Exposure of Shanxi boys’ mother -in -law dad loves drinking. The two are due to wine, and the possibility of murder after wine is high

On May 24, a police report from the Shanxi police ignited the anger of the public.

The police report showed that Zhang Mouqiao, who was missing for more than 20 days, finally found it, but it has become a cold body.

Two people suspected of killing Zhang Mouqiao, one was the child’s mother, Xie Jiuduo, and the other was the child’s stepfather Wang Tianhu. He was controlled by the police.

My mother and stepfather jointly killed their biological son. The way of extinction of human nature caused everyone’s anger, and the two began to be discussed by the whole network.

The latest news given by the official news of this incident is:

A person familiar with the matter said that after Xie Jiutu was arrested, he said he was pregnant in the Public Security Bureau.

The child was killed by her alone, and Wang Tianhu did not participate in the whole process. He just helped himself handle his son’s body.

As well as

Netizens do not buy it for Xie Jiuduo, because there are many loopholes inside.

First, according to Xie Jiuhua’s neighbors, after the daughter -in -law gave birth to Zhang Mouqiao, she had a ligation surgery, which was impossible to get pregnant at all.

Secondly, from the perspective of the autopsy report, Zhang Mouqiao’s ribs fractures in multiple places, and the teeth of the lower jaws are separated from the teeth. Such injuries are not like a woman at all.

It can be inferred that Xie Jiuduo took the initiative to take the initiative to make Wang Tianhu’s sin.

What kind of feelings are the feelings that let Xie Jiuhua cover Wang Tianhu regardless of everything?

After deep picking, some of the clues were finally discovered.

Xie Jiuduo was born in Yunchong Village, Linjin Town. According to the elderly in the village, Xie Jiuduo had a lively personality since he was a child and loved himself.

In addition, they also said Xie Jiuhua’s hobby: drink.

Before Xie Jiuduo was married, he could drink it in the village without a marriage.

At that time, there were big things in the village, and ordinary men couldn’t drink her.

Later, Xie Jiuduo introduced Zhang Moudong.

Zhang Moudong is a farmer who has a honest personality and has a relatively dumb personality. He and Xie Jiutuo can be said to be two people who are not on a channel at all.

It can be inferred that although Xie Jiuhua and Zhang Moudong had been together for more than ten years and had two sons, she had no true feelings for Zhang Moudong.

In 2018, Zhang’s building went to work in Guangdong, and it was more than half a year.

That is, in this year, the village set up a drum band. Xie Jiuhua joined the drum. The family began to flutter.

According to the villagers in Tongcun, after joining the Drum Band, Xie Jiuduo completely changed, and began to dress up, and also had a scandal with many drum band members.

In addition, Xie Jiuduo looked more and more unpleasant to his husband Zhang Moudong. After Zhang Moudong returned, Xie Jiuduo was extremely disgusted with Zhang Moudong.

At this time, Xie Jiuduo, although he was very small to her husband, she was still okay with her children.

A friend of Xie Jiuduo once said: When Xie Jiuduo participated in the drum band activities, he often brought Zhang Mouqiao with him, and the child was very sticky.

In 2021, Xie Jiutuo opened a nail shop in the county seat. At this time, she had completely separated from her husband Zhang Moudong.

While opening the nail shop, Xie Jiuduo began to do live broadcast.

It was during the live broadcast that Xie Jiuhua met Wang Tianhu, a long -distance truck driver Wang Tianhu.

At first, Wang Tianhu spent money on Xie Jiuduo, but Xie Jiuduo had a husband and children, and did not take Wang Tianhu seriously.

It is said that the two can come together because of wine.

Before knowing Xie Jiuhua, Wang Tianhu was a famous wine in the village. This person not only loves to drink, but also the wine is particularly bad.

His two wives were run away by him. Wang Tianhu not only hit his wife, but his parents and daughters did not beat him.

After Xie Jiuhua met Wang Tianhu, the two walked into reality from the Internet. After a few meals, Xie Jiuduo completely fell in love with Wang Tianhu.

Xie Jiuduo fell in love with Wang Tianhu, because the two have too many things in common:

First, Wang Tianhu and Xie Jiutu are good wine. There are fewer cups of confidants, you can drink yourself, and naturally you can talk together.

Secondly, Wang Tianhu don’t look at the bad signs, but this person can talk about it, and his personality is also very lively, and he has similar personality with Xie Jiuduo.

After knowing Wang Tianhu, Xie Jiuduo resolutely divorced Zhang Moudong regardless of all relatives and friends.

Just one month after the divorce, Xie Jiuhua lived with Wang Tianhu.

What is the state of life after the two live together?

According to people familiar with the information, the two wines were together, and they were uncomfortable without drinking. They often drunk.

Living together with two people, Zhang Mouqiao’s living conditions can be imagined.

In summary, Xie Jiuduo and Wang Tianhu violence after drinking, and the possibility of killing Zhang Mouqiao is very high.

Before the victim, Zhang Mouqiao was injured by Wang Tianhu many times.

Once I saw my grandson and found that his arms were fractured. My daughter said that the grandson’s arm was riding a bicycle and I didn’t think much.

In order to cover Wang Tianhu, Xie Jiuduo cheated even his own biological father. From this, it can be seen that Xie Jiuduo still has a deep affection for Wang Tianhu.

For a scumbag, Xie Jiuhua gave up his son, deceived his father, and even didn’t even have life. Is it really worth doing this?

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