Faye Wong’s true figure was exposed, her stomach was raised and passed into pregnancy, and the hair was very low -key when the hair was messy

On April 19, some netizens shared a group of Faye Wong’s latest photos on the Internet.Unexpectedly, she also exposed Faye Wong’s true figure, and her belly was stared at, making many netizens think she was pregnant again.What is the situation?

In the photo, Faye Wong is wearing a light -colored coat, a black clothes on the upper body, a pair of gray casual pants underneath, and a pair of sneakers on his feet.At that time, Faye Wong just came off the bus from the airport. She was holding a bottle of water in her hand, a bag crossing, and her hair was messy to catch the plane.

Faye Wong’s assistant followed her with a suitcase, holding her mobile phone to watch the time, and the two hurried to fly.

As a result, Faye Wong’s belly attracted the attention of some netizens.Everyone found that her belly was raised, and she looked different from time to time. Netizens speculated that they would either eat fat or pregnant.

While waiting for boarding, netizens also took photos of Faye Wong, and it seemed that her belly was really a bit raised.Watching her waist is a lot fatter. Her material is still very well maintained without beauty and filter modification.

However, some netizens commented that Faye Wong may be pregnant.Everyone was talking about her belly, and netizens who did not know the truth mistakenly thought she was really pregnant.

In fact, Faye Wong was not pregnant. She was too loose. She looked from the side as if she had a big belly. She was very thin and her figure was slim.Besides, the rumors of her pregnancy are every year, because Faye Wong is too casual to make everyone misunderstand.

Interestingly, Faye Wong’s person costs one meter seven, but the netizens who were taken as a meter were made of one meter five, which looked a little funny.Moreover, when Faye Wong registered, he was very patient waiting in line. It seemed that there was no star of a star, just like a normal.

A few years ago, Faye Wong wore a red skirt out to visit the mall, watching her body blessed, and was also passed on her pregnancy.This is also because the skirt is too loose. Since Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse are in love, she often has the gossip of suspected pregnancy.

Another time, Faye Wong was wearing black clothes to buy things, because of the loose clothes, and was misunderstood and pregnant.I have to say that Faye Wong has not had other gossip gossip in recent years. Every time she appeared, everyone would guess if she was pregnant.

Last month, Faye Wong went to Fujian to play, and some netizens took a group photo at that time.In the photo, Faye Wong’s material remains very good, his belly is flat, and there is no sign of pregnancy.What everyone is curious is that she and Nicholas Tse have been together for so many years. Didn’t they plan to get married and have children?

In 2015, Carina Lau revealed the news of Faye Wong, saying that Faye Wong did not have a plan to regenerate her child.Carina Lau is Faye Wong’s girlfriend for many years, and should be very clear about Faye Wong’s thoughts.Moreover, both Wang Xiaofei and Nicholas Tse had married and had children. They were partners who surpassed their lover.

Faye Wong rarely comes out to participate in the event. She usually practice, and she has persisted for many years.The attitude towards marriage has also changed, and there are no marriage to restrict two people as before.

Faye Wong’s life is also very simple. She likes to play mahjong and drink and chat with her friends. She has realized the suffering and joy of marriage.Now she will only enjoy the rest of her life, so she can hardly have children for Nicholas Tse. As for whether they will get married, do you think it is possible?

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