Fat heart is safe?Obesity is the natural enemy of pregnancy?What are the surprises if you lose weight for pregnant women?

Many women sighed as soon as they heard fat, and wanted to be thin, but they had no courage and perseverance to make changes.I ca n’t control my mouth, I ca n’t open my legs, and there is a kind of obesity called “overplaying fat”. Many women take this excuse, “I’ m fat because I am too tired ”,“ I ’m fat because I do n’t have time to exercise”Fat and thin are indeed related to personal constitution. Fat can also be able to make fatness. You can say: Fat women are just as cute. Let’s go to others to tell others. What do you have to do with others?The mentality of "Buddha".But when you are preparing for pregnancy, many fat eyebrows will find that pregnancy is difficult, is it because of fat?Obesity is not directly related to infertility itself, and the impact of simple obesity on pregnancy may not be great.But as a symptom of disease, obesity will affect pregnancy.

How to be obese?Everyone is different in height. It cannot be said that more than how many pounds of obese are obesity. You must look at each person’s weight index BMI.

Calculation formula: Weight index BMI = Height/Height square.

According to the Asian standards, BMI <18.5 belongs to lean, 18.5-22.9 is normal, ≥23 is overweight, and then it is fat, obese, severe obesity.The harm of obesity has a little hearing, which has a lot to do with the three highs. High blood sugar, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. As a feminine in childcare, the greatest and direct harm of obesity is infertility.

Why does obesity cause infertility?There are many infertility diseases that are related to obesity. The polycystic ovary syndrome that everyone is more familiar with, as well as hypertexylactia, high androgens, insulin resistance, abnormal thyroid dysfunction, etc. These diseases may cause ovulation disorders.This causes infertility.

Many people go to the hospital for infertility or repeated natural abortion to find that they are discovered by the polycystic ovary syndrome. In addition to the infertility, PCOS can also cause abortion of fetal abortion.The abnormal thyroid function can also affect ovulation, which is often easy to ignore.

From this point of view, women who are preparing for pregnancy are really important.Patients with PCOS in childcare, obesity will increase excessiverogens and insulin resistance. If the weight is alleviated by 7%to 10%, it will gradually recover after conditioning the ovulation function.Patients with aquatic hormones need to reduce the level ofrogen levels, and then promote ovulation and regulate pregnancy.

The polycystic ovary syndrome can be treated with drugs, or the polycystic ovary perfunction can be used in laparoscopy. Which method is good?

In fact, it is still necessary to determine according to everyone’s own situation. Many people exclude surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is a modern minimally invasive technology. Women do not have to worry about the polycystic ovary perforated surgery will cause damage to the ovarian.The tide on time is a protection for the uterus and the ovary.Many fat women who originally lost weight after losing weight, and then successfully bred the baby after the corresponding conditioning. Surprise continues. Slimming will not only become beautiful, but also upgrade the hot mom.

Many women say, "I don’t plan to have children now, I don’t need to lose weight, and I don’t need to treat it." Here I want to remind everyone that if it is a polycystic ovary, if it is not ovulation for a long time, the endometrium will be subject to the long -term effect of estrogen.It is also prone to lesions.Therefore, no matter whether or not children, women must do a good job of weight management, not only for appearance, but also for physical health.

Well, let’s talk about obesity and pregnancy. If you have any questions, just ask it directly. I will answer it for everyone as soon as possible.In addition, do you have a weight loss expert?Is there any good way to lose weight?You can share it with women who want children.

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