Female college students become mentally abnormal due to love, and have children with stray guys, my mother: Create evil

It is said that there are three great events in life. Among them, the "Gold List Title" is even more of the dreams of many students.

Tian Jinghui in Hunan tasted the joy.

Her daughter Zhang Ling was admitted to a key brand -name university in 2000 and became the pride of her and the village.

In 2000, I passed from rural areas to key universities, showing how hard Zhang Ling’s study was.

In the four years of college, Zhang Ling also worked very hard, and after graduation, she found an enviable job.

However, the incident changed after Zhang Ling’s graduation.

And this change also affected Zhang Ling’s family.

Zhang Ling changed from Tianzhijiao to a "crazy woman" who was in a good spirit, and sometimes she played her mother.

What happened to Zhang Ling’s body made her look now.

On December 8, 2015, on the side of a community in a community in Changde, Hunan, a pregnant woman lay on the ground and beckoned "aunt, aunt, life -saving and saving" for a aunt who was passing by.

The aunts who were passing by seeing the little girl seemed to be pregnant with pregnancy, and took a closer look, pregnant women even broke the amniotic fluid, their pants were soaked, and a person was lying on the ground and wanted to climb forward, but because of physical reasons, but because of physical reasons, I can’t climb.

As soon as the residents passing by, they quickly contacted a doctor next door, so a group of people sent the little girl to the hospital, but because the car was not easy to admit to the hospital, the nurse and the kind young girls carried the girls intoThe delivery room.

But when he was lifted into the ward, the doctor checked the girl’s body, and he did not hear the baby’s fetal heart.

During the examination, the baby in the stomach couldn’t wait to come to the world.

The doctors checked the baby and were healthy.

But the pregnant woman lying on the bed has been saying nothing, and even the girl crying so much, the girl didn’t shout.

Doctors asked what the pregnant woman’s name was, where did the family live, and her husband came.

But the pregnant woman always said nothing, and in the end the doctors asked the girl’s name.

The girl’s name is Zhang Ling.

As soon as the child was born, the best food was breast milk. However, when the doctor put the child on Zhang Ling, he found something wrong.

Zhang Ling did not feed children with breast milk, but she took some brown sugar water from the sick bed next door to be fed to the newborn baby.

The doctor also noticed Zhang Ling’s abnormal behavior.

Quickly suspend Zhang Ling’s hand and tell Zhang Ling that such a small child cannot drink brown sugar water, but no matter how the doctor persuades, Zhang Ling has never stopped feeding the child brown sugar water, and this brown sugar water is still very good.concentrated.

Seeing this scene, the doctor would take the child from Zhang Ling, but Zhang Ling hugged the child and did not allow others to touch it.

As long as someone touches the child, Zhang Ling will make trouble at others.

At first, everyone thought that Zhang Ling was a kind of protection for children, but in the later exchanges, Zhang Ling’s eyes were light, and he didn’t know how to treat the children in his arms.

The doctor initially judged that Zhang Ling may suffer from mental illness.

But the question came. When Zhang Ling had an accident at that time, she was not far from the hospital’s entrance. She should know that she would come to the hospital, but why did the child’s father not appear and who was the child’s father?

Later, the hospital found Zhang Ling’s home through the relationship between the community and sent Zhang Ling back home.

Zhang Ling, who was back home, was wrapped tightly and rely on the bed.

According to Aunt Liu, Zhang Ling’s mother Tian Jinghui disappeared, and she did not know where she went, and she and other neighbors had been helping Zhang Ling because she felt that Zhang Ling was too pitiful.

The reporter went up and wanted to get her mother Tian Jinghui from Zhang Ling’s mouth, but Zhang Ling was dull and did not say a word.

The neighbor Aunt Liu and the Zhang Ling family have been a neighbor for many years, and she also knows some inside story.

Auntie Liu said that Zhang Ling has been like this for many years. In her own impression, before she was pregnant, her mother Tian Jinghui couldn’t see Zhang Ling at all.

Zhang Ling ran around. At first, her mother could find Zhang Ling back, but then her mother was older, and she was also weak to Zhang Ling.

At that time, Zhang Ling’s father had died, and all the things in the family were handled by the mother alone.

Facing the daughter who suddenly became another person, the mother had no way.

Aunt Liu also revealed that Zhang Ling’s condition was good and bad, and she was willing to say something to her mother when she was good, but she couldn’t recognize who was in front of her.

Once crazy, he swelled his mother’s eyes.

In order to prevent Zhang Ling from doing stupid things at home alone, the anti -theft lock of the door was demolished to remove her to prevent Zhang Ling from locking herself at home.

