Five months pregnant, yang

In December, Jin Yong’s martial arts novel "The Condor Heroes" became hot again in a very different way.

The character name with "yáng" in the book just describes the process of people infected with the new crown now, and was compiled into a paragraph together- "Yang Guo" (Yang Guo) looking forward to "Yang Kang" (Yang Kang), and I don’t want to repeat it. I don’t want to repeat it.Infection has become "Wang Chongyang".

Earlier, the new crown virus mostly existed in a press conference, and positive cases were a group of abstract numbers, but now, as "sealing control" and "transshipment" have passed, people discovered that the new crown virus has never been so close to each of us.people.

News about the new crown virus has become strange. The childhood of Northeast people’s memories of the canned yellow peach was snatched; a positive patient drank water desperately after infection, causing low sodium and was sent to the intensive care unit.

When the new coronal virus was surprised by our side, we would still panic and be overwhelmed.Whether it is psychological construction or action preparation, every family and individuals need new experience.

Our office has appeared positive. In the editorial department, people who continue to work in class will get a "Warriors" title blurted out by their companions.

Some colleagues’ antigen detection boxes showed one deep and two bars, and she retreated 2 meters backwards, asking "I should go home" and "Do I want to let aunt to disinfect."

The colleague who helped her confirm the result, put on a mask next minute.

The atmosphere of the "Yang" color change is retreat. The "Yang" young people generously expose "Yang" in the circle of friends. Patients share their infection experience and rehabilitation experience on social platforms.

On December 9, Zhang Yiyi shared his own infection experience on Weibo

However, from the Internet to reality, even if many people have psychological expectations of "sooner or later infections", they also hang "not panic" to the mouth, but when they truly feel that "yang" is approaching, it will still be involuntarily retreating.Or escape.

There is no emergency plan, and different people have different perceptions of the external risk factor.Even under the same roof, it is difficult to reach consensus in advance.We are all experiencing such a dilemma: even if you don’t care, the people around you have concerns, do you want to cooperate?

Sometimes we do n’t have a good degree, how to be clear, embarrassing and elegantly reminding colleagues to put on a mask; whether the winter Guangzhou is open to the windows, or when the window is warm, there must always be one to compromise.

Recently, Guangzhou ushered in cooling and rainfall weather

We still don’t want the virus to fall on ourselves and relatives and friends -the reason why people hate getting sick is not only afraid of death, but also suffering and trouble.

Maybe there has never been such a moment, we have a collective "suspect", and we have begun to perceive our physical condition frequently, touch our brain to feel the heat, and look forward to the nasal cavity continues to be unobstructed.The degree of pain, doubting whether he was "yang" or "on the road of the sun", and silently praying that his symptoms were just a cold.

Canned yellow peach cans and Yangmei cans tell us that whether it is its sweet taste, rich vitamin C, or "escape the epidemic" and "yang is gone" literally, under the ridicule of "Oriental mysterious power", in fact, in fact, in fact, in fact, in fact, in fact, in fact, in fact,It is people who need psychological comfort.

A farther place, many people have suffered because of "Yang".

A five -month -old expectant mother in Henan described her feelings with "like a thin ice".At the beginning of pregnancy, she was instilled by her parents that "pregnant women should not have a fever, should not catch a cold, and have bad medication for the baby". To this end, she and her husband were very careful. Once there were symptoms of a cold, she would sleep in a room.

After the epidemic control policy was loosened, she had been at home for half a month. The protection of the protection did "the courier takeaway must be disinfected for half an hour before moving", but she was still infected with a new crown.

On December 10th, the moment she realized her fever, she felt that "all the effort was in vain". Early in isolation and helpless, she suddenly collapsed. When her temperature continued to rise, she was even more panicked.

She wanted to go to the hospital, but the family who worked in the hospital advised her not to go. The hospital was not safe. She and her husband began to contact the doctor who knew the knowledge. They wanted to find a accurate and feasible way from professional people: there was no side effect on the baby.

Compared to ordinary people, pregnant women need to be more careful in infection.("Happiness to Wanjia" stills)

In the end, the doctor who had accidentally handed in the checklist before the inspection list gave her "reassurance". The other party relieved her physiological symptoms, and also calmed her emotions and comforted her "it doesn’t matter, the baby is fine".

After the fever, she returned to her spirit, sitting on the bay window to bask in the sun, feeling the fetal movement in the abdomen, and video with her parents.

The anxiety of infection continues. After liberalization, the parents on both sides also reduce their outs, fearing that they will be infected, and add trouble to children.She and her husband are only children, and they are likely to be unable to take care of them. A big family is looking forward to the experience of infection with the new crown.

Not only is the positive and fragile crowd itself, even the children and grandchildren who take care of their wife must also bear psychological pressure silently.

In order to take care of the elderly in the countryside, in addition to resisting the virus itself, there are many basic diseases in rural areas, lack of awareness of protection, lack of illness and treatment experience, and the differences between the concepts between family members are difficult problems.

Xue Fei, a young teacher who rushed back to the rural areas of Hebei, told me that even if there were positive cases in the village, there were still elderly people in the village without wearing a mask.

When Grandpa’s antigen showed two bars for the first time, he did not believe that he was really infected with a new crown. He felt that he was just a normal cold. He repeatedly measured the antigen again. It was not until the next night that he lamented in the family group:Unexpectedly, the new crown was infected so fast, and it really fell on my head.

