Fetal position is not how to do?Doctors teach you 2 methods to easily correct the fetal position

Recently, a mother leaves a message in the background:

"It’s 37 weeks today. As usual, you can do a pre -pregnancy test. As a result, the B -ultrasound shows that it is the hip position, and the umbilical neck is a week. It feels a bit incredible. The B -ultrasound I made two weeks ago is still the head.It should be able to give birth, and the end, she turned back again, what can I do? I really don’t want to have a cesarean section! "

In fact, not just this mother is worried about fetal position, every expectant mother who is preparing for pregnancy, or pregnant mothers who are breeding life, will worry about one thing, that is, the baby’s fetal position is not right.

If the fetus appears incorrect, it will become difficult to give birth.If necessary, the pregnant mother needs to be changed to a cesarean section.When the situation is particularly serious, it will even threaten the safety of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

However, the fetal position is not as serious as expected.As long as the pregnant mother does a good job of correction, you can also give birth to your baby.

So what determines the baby’s fetal position?What are the methods that can effectively help pregnant mothers correct the fetal position?

In this course, it is good to invite Li Tao, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and children’s hospital of Chengdu New Century Women and Children’s Hospital, to talk to you about the fetal positions and help mothers to produce smoothly.

The so -called fetal position is the baby’s posture in the mother’s belly.The normal fetal position should be the baby’s big head (towards the mother’s feet) and the butt rushing (towards the mother’s head), the so -called head position.

The mother’s inner space determines the baby’s fetal position, and the fetus moves in the space they can have.For example, give a big box for the baby, he will get into the inside to play; give him a small box for him to play, and he will have another way to play, such as putting other small things in.

The same is true of the fetus, and the fetus will find the most comfortable "gameplay" according to the space provided by his mother. Whether it is head, hip position or pillow position, etc., it is determined by the space provided by the mother.

The fetal position is not right, in general, the baby’s birth posture is not right.

The abnormal fetal position is also called abnormal fetal position.Generally speaking, the fetus in the uterus is incorrect after 30 weeks of pregnancy.Pregnant mothers and maternal maternals are common in abdominal walls.

The fetal position is not correct, including the hip position, horizontal position, back position, side position, etc.In so many cases, the more common is the hip position.The horizontal position is the most harmful to the fetus and pregnant mothers.

It is usually related to factors such as uterine dysplasia, uterine malformation, narrow pelvic tumor, pelvic tumor, fetal malformations, and excessive amniotic fluid.Therefore, if there is a pregnant mother in the above situation, you need to pay special attention.

When checking the absence of the fetal position, don’t worry first, you can correct it at 30-32 weeks of pregnancy.This is because before 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is relatively naughty, and the range of activities in the uterus is relatively large. Little guys often turn the clouds in the mother’s belly.Phenomenon.

However, if it exceeds 32 weeks, it is more difficult to correct the fetal position. At this time, the baby’s position is basically fixed in the mother’s belly, and the fundamental movement cannot be moved.

Correcting the method is best to listen to the doctor’s suggestion. If the situation is not serious, you can try the following actions after consulting the doctor:

Two postures: knee and chest lying and bridge lying.Note that it is best to go to the toilet before starting, and the clothes should be loose.

Basic essence of knee and chest position:

1.Pregnant mothers should empty urine first, then release their pants pockets, and kneel on the bed;

2.Stick the bed with both hands, separate your legs, and the same width as your shoulders;

3.The chest and shoulders are close to the bed as much as possible, while the face is biased towards one side;

4.Bend your knees and keep your thighs perpendicular to the ground.

When doing the first time, pregnant mothers need to maintain this posture for about 2 minutes.When the body is slowly adapted, the time can increase to 5-10 minutes, and do it 2-3 times a day.

Basic essence of bridge lying:

1.Pregnant mothers lying on their back, lying flat on the bed, and then punching their heads on the arm;

2.Lift your waist and put the pillow under the lower waist to raise the hips for 30-35 cm.

Keep this posture for about 10-15 minutes each time, just do it once a day.

The above two methods are suitable for pregnant mothers who are 30-32 weeks of pregnancy.Moreover, because the fetal location is not completely fixed, the pregnant mother can change the fetal position in a simple way.

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