The neighbors were distressed by Zhang Ling. Although she was crazy now, she still didn’t want to see her something wrong.

After Zhang Ling was taken home, her mother disappeared, and Zhang Ling, who would not bring her child, left the child on the side of the bed.

When the child’s frozen hands and feet were red, when the child was hungry and cried, Zhang Ling’s emotions would not fluctuate greatly. Instead, the biscuits on the table were fed to the baby who was born for 2 days.

Fay the child to drink water and eat eggs.

Zhang Ling’s various behaviors are very worried about the safety of the child, but Zhang Ling does not allow others to take the child away. Later, the kind neighbor soaked milk powder and handed it to Zhang Ling’s hands, so she would feed her baby to drink milk powder.

Who is the child’s father, and how does Zhang Ling who is sick at home be pregnant and still give birth to a child?

Aunt Liu contacted Tian Jinghui. It turned out that her mother knew Zhang Ling was pregnant, and at the expected date of due date, her mother went out to Guizhou alone and left Zhang Ling.

When I learned that Zhang Ling had given birth to a child, Tian Jinghui left a word: "I don’t want to care about her. She really makes me too chilling. I don’t care about her life.No, ".

When the reporter asked who the child’s father was, Tian Jinghui said that he couldn’t control it. She was blame by herself and had cut off her relationship with her.

But Tian Jinghui said that she could not communicate between Zhang Ling and her father’s father.

It turned out that Tian Jinghui knew who the child’s father was, but because he was too disappointed with his daughter, he was unwilling to care about these things.

However, although Tian Jinghui said that she didn’t care about her daughter’s life, she rushed back to Hunan from Guizhou overnight the next day.

When I saw my daughter’s first sentence, I asked my daughter how I felt now.

As a mother, Tian Jinghui is obviously a knife -mouth tofu heart, even if her pride once became a crazy girl.

But for her mother, Zhang Ling was as in the past. She slammed her mother fiercely with her hands, and then pushed her mother away from her.

Seeing her daughter’s attitude towards herself, Tian Jinghui was very sad. He really lost hope for the daughter herself, and she really didn’t know how to treat her to make Zhang Ling change her attitude towards herself.

What Zhang Ling has experienced to become like this.

The mother took out her daughter’s graduation certificate when she graduated from Guizhou University of Technology.

In 2000, Zhang Ling’s college entrance examination scores excellent results, especially in English, so they applied for English major after entering Guizhou University of Technology.

Since childhood, Zhang Ling has pinned his parents’ hope. After admission to Guizhou University of Technology, it is even more proud of his parents.

Zhang Ling’s excellence has also become the object of praise from the neighborhood, and asked the children to learn from Zhang Ling.

At the age of 19, Zhang Ling was admitted to college. At that time, she was vibrant, her tall figure, and she was very beautiful.

His mother still remembers that Zhang Ling’s promise to herself after entering the university will definitely study well and make a lot of money to respect her parents in the future.

However, looking at the current daughter, Tian Jinghui is also very sad.

After that, the mother revealed the reason why Zhang Ling became this way.

After graduating in 2004, Zhang Ling has been preparing to take a graduate student, but because she was a little worse, she did not pass the test. The mother would blame her daughter in love with her daughter.

It turned out that Zhang Ling did not lack a suitor when she was in college. Later, she met a classmate named Chen, who fell in love.

After graduating, Zhang Ling gave up working well in Guiyang City and followed her boyfriend to work in Phoenix West Hunan.

But the boyfriend’s parents opposed his son and Zhang Ling, so the boyfriend chose to listen to the arrangement of the family to break up with Zhang Ling.

Because of this, Zhang Ling’s spirit began to collapse under the double blow of emotional career.

In 2008, her mother found that her daughter was wrong for the first time. She sat alone on the chair and smirked the air, and then began to cry with tears.

Later, he caught up with his father because of severe kidney disease. Although he suffered from kidney, he died in the end, and Zhang Ling’s spirit became completely collapsed.

Zhang Ling, who collapsed, used the strength of her body on her mother. For the first time, her mother’s cheek was beaten by green and purple.

At that time, Tian Jinghui had retired. There were 2,000 yuan of pensions per month. After Zhang Ling became ill, Zhang Ling was actively treating Zhang Ling. Later, she rely on the intervention of drugs. Zhang Ling’s condition was relieved.

But by 2013, a man with a surname of Yi appeared completely breaking the peaceful life of the mother and daughter.

In 2013, when Zhang Ling went out, he met a man named Yi who was 48 years old.

