For the first time in the same room, why do you always end in failure?Don’t be shy, men and women should understand

Every time I talk about the first sexual life, the topic of discussions is always around women, and it seems that the first experience of men’s first room seems to be rarely mentioned, always avoiding.

In the past, people’s sexual concepts were conservative, so for the first time, it basically stayed on the wedding night.Nowadays, people’s sexual concepts are gradually diversified, and young men and women prefer prematurely trying to ban fruit and the mysterious passion.But sometimes things are often contrary to their wishes. For the first time many men, with a memory experience of embarrassment, embarrassment, and even shyness and failure, they are permanently kept deep in their hearts.However, for the first time because of lack of experience or other factors, it is normal for failure.

Although there is a hazy desire and cognition of sex in the depths of human genes, when the first time I really contact the opposite sex, the tension of the heart is not only a woman exists, but men will also exist.

In a state of tension, there will be two very different results. One result is that men’s attention is too concentrated, the nervous system is excessively excited, and even the excitement is even more exciting before it starts.

Another situation is just the opposite, because many men and women who have tried for the first time are not in a state of wedding. Some women have the feeling of rejection and fear. Due to the reluctant ingredients, some men will be frustrated and nervous because of their frustrations.Instead, the stone can’t get up.Although the two results are the opposite, they are essentially caused by being too nervous for the first time.

In addition, do n’t have pain for the first time because only girls will have pain for the first time, and some people will have pain and discomfort.In particular, some men with long foreskin have a long -bodied foreskin at the tight binding glans, as well as wrapped or semi -wrap. The layer of skin is close to the inner sponge body.

For the first time in the same room, the foreskin was turned deep and pulled back and forth. This feeling is completely different from the feeling that the virgin usually uses the five girls.Some people will feel uncomfortable or painful because of the tightness and pull of the foreskin. Coupled with nervousness, they may be excreted too quickly.

As for the damage such as too nervous or wrong position, the foreskin lace torn or even penis breaks, these are relatively rare, and generally need to seek medical treatment after appearing.

Therefore, for the first time of the male comrades, don’t imagine how to satisfy each other and satisfy himself in his mind.Not only you will feel nervous and discomfort, but the other party is in a state of tension and pain because of the rupture of the hymen.

Therefore, for the first time, whether it is subjectively or objective, it can only be used as an attempt to get started.Don’t think about how to enjoy it, that wonderful and fantasy feeling, just go to experience in the future.

If you want to go well for the first time, you must first avoid too nervous emotions.Since most of the men and girls are trying to be a love person for the first time, if you want to achieve the best state, both sides must be completely willing for the first time. If the girls have the emotion of resistance, it will affect the boys’s children’s’s’s’s.Emotional and feeling.

Sex is not a matter of one person. Sex is a matter of two people. The two sides are willing to explore the beautiful feeling of the first time.For the first time in the same room, we must pay attention to hygiene first.To do a good job of cleansing, you must take a bath.

Because some people’s first room did not happen after marriage, in order to avoid pregnancy and preventing sex diseases, boys should prepare a condom. This is responsible for the other party and for themselves.

Secondly, pay attention to the rhythm.For the first time, the emotions were very nervous. If the amplitude of the movement was very large, it would lead to more nervousness, and it might scare each other.Therefore, the first time the boy must learn to control his tension, you can gradually enter the theme by chatting and touching, and slowly advancing, so as to avoid his own firewood fire quickly burned.

The last is to learn to take care of each other’s feelings. You can properly put the romantic and emotional atmosphere of the room layout. You must pay attention to the feelings of the other party. Although they are very nervous, the first pain of girls is inevitable.Too fierce.If the first impression is not good for the first time, it will leave a shadow in my heart.

Women have hymen, so it is easy to distinguish for the first time, except for the hymen repair.So can men be identified physiological?

Virgin line:

One of the long -term circulation on the Internet is that there is a texture on the inside of the virgin arm, saying that as long as it is sexual life, the texture will disappear.I don’t know who invented this nonsense. It was just ordinary skin folds. Some people had some people, some people had no marriage for many years, and some women also had it.

Foreskin lace break:

This sounds painful. The man’s lower body is covered with nerves, not to mention broken, but a little force will feel fatal pain.If the foreskin lace is broken during the real sex, it will not care about whether it is virgin.

Moreover, so many years have passed, and the first sex life has always been a lot of women who have seen redness, and have not heard of any male bleeding.Therefore, there is no basis for this statement, but it is just the association of people.

Charter colonies change:

Some people may feel that the microbial colonies of men and women’s lower body are different, can it be judged by monitoring the colonies of the virgin and non -virgin lower body.This idea is still taken for granted.

The United States has conducted a survey. They collected some virgin and non -male coronary grooves and bacteria in urine. After testing, they found that some normal bacteria or bacteria with the nature of the disease.have.So this statement is obviously unreliable.

In summary, it is basically not to determine that the virgin or non -virgin is determined by some physiological changes.Only through some subjective reactions can we see whether this person is a virgin or an old driver to a certain extent.”Zero plan “” 39 Health Super Energy Group”

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