For the healthy development of the baby during pregnancy, the top ten nutrition supplements must not be less

Every mother hopes that their baby can be smart, healthy, and lively after birth, but sometimes he does not want to follow people. Due to this reason, the baby after birth has a defect. In this caseWhat kind of choice is a kind of suffering for the newborn baby and family.

After watching many examples of birth defects at home, I feel a little heavy, and no one can guarantee whether their children will become the next, but at least we can do our best to prevent it.At each stage of the baby’s growth, it gives it sufficient nutrition and can avoid birth defects.

First, supplement folic acid

In the early days of pregnancy, folic acid is a very important nutrition, which can prevent fetal malformations, premature birth and anemia.Moms can supplement foods such as noodles, pineapple and cabbage, or directly orally oral folic acid tablets.

Second, vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is mainly to prevent mothers from being troubled by pregnancy. Eat more potatoes, carrots, walnuts, peanuts and other foods containing vitamin B6.

Third, vitamin A

Vitamin A can ensure the health of fetal gastrointestinal tract, lungs, and skin health. During the entire process of fetal development, vitamin A cannot be missing.

Fourth, zinc

During pregnancy, if the mother is deficient in zinc, it will cause the fetal heart and brain to develop poorly in the belly, which will also have a great impact on pregnant mothers, such as low immunity, loss of appetite, abnormal smell and taste.Supplementing zinc -containing food.

Fifth, calcium

The importance of calcium must not be needed. Everyone can understand that supplementing calcium can promote the development of the fetus and teeth. Drinking more milk, yogurt or milk powder is an excellent way to supplement calcium.

Sixth, iron

In the sixth month, the nutritional needs of babies and mothers are increasing. Many mothers will have symptoms of anemia at this time. At this time, you need to supplement the iron in time.

Seventh, DHA

It is also called brain gold. The role of DHA is greater than we imagine. It has an important role in preventing premature birth, preventing babies from delaying delays, and promoting brain nerve and retinal neurossence.Moms can supplement the DHA required for pregnancy by using Huiyou Xitan oil soft capsules. This is a kind of algae oil DHA nutritional food, which is very suitable for pregnant women and fetuses.

Eighth, carbohydrate

This is mainly to maintain the calorie needs of the body. If the carbohydrate intake is insufficient, it is easy to lack protein, or cause ketic acid poisoning, supplement carbohydrate, and eat about 400g of grain food every day to ensure the heat supply.

Ninth, dietary fiber

In the late pregnancy, the fetus gradually became larger, and it also brought a lot of burden to pregnant mothers. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement sufficient dietary fiber to promote intestinal peristalsis and better absorb nutrients. This can reduce the potential factors that endanger health.

Tenth, vitamin B1

In the final stage of pregnancy, it is very important to supplement vitamin B1. If vitamin B1 is insufficient, it may affect the shrinkage of the uterus during childbirth, resulting in difficulty in childbirth!Therefore, vitamin B1 must be supplemented in time.

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