Every summer asked: How old can children eat ice cream?Which is healthier?

Every summer asked: How old can children eat ice cream and ice cream?How much is suitable for eating?

How to choose ice cream, ice cream, popsicles?

Will diarrhea be "cold" after eating?

Don’t worry, let’s find out today.

The first question: How old can children eat ice cream?How much is suitable for eating?

The ice cream products sold on the market are best to give children after the age of 2.

The American Society of Pediatrics recommends that before the age of 2, it is not recommended to eat additional sugar food.

If you want to eat 1 to 2 years old, it is recommended to choose a healthier "self -made" ice cream.

The method is simple, you can try it on weekends!

Step 1: Choose a fruity (peeled)+yogurt you like to eat.

Step 2: Peel the fruit and yogurt and put them into sticky.

Step 3: The items after beating, then put it in or yogurt cups, and the frozen setting is done.

For children under 1 year old, even if they are self -made ice cream, they can not eat them without eating.

At this stage, children with gastrointestinal function are not mature, and it is easy to appear uncomfortable after eating cool.

So how much can I eat?

Do not eat more than 80g of ice cream every day, and no more than one of ice cream or popsicles (the principle is 1-3 years old, you can eat less if you can eat less).

The second question: What kind of ice cream, ice cream, popsicles?

选 3 types, preferred ice cream

Let’s look at their differences and you understand.

Although ice cream is expensive, it is too expensive.Qualified ice cream, its protein is excellent.

Choose ice cream, remember 3 o’clock

1. Select regular shopping mall supermarkets and buy regular products.

When we buy anything, first of all, we must buy regular products from regular channels.

At least, if we have heard of a reliable brand, we must be optimistic about the production date and the shelf life when buying.

2. ingredient list: the simpler the better.

Pay attention to the ingredients table, choose less sugar (the less sugar, the less the back), or the sugar content is less than the milk (after the sugar is milk, the content is less than the milk).The simpler the other ingredients, the better.

3. Look at the product type, the first choice for the whole milk ice cream.

According to the standard GB/T31114-2014 of my country’s "Frozen Drinks Ice Cream", ice cream is roughly divided into three types: whole milk fat, semi-milk fat, and planting fat.

Total milk ice cream: The fat ingredients of the main part are all from milk (milk), and the milk fat content is above 8%.

Semi -milk fat ice cream: 2.2% ≤ milk fat content <8%

Dipperflow ice cream: milk fat content <2.2%

Today I shared here, the next article is about the third question: eating ice cream will diarrhea and be cold?


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