Every time the conception process is like the Qing Dynasty surgery, it is like entering the ghost gate, making her creepy

Each surrogacy process is like the Qing Dynasty surgery, which makes her creepy.

It was the same as last time.

Che Ruoxue’s thin body was shaking every step.

The sigh of the doctor made her feel ashamed again.

Flowing again.

In fact, what I wanted, from the first concerted, after he was locked out of the door overnight, she was like a habitual abortion.

Every time I pregnancy, it flows away.

Seeing her indifferent look, he was even more angry and dragged her thin arm: "Is you deliberately getting it?"

After finishing the Qing Dynasty surgery, the car was extremely weak, her complexion was pale, and her voice could not be said.

"Why don’t you speak? Do you think you will let you go?" Bo Jinnian raised her fiercely, and he was very ill. "You listen to me, unless you give birth to my children and Jiaer’s children, otherwise, I let you conceive for a lifetime until you die! "

He threw her in front of the doctor and commanded it coldly: "Re -conceive her!"

Their children are even more important than a big living person.

Che Ruoxue was filled with bitter heart, and she gritted her teeth desolately.

Suddenly, he had the only strength to hit the wall on the opposite side.

Can you get rid of it?

It’s better to die …

"Miss Che—" The doctor was shocked.

Bo Jinnian’s eyes were fast, and she pulled back her, and shouted: "Want to die? Not so easy!"

Che Ruoxue slowly lifted the eyes full of tears, and condensed to him empty, lowly dumb: "Bo Jinnian, you might as well let me die directly.Thousands of times, I won’t be able to give birth to the children of you and Wen Jiaer. "

Bo Jinnian’s heart stagnated a bit, he raised his eyes to look at the doctor: "Habitat abortion?"

The doctor’s surname Chen has always been responsible for the car of the car Ruo Xue-pregnancy. His eyes flickered and replied: "No, Miss Che should not pay attention, so …"

"Dr. Chen, even you are wronged with me?" Che Ruoxue couldn’t help but anger.

Bo Jinnian slowly turned his head, and looked at her again again and again: "Don’t give me a life -long installation, and conceive it honestly, otherwise, I immediately stop your brother’s medicine!"

The car of the car was tightened into a ball, biting her pale lips, and she was speechless.

In the car accident of his brother Ni Hua and Wen Jiaer, the spine was injured and was still hospitalized for rehabilitation.

His advertising company was also acquired by Bo Jinnian. Bo Jinnian used the high medical expenses of Ni Hua, forcing the car to Ruoxue to be pregnant.

Che Ruoxue was an orphan and was adopted by Che Ni Hua. She couldn’t let him go.

When you have a miscarriage, you need to wait at least a month before conceived.

Che Ruoxue was arranged into the ward of the last time.

Bo Jinnian called a bodyguard to guard.

As soon as the two bodyguards arrived, Bo Jinnian received a call, and his voice suddenly raised: "Jiaer? Jiaer woke up?"

After a while, the man scraped away like a hurricane.


Wen Jiaer … wake up?

The car Ruoxue was stiff on the bed.

After a while, she lay weakly.

There was a bitter smile on the corner of his mouth: Okay, Wen Jiaer woke up, and he didn’t have to give them to them anymore.

This marriage, this love, is just her wishful thinking.

I couldn’t wait when he received the call from Wen Jiaer just now.


The night is cool as water.

The door of the ward opened, and Che Ruoxue thought it was Bo Jinnian, and he turned back subconsciously.

On the face of the person, the car was shocked.

It’s Wen Jiaer!

It was a long time ago by the doctor as a vegetative Wen Jial!

The Che Ruo Xue sat up: "Are you really good?"

Wen Jiaer tightened the door of the ward: "It’s not good, but it’s not sick at all."

"What did you say?!"

Wen Jiaer sat down at the end of her bed, and smiled deeply: "Is it good to marry a man you like?"

Che Ruoxue pursed his lips: "In the video, Jin Nian and I were also framed. I never thought of using the means to grab him …"

"I know, have you grabbed someone with me?" Wen Jiaer laughed. "It was the medicine I used to give him alcohol and gave you the medicine, sent you to his bed, and took a video you took together.Send to the Internet. "

Is Wen Jiaer?

Those things were actually done by Weijiar?

But she always thought that she was lucky to get her Wen Jiaer’s man, and she was still guilty.

She replaced them-pregnancy, endured torture and suffering.

Three conception and abortion, her body was hollowed out.

I didn’t expect the facts to be like this?

Che Ruoxue’s two big eyes were burned by anger. She rushed over. Two thin hands held Wen Jiaer and yelled: "Why? Why do you do this? Why do you hurt me?"

