Female artists licked their hands on the campus performance and were dirty, and they reported that they were suspected of performing prostitution.

South Korean female artist Wallsa has recently fell into a storm of performing.According to South Korean media reports, Wallsha participated in a university celebration performance in May this year. At that time, she performed her solo song "Don’t Give Me" on the stage…. "At that time, she suddenly opened her legs and squatted on the stage. She first licked her fingers with her tongue, and then stroked her licking hand directly to the sensitive part of the female lower body, and her face also showed an unknown expression.This scene was photographed and uploaded to the Internet by the audience at the scene, which caused strong resentment and criticism of netizens.

On July 10, the Seoul City East Police Department stated outside that some student groups in the students jointly reported Walsa with the crime of "suspected performers".The parents of these students believe that "Walsha’s behavior makes people think of perverted sexual relationships, which is enough to cause the public’s shame of the public", "it does not match the context of dance, and cannot be explained as artistic behavior."Police said it had begun to investigate the matter, and if necessary, it would be summoned to investigate.The brokerage company affiliated to Walsha said that the factual relationship is being confirmed internally.

As soon as this incident came out, it immediately appeared on the hot search list, which also caused heated discussion among netizens.Some people think that the dance movements of Walsa are too obscene and are not suitable for performing on the university campus, which affects the physical and mental health of young people; others think that Wallsa is only showing her own personality and style, and there is no violation of the law.Extreme and unreasonable behavior.So, did Wallsa have violated the crime of performing adultery?What impact and warning effects have this impact on the Korean entertainment industry?

First of all, we need to clarify what is the crime of performing adultery.According to Article 245 of the South Korean Criminal Law, "open places or places that can be seen or heard by others for sexual intercourse or other obscene actors shall be sentenced to less than 2 years in prison, detention or fines of less than 10 million won."In other words, if a person has sexual intercourse or other obscene behaviors in public places, and is seen or heard by others, then it may constitute a crime of performing.So is the action made by Walsha’s performance at the university celebration belongs to "other obscene behaviors"?

This question does not have a clear answer.Because the definition of "other obscene behaviors" is not clear, it is necessary to judge according to the specific circumstances and social customs.Generally speaking, "other obscene behaviors" refers to those behaviors that are not sexual intercourse, but have obvious sexual suggestions or irritating behaviors, such as kissing, touching, undressing, etc.But whether these behaviors are obscene depends on what occasions they happened, whether they violate public order and customs, and whether they have caused others’ disgust or discomfort.For example, kissing and touching is a normal intimate behavior between couples, but if it is too enthusiastic in public places, it may be considered indecent or obscene.Similarly, in performance art, some sexual hints or irritating actions may also be considered a means of artistic expression, but if it is too explicit or has nothing to do with the theme of the performance, it may be considered vulgar or obscene.

Therefore, whether the action made by Walsha’s performance at the university celebration constitutes the crime of performing prostitution, it depends on how the police and the court judge.If they think that Walsa’s actions have obvious sexual hints or irritating, and violate the public order and customs, it has caused the public’s shame, then it may be judged that Walsa is guilty.However, if they think that Walsa’s actions are only a way for artistic performance and do not violate the laws and regulations, it may be judged that Warsaw is not guilty.Of course, this depends on how Warsaw himself justified and explained his motivation and intention.

Secondly, we need to analyze what impact and warning effect on the entertainment industry in South Korea.Regardless of whether Wallsa was sentenced to sin, this incident sounded a alarm to the Korean entertainment industry.That is, while pursuing personality and style, we must also pay attention to respecting social customs and public feelings.The Korean entertainment industry has always been known for sexy and openness. Many female artists have made bold dance moves on the stage in order to attract attention and increase their popularity.Although these behaviors may be excited and satisfied with some fans and audiences, they may also make the other people feel disgusted and discomfort.Especially on some special occasions, such as school celebrations, these behaviors are more likely to cause controversy and accusations.

In short, the Korean female artist Walsa’s performance on the campus licked her hands, causing the charges of prostitution. No matter what the result, this matter brought a warning to the Korean entertainment industry.While pursuing personality and style, we must also pay attention to respecting social customs and public feelings, and avoid excessive exposure or obscene.This can make the entertainment industry a healthy, positive and valuable field.At the same time, we must also pay attention to protecting the physical and mental health of young people and avoid making them contact with inappropriate content.In this way, we can cultivate outstanding artists and audiences of generations.

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