I don’t know what the surnames I have filled Zhang Ling for Zhang Ling, and Zhang Ling would be with him afterwards.

After the mother knew it, they learned through others that this man was 48 years old at the time, and he was a lot older than Zhang Ling. The mother had passed with him and found that this man who was almost 50 years old was still talking.In, his mother warned Zhang Ling to stay away from him, this man was not a good thing.

It was only four months after Zhang Ling’s pregnancy that her mother found that her daughter was pregnant. After that, she had to kill Zhang Ling’s abdomen, but Zhang Ling refused to agree anyway.

However, when the mother came to question the surname Yi, the surname Yi even said that the child was not his own and he would not want it.

Under the leadership of Tian Jinghui, the reporter saw Zhang Ling’s boyfriend, which was doubled.

However, when the reporter revealed that Zhang Ling had given birth to a child, Yiba denied that the child was his own.

After that, Yi Beijia brought Tian Jinghui and his party to his home. The 48 -year -old Yida was unmarried so far, and he lived on a living by picking up waste products on weekdays. The door was full of tattered clothes.

Yimajia admits that he is Zhang Ling’s boyfriend, but Zhang Ling suffers from mental illness. At that time, he felt that Zhang Ling was good -looking before he was with her, but the children born now are not necessarily their own.

Hearing this, Tian Jinghui was very angry and said, "You know her mental illness, why do you still seduce my child."

Tian Jinghui said that he had to pay the price, but Yiba began to mix, saying that he had no money, and what price could be paid.

Yimaiga took out his wallet, which was the money he picked up, and the money looked like the US dollar, which was actually a fake coin for children.

In addition to these children’s coins, Yizhi could not pay a penny, and on weekdays, Yica has always relied on his brother to help. From time to time, his brother will also give Yili Gats a little grain, oil, rice noodles.

Yimajia relied on his brother’s relief, coupled with his own picking, barely.

From the neighbors, Tian Jinghui also learned that the other side of Yili Jia. It turned out that Yica was used to be engraved with a tombstone. Although I couldn’t make a lot of money, it was more than enough to maintain life.

And he once got married once, and there was a son in his 20s, but later he played his wife out of the house.

In addition, the neighbors also said that Yimajia’s own brain was not very clear, and sometimes wearing girls’ skirts to wander around the village.

The son couldn’t stand such a father, and later chose to go out to work and never came back.

On weekdays, Yili also lived a wandering life.

Then I met Zhang Ling.

From this point of view, even if the child is easy to increase, he has no ability to raise the child. After all, he can’t even raise himself.

I learned that Tian Jinghui, who could be deceived by Yili, was even more sad. She rushed home and lay on the bed and cried and asked Zhang Ling.

"Why are you torturing me so much, what do you think?"

"What kind of sin has I made in my life? I have worked hard to raise you to graduate from college. You don’t go to the right path, go the evil road, and cause the current results."

Later, Yi Beilia also came to the house. In order to see Zhang Ling, Yi Bei changed his new clothes and dressed up. He glanced at the girl who was waiting to be fed.my own.

Zhang Ling, who has been reluctant to hold the child, saw Yimajia and handed the child to Yili Jia’s hand. In fact, Zhang Ling knew that Yi Beilia was his child’s father.

Looking at the Yili of the child, Zhang Ling also changed his normal, and she laughed.

Yidi touched Zhang Ling’s cheek with her hands, and Zhang Ling didn’t mean to refuse.

For the father -in -law, Yima also said that he had no money, but now there are Zhang Ling and children, and he will work harder to do things and raise their wives and daughters.

Later, with the help of the community, Zhang Ling arranged Zhang Ling into the rehabilitation hospital. Perhaps the motherly love was connected, and Zhang Ling’s spirit began to become a little clear.

She knew that she would drink milk powder, and she also knew that she would try the temperature before feeding the child.

Even though Zhang Ling still said nothing, the action of feeding the child seemed a bit stiff, but she began to get better.

And Yajia also picked up the work of the tombstone and began to clean up the messy home.

He dreamed that one day he could bear the responsibility of being a father and husband.

Although her mother Tian Jinghui had a lot of complaint about her daughter and daughter’s boyfriend, she looked at her daughter who was slowly getting better. Tian Jinghui had a little gratitude in her heart.

Zhang Ling, from the daughter of Tianzhi to a "crazy woman".

She has experienced a lot in her, but if she wants to summarize the cause of the onset, maybe she is too devoted to her feelings. At that time, her boyfriend chose her parents between her parents and herself.

Zhang Ling, who had not suffered from a young age, couldn’t suffer the frustration of love.

Zhang Ling has too many misfortunes.

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