The most embarrassing thing is Shi Fei. When she returned to her hometown, the first thing she entered was to spray the yard to eliminate and disinfect the courtyard.

Parents infected with new crowns and let people care ("Together" stills)

The elders in the family felt that she had reacted, but Xuefei still thought about "can be separated by separation" and took the initiative to take the responsibility. She was worried that the 71 -year -old grandfather was also afraid of her weak and basic disease.

Grandma was also a little panicked, and felt that she had symptoms. Maybe she was Yang. She asked her "infection with the new crown if there was a particularly big damage to the body." Xuefei was inaccurate.Essence

The moment grandma was suspicious, she was startled, thinking that if she took care of the two infected elderly people at the same time, she might really be unable to fight.

It wasn’t until the grandmother’s antigen was negative that they were relieved and realized that it might be a psychological effect.On the 10th day, Grandpa felt refreshing, and the antigen recovered negative. He was very excited.

Looking back, Xuefei felt that "the hardest thing is psychologically."

They carried the first wave of shocks, and the risks were not lifted. In the huge villages, do they still have the power to resist the subsequent impact. This is still a problem that makes the family anxious.Essence

Facing the new crowns, it is easier to feel that we are yang and sick than ever before, and suddenly, we are in a hurry to grab the medicine and find the name to be unable to remember the medicine at all.

There is a medical term called "a sense of illness", and it is said to whether the patient is aware of his illness.

It can be divided into four states: one is to know that you are sick and are willing to cooperate with medical treatment. This is the most complete sense of illness; the other is to know that you are sick, but you feel that you don’t need to seek medical treatment;For too tired or other reasons, it is not considered to be sick, and there is no need to seek medical treatment; the fourth is that they do not think that they have problems at all. This is the state with the most lack of awareness.

We are always worried that we are "yang", and then we who start to grab medicine are when we are the most strong sense of collective disease.

Regardless of the previous daily nucleic acid detection or today’s antigen testing, the continuous distinction of "negative" and "positive", transfer, and isolation are powerful tools for pushing the sense of the disease.

The high sense of individual disease can indeed attract the attention of people, but at the moment, this also shows new contradictions. When the pathogenic disease of the new coronary virus is weakened, is the high sense of collective disease still benefited more than disadvantages?Because this is related to the follow -up concerns about "whether there will be a medical resource crowding".

For individuals, the more delicate is ordinary people outside the crowd, and sometimes they suddenly stunned, but they do not know how to get sick and cure diseases, and forgot to have fever and throat pain.In the symptoms, we are not buying a box of new crown special drugs with a box of 3,000 yuan, but a house commonly used for households with dozens of yuan. Moreover, the autoimmune system still plays a line of defense and self -healing.

This kind of staple is not formed suddenly. For the past three years, for ordinary people, we have not seen the true face of the fresh coronary virus. For a long time, we rarely discuss "Yang" publicly and specifically. This is recognized by the public.Zhi Li formed a huge vacuum, so that when facing the first wave of impact, many people were in a hurry and at a loss.

Being around us, many people rely on experience to survive. The suggestions and research of experts are very far away from them. The life experience of civilians is Shennong tasted Baicao. You must test it yourself before you really know the sweetness and bitterness.Individual experience has more specific reference value, and onlookers can also gain confidence in facing its courage and rehabilitation.

Xuefei told me that she won the cooperation of Grandpa and evoked his sense of illness. She helped her a lot. Even how to do the antigen. Before she recorded a video demonstration, Grandpa learned it.Essence

Antigen use steps

It is certain that the charm has begun. When we publicly talk about "Yang", the new crown virus will reveal its most authentic face. In the first wave of shocks, we will gradually understand how to deal with it and integrate it into experience.

The sense of illness is very delicate. It will not be static. The society we live in is a three -dimensional landscape. The sense of illness will disappear in the paragraph of "Yang Guo", "Yang Kang" and "Yang No".It shows that it is plain in life, hidden in dusty cigarettes in collective rehabilitation, and eventually shapes a collective memory that belongs to our generation.

At this moment, I also want to share such two interesting new memories.

A friend from working in New York. A few days ago, she received a Christmas lunch invitation from the office on the office. Last year, the same Christmas lunch last year, eventually because half of my colleagues collectively won the new crown and were forced to cancel -then New York just resumed the line.In the event, you can go back to the company to work.

In the laughter, this friend asked unpleasantly: "In case of Christmas dinner this year, what should everyone get a new crown?" The colleague returned to her: "Do’T jinx it.Everyone began to knock on the table. They had a superstition. If someone said something wrong, knocked on the wood three times, which could bring good luck.

Another memory comes from Wuhan. A friend named An Yu collected more than 200 "nucleic acid traffic cards". It was the voucher in the community during the epidemic period. They were as good as stamps.There are many landmark buildings in Wuhan, as well as the specific date of her and her family to make nucleic acids.

An Yu remembers that one week, the card was just a day away.The 5 -year -old son, every time he wants to use a mixed -checking nucleic acid tube to be "tube". This time, he brought a watercolor pen and drew a one with his mother with great interest.

The "nucleic acid pass card" painted by An Yu’s son

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