are often made by many women. So what are these behaviors?

First, like to stay up late

Staying up late is a common habit of modern people. Many people need to stay up late for a long time due to work and study.However, long -term staying up late has a lot of adverse effects on health, one of which is to cause damage to the breast.

Staying night can cause endocrine disorders of the human body, especially the normal secretion of estrogen in women’s body, which will affect the health of the breast.In addition, staying up late for a long time will cause the body’s immunity to decrease, reduce the body’s resistance, and cause problems such as inflammation and infection.These problems will directly or indirectly affect the health of the breast.

In addition, long -term staying up late can cause chronic fatigue to the body, leading to a decrease in the metabolic rate of the body, which leads to the accumulation of toxins inside the body.These toxins will cause damage to the body’s internal organs and lymphatic systems, which will affect the health of the breast.In addition, staying up late for a long time can also cause poor blood circulation in the body, affect the blood supply to the breast, and easily cause breast problems.

Second, you will not control your emotions

Many women often get out of control because of trivial things in their lives, and their tempering ups and downs.However, this behavior that does not control its emotions will also have a certain impact on breast health.

First of all, irritability can easily cause disorders of endocrine systems, which leads to the horizontal imbalance of estrogen in the body.The change of estrogen is one of the factors that directly affect breast health.Therefore, irritability may have a adverse effect on breast health.

Secondly, emotional out of control can also cause the body to be in a high tension for a long time.This will cause psychological discomfort and physical fatigue, which will affect the normal work of various systems of the body, and breast health is no exception.It will also accelerate the aging of the body for a long time, increasing the risk of physical diseases, including breast cancer and other diseases.

Third, love to wear tight clothes

Love to wear tight clothes is one of the behaviors that ruin breasts.Modern women pay more and more attention, especially young women like to wear tights to show their figure.However, long -term wearing tight clothes will adversely affect the breast.

First of all, wearing too tight clothes will cause breasts for a long time, hindering blood circulation, leading to breast atrophy, relaxation and deformation, and breasts will become smaller and smaller.Secondly, too tight clothes will rub the breasts, causing the skin of the nipples and areola to be harmed, and itching of nipples and areola inflammation.In addition, wearing tight clothes will also affect breathing, increase the burden on armpit lymph nodes, thereby affecting the cycle of lymph fluid, and further aggravating the breast problem.

Fourth, love spicy food

Spicy foods contain spicy substances such as pepperin, which can lead to vascular dilation around the breast, thereby aggravating the congestion and edema of the breast, and increasing the risk of breast disease.These spicy substances can also stimulate breast nerves, causing pain and discomfort.In addition, spicy foods can also cause gastrointestinal tract to be unsuitable for digestion problems, cause constipation and other problems, and increase the occurrence of breast disease.Therefore, women who like to eat spicy foods should take in moderation to avoid excessive consumption, especially before and after and during pregnancy.In addition, eating more light, healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods, etc., can help prevent the occurrence of breast diseases.

Four habits of often committing these four habits may cause damage to breast health, so how to protect breast health?

Perform regular breast tests, discover problems in time and treat them in a timely manner.

Eat reasonably, eat less spicy, greasy, barbecue and other irritating foods, eat more fruits and fruits, and maintain nutritional balance.

Stay away from unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking.

Wear comfortable and appropriate underwear to avoid the pressure of excessive or loose underwear on the breast.

Exercise regularly to enhance immunity.

Pay attention to control emotions and keep your mood happy.

Avoid sedentary and long -standing, exercise regularly to avoid the formation of blood stasis.

Regular breast examinations, understand breast health, and take prevention and treatment measures in a timely manner.

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