Episode 11: Liu Hongyan’s abortion after pregnancy

Early the next morning, He Zhichao wore a suit and stomped out the household registration book in the cabinet, and turned to see He Meilian who had woke up.Faced with He Meilian’s question, He Zhichao lied subconsciously that he was going to apply for a passport. Sure enough, He Meilian thought he was true, so he left the house with his hukou book.

On the other hand, Ni Weizhen refused to answer the call from He Zhichao. He apologized to herself when she was a child. When she grew up, she did not become a successful woman in the imagination, and even became a unemployed tourist.Nevertheless, Ni Weizhen encountered the most special partner in his life. He could feel warmth every moment with him, and project a bunch of light into his cold and gray world.

For more than half an hour before the agreed time, He Zhichao waited to be restless and began to question whether Ni Weizhen really wanted to marry him.But in the next second, Ni Weizhen had come from the opposite side. He Zhichao was very happy and excitedly led the marriage certificate.

Ni Weizhen considered that the current situation was relatively complicated. After discussing with He Zhichao, he decided to hide his family temporarily.That night, the two set up a simple wedding ceremony at home. He Zhichao looked at Ni Weizhen affectionately, said the oath of marriage, and gave him the first gold medal in his life as a gift to each other.Life.

Now Liu Hongyan has been pregnant, so the prostitution is to buy a house.However, every time the couple’s house fancy, Wu Erhu will always be rejected for various reasons. Ni Weimin knows that his wife does this mainly because the house price is too expensive, and can only sit next to see it.

Because He Zhichao did not go home at night, he was asked by his aunt He Meilian. He bought a gift for her in a hurry, and finally calmed down.At this time, He Anna called and asked his son He Zhichao’s emotional events, reminding him that even if he was looking for an object, he couldn’t find too much, and He Zhichao had to stiffly respond to the guarantee.

Ni Jun knew that his mother was hesitant in buying a house. In private, he asked Ni Weimin to ask clearly. He wanted to know how much deposits were in the house and when he could buy a house. Ni Weimin promised to buy a house now.Later, Ni Weimin went home to find the inventory to see the balance.

The group’s headquarters approved the personnel appointment notice. Lu Fan, who was in charge of the new media, bypassing Zhang Chunmei and was directly appointed as a new editor by Su Jayune.The colleagues were embarrassed to Zhang Chunmei, but they could not change the result. They could only work with her command.

He Zhichao has to go to the night school recently. At the same time, he euphemistically expressing that he is still suitable for mature women. He Meilian’s attitude is as ever. That is, mature women can find, but psychological maturity is not physiological.On the other hand, Liu Hongyan was praised by President Ge because of his performance. He thought he would be promoted. He did not expect that after returning to the headquarters, he did not bring Liu Hongyan after attending the dinner.

With a tongue of three inches, Wu Erhu successfully lobbying the couple accepted the small property house in the large suburbs.The family of four saved money, and I sat with the intermediary to go to the suburbs to see the house. As a result, I found that there was no smoke around the scene at the scene. The foundation of the house was not built.It will also build subways for easy passage.

However, these are nihilistic promises. Even the Ni family’s father and son couldn’t stand it, and the family rushed to the next room by car.During this period, the car was bumpy, causing Liu Hongyan’s unexpected abortion and failed to keep the child.Ni Jun accompanied his daughter -in -law in the hospital, and regretted it. On the other hand, Wu Erhu returned home to complains with Ni Weimin, saying that the reason why he was opposed to the marriage of them was that Liu Hongyan had no prosperous husband.

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