First month of pregnancy

[Introduction] When I was pregnant for one month, mothers may be as flat as girls, but even if the belly at that time could not be clearly seen, but a series of pregnancy signals will still appear on the body of the mothers for one month.Signal!Everyone likes to call it "harming joy".What reactions and symptoms will mothers have?Let’s understand it together now.

In the first month of pregnancy, the babies in the mother’s belly have just formed.How will mothers react in this stage?How much is the degree of "harming joy"?Moms should be looking forward to knowing it!

Although it is called the first month of pregnancy, you have not conceived your body in the first half of the month.The menstruation that comes every month no longer appears. Due to the imbalance of hormones in the body, some pregnant women have appeared at this time: the symptoms of nausea and vomiting.Due to the growth of the fetus, the uterine swelling, and the compression of the bladder, there will be frequent urination.

From the first day of the last menstruation, it is a month of pregnancy.Most pregnant women do not have the symptoms of consciousness, and a small number of people may have symptoms similar to colds: physical fatigue, fever, chills, etc.At this time, the size of the uterus and breasts can not see any changes. It is almost the same as when I was not pregnant. The uterus is as large as eggs.Because there is no conscious symptoms of pregnancy, most pregnant women do not know that they are pregnant, so women who are married and childcare age should pay attention to observing their physical condition. Once a sign of pregnancy is found, do not take medicine casually, do not accept X -ray examinations easily.Don’t participate in severe sports activities.

When I was pregnant for one month, mothers’ lower abdomen may be as flat as girls, but even if the belly at that time could not be seen obviously, but a series of pregnancy signals will still appear on the body of the mothers for one month.IntersectionEveryone likes to call it "harming joy".Let’s learn about the symptoms of one month of pregnancy now!

Symptom 1: Menstruation stops

For women with normal menstruation, if menstruation delays more than 10 or more than 10 days, it is likely to get pregnant.Mentalal discontinuation is the earliest and the most important signal in the early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, after menstruation delayed, you should use the pregnancy test stick to test. If you test pregnancy, you should go to the hospital for examination. If the test is not pregnant but still in a menstrual state, it is also bestGo to the hospital to check what is caused by what.

Symptom 2: Early pregnancy reaction

Many pregnant women are picky, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, sometimes they like to eat acid, and sometimes they do n’t want to eat it again once … This phenomenon usually appears one or two weeks after the menstrual cycle delay.Some women also have symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, and drowsiness, but the degree of response varies from person to person. Most of them will disappear by themselves 12 weeks after pregnancy.

Symptom three: Basic body temperature changes

The body temperature of women after ovulation is 0.3 to 0.5 degrees higher than before ovulation. If menstruation does not come on time, and the body temperature keeps in a high state of more than 18 days, it means that she is pregnant.

Symptoms 4: frequent urination

What do women urinate after pregnancy? It will even reach an hour once, which is a normal phenomenon.With these symptoms, you can basically determine that you are pregnant. At this time, you should go to the hospital for examination to rule out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy as soon as possible.Elastic

In every mother’s heart, what they most want to see is how deep the growth of their baby’s growth, although sometimes it will take some pain.When I was pregnant for one month, why did mothers hurt my stomach, what should I do if my stomach hurts?

Reasons for stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy:

1. Early early physical abdominal pain

Many pregnant women always feel a little stomach pain, and sometimes they are accompanied by early pregnancy reactions such as vomiting. This is mainly caused by the increase in gastric acid secretion in early pregnancy.At this time, pay attention to dietary recuperation. The diet should be light and easy to digest as the principle. Breakfast can eat some grilled buns or soda biscuits.With the end of early pregnancy, discomfort disappears naturally.

2. Pathological abdominal pain occurs in the early pregnancy

Especially in lower abdomen pain, we should first think of whether it is a pregnancy complication.Common complications include threatened abortion and ectopic pregnancy.

(1) In the first few months of the early stages of pregnancy, if there is a paroxysmal small abdominal pain or a regular abdominal pain, low back pain, and pelvic cavity pain, the problem may be more complicated.If it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding or a significant sense of lower abdomen, it may indicate a threatened abortion.Specific mothers should move less, stay more in bed, do not do a house, do not mention heavy objects, and replenish moisture, and go to the doctor in time.If the pain is intensified or continuously bleeding, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

(2) If a unilateral lower abdomen pain occurs, accompanied by vaginal bleeding or fainting, it may be an ectopic pregnancy, and you should go to the hospital immediately.

Therefore, after a month of pregnancy or early pregnancy, do n’t deal with it blindly. It is best to go to the hospital for examination and then treat it. Do not delay the illness of the treatment.

Women’s symptoms will be the most obvious for one month, and their bodies are very uncomfortable, and they will naturally weaken over time.One month of pregnancy is common to eat sour food, vomiting, and the number of urination is significantly increased, and it is easy to get tired.Here is a one -month precautions for pregnancy:

1. You should adjust your dressing table this month, temporarily put beauty and cosmetics aside, and leave skin care products.Because pregnant women only care about skin care.

2. Your skin care products should choose well -known brands to prevent skin allergies from harming the fetus.

3. Television, audio, computers, microwave oven, mobile phones can cause electromagnetic pollution, which is extremely unfavorable to fetal development.The "Tire Bao" protective cover that has been available can effectively prevent magnetic prevention. It is recommended that you buy a set in advance.

4. Prepare at least one set of pregnant women’s clothes and two pairs of soft shoes.

5. Do not choose long -distance business trips and fatigue for two weeks.

6. One month of pregnancy should be paid to avoid conception on the full moon night, so as not to cause low or deformed children.

7. This month you can organize your living environment to facilitate your action after pregnancy.

8. Repel the items that may trip stiffings and leave the maximum space.

9. The items that are frequently used should be placed when you stand for easy placement, clean up the things on the bed and the wardrobe, and adjust the position of the kitchen supplies.Reduce your drying rack or rope to the rope and lengthen the lights.

10. Pay attention to adding anti -slip pads in the bathroom and other places that are easy to slide for one month.Install an armrest near the toilet to make you more convenient in the third trimester.Try to keep your working environment in a good ventilation state.If your room has a bad ventilation conditions, try to install air -changing fan or make other improvements.

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