Female employees admitted that pregnancy was dismissed, and nearly half of netizens sympathized with the company, but the lawyer said that it was illegal.

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Recently, the”female employee’s trial period admitted that the topic of pregnancy was dismissed”This topic caused heated discussion among netizens.In this regard, on April 18, Nandu NDX Lab launched a "Female employee’s trial period of admitting pregnancy and being fired by the company. Which party do you stand?" As of the evening of April 19, 52.56%of netizens saidAlthough the lawyer believes that pregnancy is not an unsuccessful reason, there are nearly half of the netizens who support the company.

Lawyer: Pregnancy is not an unsuccessful cause

According to media reports, Ms. Wang was 28 years old and joined a company in Dalian at the beginning of the year. It was told that the company’s probation period was 1 month to 3 months.On April 13th, Ms. Wang found that she was pregnant. She took the initiative to report to the leader truthfully and said that she could continue working during maternity leave.However, the leader fired her after learning that she had dismissed her and opened a salary for 2 days, with a total of 200 yuan as compensation.Ms. Wang said sadly that she wanted to communicate sincerely, but did not expect that she would exchange such a result.

"Don’t you say that you can continue to work? And did not say you want to take leave?"@““ ““ ““ ““ ““.@职 said that the female employee was protected by the labor law, and@WaitingDays also said that the law is the bottom line and the bottom line of protecting personal rights.This made@这 这 这: "Not getting married and not pregnant is the best way for women."

Lawyer Chen Chunyan, partner of Guangdong Guangxin Junda Law Firm, believes that if the employer can prove that the workers do not meet the hiring conditions during the probation period, they can terminate the labor contract with them.Employees are no exception.However, if the employer only relieves the labor contract on the grounds of its pregnancy, or that it does not meet the hiring conditions due to its pregnancy, it constitutes an illegal termination of the labor contract and shall bear the corresponding legal liability.

Nearly 40 % think this moves the company cheap

@: The company is not a charity.@Wu Xiansen also believes that it is certainly indifferent to standing from his own perspective, but think in other ways: "Do you not cost a company?"@Also said, "If you come for a few days, you will leave for maternity leave and kill a company.It’s enough for a few months. "

Nandu NDX Lab launched an interactive voting data showing that 37.2%of netizens felt that women had not passed the trial period of pregnancy, which accounted for cheap companies. In the comment area, many netizens also listed examples around them.@Rison explained that pregnancy during the probation period means that her job will be thrown to another colleague for the next two years.@Also gives an example: We will be pregnant before the trial period of our unit, and then take a half -year maternity leave after half a break.It took 3 months to go to work, for more than a year!Work allows other colleagues to do it, pay for wages in vain.

This made@这 Polo feel that now that food is difficult, even if female employees do not want to take advantage, they are actually cheap. The law stipulates that it is difficult for enterprises to do.@TAOTAO073 even worried that in the workplace, if someone keeps playing with little cleverness (not working in pregnancy), it can only make women’s job opportunities less and less.

The key to solution is to reconcile relationships

"So what should a woman do right? Not to mention that it is the harm of the group that increases employment discrimination. If you say it, you will be decently dismissed. If you are not pregnant, you may be divorced.Doubt.The survey found that nearly 80 % of netizens believe that women have been discriminated against in the workplace.@O Yao said that the state called for encouragement of fertility and the company discriminated against women."If this is the case, who dares to give birth to a child?"@““ Also believes that if women’s fertility is not guaranteed, only high -quality women who pursue career will choose not to have children.

The survey data also shows that this incident has exposed multiple problems. Enterprises have a heavy burden on fertility women, women are burned by enterprises, and women’s fertility are not guaranteed, accounting for 28.2%, 26.4%, and 24.9%, respectively.@Pointed out that from the perspective of enterprises, the state does not have preferential policies for enterprises that use female workers, causing enterprises to be unwilling to hire female employees.Many netizens agreed with this view. Nearly 40 % of netizens suggested that the government provides preferential policies for pregnant women.

The key to solving is to reconcile the relationship.@解 解 解 解 解 also puts forward an innovative idea. In addition to reducing taxes for enterprises, pregnant female employees should be appropriately reduced and entered the training stage of training.After that, you can better work to compensate for the loss during pregnancy.

Writing: Nandu reporter Ye Sihuan

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