Wen Jiaer waved her with a palm.

Where is the weak car Ruoxue, where is her opponent, she was pushed to the bedside at once, and her forehead hit the wall, and she had blunt pain.

Wen Jiaer stood up and sneered: "Must you? I think you want to thank me. After all, anyone knows that you like Bo Jinnian for many years. I do n’t just do this. What are you complaining?"

"You ask me why I do this, all of which are because of your brother Ni Hua, the person I like is him, but he regards you who do not love him as a treasure, you are a low orphan girl, what qualifications do you have?Get his love like him? I sent you to Bo Jin’s New Year’s bed, just to let him die for you. "

"But on the day you got married with Bo Jinnian, I confessed to him. He was disdainful and would rather want to go to Tibet to heal and hurt my feelings. I am not willing to accept my feelings.I ignore me in a car accident. Do you know how much I hate him at that time? "

"This is all because of you, the car Ruoxue is because you are a bitch! If it wasn’t for you, he would not be so passionate to me. I hated you. I didn’t want to lie on the bed in the bed. I saw Bo Jinnian.I hate you because I have a car accident, and I deliberately buy a doctor pretending to be ill. I asked the doctor to give you a drug to get your abortion again and again. I feel uncomfortable. Don’t think about it! "

"Now Ni Hua is fast, but he can’t let you go. The people who ask you are all you. I will never let him worry about you again. You are fascinated by you.You disappear from this world, will he see me? "Wen Jiaer pulled the car’s arms through the car, his eyes became ruthless., I can get him! "

A chill spread from the soles of the feet to the whole body of the car.

The truth is so ugly and disgusting.

She was guilty and was hated so deeply by Bo Jinnian, so ruthless, she was forced to be pregnant, she had a miscarriage.

Toring again and again, is it for such a narrow and selfish woman?

Today, she even wants her own life.

Is she still a person?

"Wen Jiaer, you killed me, and my brother would not like a vicious woman like you!" Che Ruoxue struggled to death, even if she died, she should not die in Wen Jiaer’s hands!

"Then you can try it!" Wen Jiaer died of the car and dragged to the edge of the window sill.

This is the fourth floor of the hospital. If you fall from here, you will die.

The Che Ruoxue couldn’t make her, and turned her head to bite Wen Jiaer’s arm.

"Butter you dare to bite me? Go to death!"


Wen Jiaer’s backhand slaps fiercely.

Che Ruoxue was incited by Venus.

The body has been pushed and stuffed again on the window sill.

She didn’t want to die, and screamed, "Help! Come on-"

His mouth was covered by Wen Jiaer.

When she was hanging out of her body, she suddenly saw the glass window next to her.

As soon as he gritted his teeth, he smashed the glass, and ignored the injury of the glass with the glass, and pulled a piece to Wen Jiaer’s neck.

The sharp glass edge broke the flesh around Wen Jiaer’s neck.

Blood flowing out.

The Che Ruo Xue panting and whispered: "Pull me in, otherwise, we will do our best!"

Wen Jiaer’s eyes narrowed.

At this time, the door of the ward was twisted.

Wen Jiaer pulled the car in the snow.

Suddenly grabbed the car of Ruo Xue, gritted his teeth fiercely, and tied the sharp glass piece into his belly.


The sharp glass slices are tied into human skin.

Blood pouring out.

The people who came from Winjeer must be Bo Jinnian.

As long as he hurts heavily, Bo Jinsun will hate the car Ruo Xue even more, and he will torture her more fiercely.

Che Ruo Xue was tortured, and Che Ni Hua would have a heartache. As long as it could make them two brothers and sisters, she was not expected to be injured again!

Thinking like this, she pierced her belly again.

She was not stupid, and she would die if she accidentally tied her neck.

But you can save your belly.

She just wanted Bo Jintian to hate the car of the car even more, so that Bo Jinnian was more severe in the car, but she would not let herself really die!

Win Jiaer stabbed his stomach and blewed his blood.

Then when Bo Jinnian appeared at the door of the ward, he shouted desperately: "Save me! Che Ruoxue wants my life! Save me soon!"

Che Ruoxue looked at the blood of Wen Jiaer’s abdomen, and he was trembling.

She never expected that Wen Jiaer did not hesitate to hurt her to frame her!

Those blood stained Bo Jinnian’s eyes, and he gritted his teeth and roared: "The car Ruoxue, you damn it!"

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The question of Wu Mei was like a sharp knife, and he was inserted into the heart of Yan Xinya and Zhao Yinghua fiercely. The daughter scolded it right. Why was they so careless?

