Experts: The formation of infant capillary hemangioma

The emergence of infant capillary hemangioma is due to abnormal or residues during embryonic vascular development.For strawberry hemangioma.The experts from the hemangioma characteristic diagnosis and treatment center of the Guangzhou Hemangioma Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Center are telling the cause of the formation of capillary hemangioma and the cause of capillary.


Yang Mingyong, an expert from Yang Mingyong, a Guangzhou Hemitum Tumor Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Center: The formation of infant capillary hemangioma

The formation of capillary hemangioma is due to excessive hyperplasia in the embryo period. It is considered to be separated from the vascular network from the vascular network during the development of the embryonic development and excessive hyperplasia in other parts.The occurrence of blood vessels in the embryo period can be divided into three periods:

The first period: The formation period of the capillaries of the capillaries, there is a vascular cavity, which does not connect to each other, and the dynamic veins have not been divided. This period is about 30 days after pregnancy;

The second period: the formation period of the vascular cavity, the capillary network connects each other, and there is no connected a moving vein structure. This period is about 48 days after pregnancy;

The third period: The fixed period of the vascular base, the original vascular structure disappears, the dynamic vein is connected, and the development is developed into a mature blood vessels. This period is generally completed around 60 days after pregnancy.[Treatment factor] "High estrogen in the body" leads one of the important factors that lead to the formation of capillary hemangioma

There are many studies on the relationship between hormone levels of mothers and infant hemangioma. It is found that the incidence of hemangioma in children who take contraceptives before pregnancy is significantly increased;Children with high hormone levels have more opportunities for hemangioma.

Harm of capillary hemangioma:

[Expert explanation] Harm of capillary hemangioma:

1. Affects physical health: Due to the exposure of the growth position of capillary hemangioma, it will inevitably attract strange eyes.If it is not treated in time, it will affect the child’s appearance, and it will also affect the mental health of the child.

2. Tumor is susceptible to collapse and bleeding: Capillance hemangioma is a hyperplasia tumor, so once it is friction or stimulated by the outside world, it is very easy to ulcerate and bleed.When the capillary hemangioma occurs, it is easy to cause other hemorrhagic diseases.

3. Compression of normal instrumental tissue: Capillance hemangioma will grow older as the patient’s age will grow, which will seriously compress the normal tissue organs around the capillary of capillary.

[Treatment method] Expert recommendation: 3D ultra -micro -aggressive guidance

The comparison chart before and after the treatment of capillary hemangioma

The 3D ultra -microcontroller is completely imaginary and visible during the treatment of the treatment process. It is operated under the guidance of the image equipment. Without generating rays, no radioactive substances, you can accurately locate vascular lesions and its pairs with the help of the 3D electronic mirror treatment mode.The invasion of the important structure, the treatment of internal visceral hemangioma (except for intracranial and spinal hemangioma), solved the surface treatment problem of traditional hemangioma therapy "not looking at inside".Can be accepted

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