Why not verify the things of the year?

They are indeed not responsible parents, and their daughters should indeed scold them!

Wu Zhengsi thought that Wu Mei was unwilling to recognize Yan Xinya and secretly happy. It was no wonder that she couldn’t help raising gratitude. Whether she was biological or not, as long as she raised it from the young age, she also kissed you.

Wu Mei is not a lively example.

"Eyebrows, don’t listen to them nonsense, you are my biological daughter, and have nothing to do with them!"

Wu Zhengsi worked hard to stand up, wiped the blood of his face with a handkerchief, and worked hard to squeeze out the natural and kind smiley face. The face was blue and swollen and bloody blood, but made him look very embarrassed.

Zhao Yinghua was so angry that he just wanted to give this king Bazai a punch, but he still held it up. The most important thing in front of him was to recognize his daughter. After Wu Zhengsi’s account, there were opportunities.

Wu Mei slowly calmed down, she was not wood, who was sincere to her, who was false to her, she could feel it!

The reason why she did not immediately recognize Yan Xinya and Zhao Yinghua was not that she didn’t want to recognize it, but because she was timid.

But the couple of the Yan Xinya were in front of her, but gave her infinite courage. She didn’t need to worry about Wu Zhengsi anymore. She could say what she didn’t dare to say before.

"If I really have you, then please tell me why she regards me as a ya ring, but Wu Yue is a princess, and you ignore these, let her practice me!"

After seeing Yan Xinya, Wu Mei could no longer call He Biyun’s mother.

Wu Zhengsi’s face was froze. He couldn’t answer the question of Wu Mei, so he had to say, "My mother is a bit eccentric. This dad admits, but my dad is equal to you. RecentlyIt’s better! "

Wu Mei said coldly: "After my painting has won the award, because I am no longer the poor and ugly strange strange, because I can make your face glorious. When you talk about me, I will not feel shameful, Even a bit of glory. "

Wu Zhengsi’s face brought some anger, because Wu Mei said his mind, and he did think so.

"Eyebrows, how can you say that your dad? Isn’t your dad good enough to you? You have no conscience!"

Mrs. Wu hasn’t figured out what is going on now. She just distressed her younger son, and she was inexplicably swollen and swollen. The little granddaughter was not in the face of so many outsiders.

What a white -eyed wolf that is not familiar with!

He Biyun was not right at all!

Wu Mei noodles were with cold frost, and they didn’t care about the old lady at all. It wasn’t until this time that everyone found out that Wu Mei was really not the little pity in the past!

"Is it okay to me? I didn’t think that the goodness of your family is utilitarian because I can bring you honor. If I still have a former martial eye, I am killed by He Biyun, and you will not stand.Come out! "

"There is Wu Yue, she has killed me so many times, but who has you punished her? If I changed it, I harmed Wu Yue, I’m afraid I can’t live even, right?"

The more Wu Mei said, the louder the voice, and the grievances added up in the past two lives. At this moment today, it finally broke out!

Mother’s orphan! "

Wu Mei’s roar regrets everyone. Everyone has different ideas. The Zhao family has heartache and pity, but the Wu family is more complicated.

Father Wu and Wu Zhengsi think that Wu Mei is a little bit good. What is good for her?

Is it good to be good for you?

What do you say would prefer to be orphans without father and mother?

What a little white -eyed wolf. Can orphans who have no father and mother can eat so well?Can you also have the opportunity to learn painting and dancing, to live such a decent life?

Wu Zhengsi looked at Wu Mei complicatedly. He did not expect that the seemingly naive and simple little daughter had so many things in his heart, and it was so hard to hide him!

Wu Yue in the room was angry, hate and jealous. Wu Mei, a bitch, was not the biological daughter of her parents. No wonder she was not pleasing to Wu Mei from an early age!

Wu Yue has an inexplicable explanation of Wu Mei’s most convincing. Some of the micro -sinful senses when doing bad things last night, even more disappeared, not her own person. She wants to fight and scold.Born.

But what makes Wu Yue more angry and jealous is that the Zhao Yinghua couple at first glance as a layer of figures, looking at the multi -body surface they wearing, and the previous background in the theater, what secretary general, in front of Zhao Yinghua, even waist in front of Zhao YinghuaDare not directly.

God is really eye -catching, how can you send such a good biological parents to the idiot?

Stupids are now singing, jumping, and painting. They are so beautiful. If they have such a powerful parent and mother, Wu Mei will definitely be on the spot in the future!

So how do she step on her idiot under her feet?

Wu Mei must not live her well!

Wu Yuebin is quite happy that Wu Mei is not her sister, so that she is the only one at home, and no one will fight with her anymore. She can live back to the happy princess life before.

But as long as she thinks of Wu Mei, she will be more like a princess. Her heart is not full of taste. Why don’t he hate God’s poor and ugly parents to send Wu Mei?

Although Wu Yue was unwilling, she did not have any way to stop, and she didn’t even dare to walk out of the room because she was afraid to face the old lady of Wu.

The lady lying on the sofa was waxy, and she was not injured. She should have stayed in bed, but she could lie down. Wu Mei’s prosecution made her anger high and the pain became more and more severe.

"I have never seen you such a child who has no conscience. Your mother and she is really not something, but your father and your grandfather’s uncle, who is sorry for you? What did your sister and she hurt you?No matter how good it is! "

The old lady distressed her son and distressed her granddaughter, and she really couldn’t see Wu Mei. If she hadn’t worried about Mr. Wu, she really wanted to let Zhao Yinghua take this little white -eyed wolf, no matter who she is!

Anyway, she does not lack her granddaughter, and granddaughter like Wu Mei looks obstructive!

Wu Mei looked at the old lady who fell half of the death, but did not forget to maintain Wuyue, sneered, and smiled all the people in the Wu family.

Zhao Yinghua and his wife are even more distressed. Although they only have less than half an hour with the talents of the Wu family, they can see the family’s selfish cold blood clearly.

No wonder Wu Mei has such a means and planning at a young age.

I don’t know how much their poor daughter suffered, so they were forced to be like this now!

The room in the room hid in Wuyue, Wu Mei looked even more cold. She looked at the dining table that was still full.Essence

The old lady of the early Wu was injured. Where did the Wu family still had a mood to eat breakfast? Wei Qiuyue dealt with the eloquence outside. Wu Zhengsi and Wu Zhengdao were also dealt with in the hospital. Together with lunch, Wu Zhenghong also ate casually.Dumplings, as for the rice, even the people who burned rice were lying down. The Wu family simply ate the restaurant, and went directly to the theater after eating.

Therefore, this dining table was basically the same as going out early. Wu Mei ignored the old lady and walked straight to the dining table. It was found that the milk cup that Pakatana handed to her was empty.

Fortunately, the milk cup was not cleaned. Wu Mei secretly rejoiced. Wu Yue had no experience. For the first time, he forgot to completely remove the evidence of sin.

Everyone looked at Wu Mei and didn’t understand what she was doing. Wei Qiuyue saw a little name, sighed, and didn’t say anything.

Wu Yue in the room also knew what Wu Mei wanted to do, and was so anxious. Why didn’t she think of rushing the cup with water?

Now she can’t do anything. If she jumps out at this time, don’t she admit that she is a bad thing?

Damn idiot, why did she suddenly become so smart at once?

There are some remnants in the milk cup. Wu Mei picked up the cup and picked up some water, and walked to the thrush bird raised by the old man. This bird was sent by the old man’s student., Serve it yourself every day.

Wu Mei poured the milk mixed with water into the sink. The thrushing bird screamed a few times and jumped to the sink to drink a few mouthfuls. I probably felt the taste. I took a few more mouthfuls.It’s over.

Wu Mei turned his head and said, "What do you do if you guess this bird?"

Father Wu had a bad hunch in his heart, but he comforted himself, but it was just milk. He used to feed birds to drink before, and there would be no problem.

Wu Mei, this girl, has a mysteriousness, and has too many eyes. Before, he looked at this little granddaughter!

"I feed the birds to drink milk. Milk was poured by Palistic Moon, but I didn’t dare to drink it. I was afraid that it was not just milk but adding other good things. As for what was good inside, I believe it is veryThere will be answers! "

Wu Meiyin has just fell, and the thrush in the cage screamed in a hurry. The sound of the screams was different in the past and very sharp.

The thrush bird called a few more times, and then lay down painfully. The beautiful feathers at the tail were stained with some yellow and white bird dung.

Everyone didn’t know what was going on at this time?

There must be a lot of laxatives in that cup of milk. If Wu Mei really drank, the performance in the afternoon was 100 % invalid!

Wu Yue’s little girl’s mind is really poisonous!

Zhao Yingnan laughed: "During the New Year’s Day, nails, and now laxatives. The scent of the scholars like your Wu family really made me eye -catching!"

The Wu family changed color again. Zhao Yingnan’s words were ruthless with a knife.

Wu Mei also said: "In order to harm me, Wu Yue is not only doing so. Those ice at the door of the early door is also a good thing for Wu Yue to do it, but unfortunately let the old lady suffer for me!"

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