Enter the "steamer" mode, heat stroke high, don’t care about it

"Rain hit Huangmei head, 45 days without sun"

When the rainy season, the temperature is high, the humidity is high, and the air pressure is low

Dynamic summer with damp and humid plum rain

Unhappy clothes, inconvenient travel, physical and mental discomfort …

The "steamer" mode is so bitter

Rush directly on the hot search list ~

Remind everyone: Do a good job of prevention and prevent heat stroke!

Let ’s take a look with Xiaobian. What should I pay attention to when preventing the heatstroke?What should I do?What errors should be avoided?

"Hot Dead" is by no means exaggerated!

Don’t despise heat stroke, the harm of heat stroke is beyond imagination.

Medical definition of heat stroke refers to an acute disease that is mainly manifested by the central nervous system and circulatory system disorders due to thermal balance and/or water and salt metabolic disorders in high temperature environments.High temperature, high humidity, small wind speed, weakness, discomfort to heat, excessive labor intensity and long time, excessive fatigue, etc. are easy to induce heat stroke.

The heat stroke condition can be light or severe, and severe heat stroke can cause death, especially thermal irritation, and the mortality rate is high.ah!IntersectionIntersectionIsn’t it to prevent heat stroke?Why did you get "thermal radiation disease" again?

This is a category of severe heat stroke. It is a very dangerous emergency, with a high mortality rate. If it does not get timely and proper treatment, the mortality rate can be as high as 50%.It has 3 prominent features:

High heat (body temperature exceeds 40 ° C);

No sweat discharged;

Consciousness, obsession, and even no response.

Professor Lu Ben, Xiangya Third Hospital of Central South University, a research papers published online online in Science Magazine, revealing the important death mechanism of thermal radiation disease-high-body temperature through Z-DNA binding protein-1 (ZBP1) induce excessive excessive excessive excessive induced excessive excessive inducedThe dying of programmatic cells leads to the internal vascular coagulation (DIC) and multi -organce damage of life -threatening.

On July 2nd, a Beijing tour guide died of heat stroke during the tour of the Summer Palace and died of heat stroke and died of invalid rescue.According to Beijing News Broadcasting, the 49 -year -old tour guide "Gong Ge" at noon on the same day led a research team to faint into the bus after the end of the Summer Palace, and died after the treatment of rescue.The hospital proved that "Gong Brother" died because of fever.

Therefore, to prevent heat stroke, everyone must pay attention to it.

How do you know heat stroke,

Is there any symptoms to help judge?

In fact, heat stroke is ahead. If sweating, thirst, dizziness, dazzling, tinnitus, limb weakness, chest tightness, palpitations, disgusting, normal body temperature or slightly elevated (be careful, be careful (be carefulYou may have to (or already a bit).

Especially engaged in high temperature and strong radiation operations, such as smelting, furnace kiln, etc.; High temperature, high humidity operations, such as printing and dyeing, filament, and deep mines; summer open -air operations, such as construction, construction, farmland labor, sanitation and other outdoor operations in summer; Summer high -intensity operations, such as sports competitions and military training.

The above -mentioned operators, old and weak patients, children and pregnant women are high -risk groups of heat stroke. The above symptoms are more vigilant. Immediately do a good job of heatstroke and cooling down, move to a cool and ventilated place, drink water in time, pay attention to rest.It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

Prevent heatstroke to achieve these points

Many people die at high temperature every year, and it is very important to prevent heat stroke:

1. Prepare the heatstroke -proof must -have sunscreen utensils, such as applying sunscreen, wearing wide eaves, sufficient water; wear loose and breathable light -colored clothing, and carry heatstroke cooling drugs with you.

2. Scientifically replenish water to drink a small amount of water, which can be replenished by 200 ml of water every 15 to 20 minutes. The water temperature should not be too high.If you sweat a lot, you must add additional salt and minerals, or you can drink sugar water or sports drinks appropriately.

3. Pay attention to the heat dissipation to wipe the body or fan with the ice towel for physical cooling.When hot and difficult to block, you can use cold water to flush your wrists. Put your wrist every few hours under the tap water faucet for 5 seconds, which will help reduce the blood temperature.

4. Improve working conditions, such as reducing heat sources, reasonable layout, heat insulation, ventilation to cool down, set up insulation rests and adjust the schedule time.

5. Patriotic action, care about high -risk groups: During high temperature environment (sanitation workers, construction workers, firefighters, courier, traffic police, etc.), carry heatstroke cooling drugs with them, colleagues should pay attention to each other’s health.

6. It is recommended that the family and friends of the elderly over 65 years of age confirm the health status of the elderly at least twice a day in the afternoon.

In case of discovery someone has a heat stroke,

The "five moves" of the first aid!

Under normal circumstances, patients with threatened heat stroke and light heat stroke can return to normal after on -site rescue, so do not panic when you encounter heat stroke, master the following first aid methods:

A shift: Quickly move the patient to a cool and ventilated place, let him lie down, use a fan and electric fan to fan the air or turn on the air conditioner, unbutton or remove the coat to help the patient breathe and heat dissipation.

Two apply: apply warm water on the head, and then change it to cold water and ice water.

Three drinks: Drink a salt -containing drink, timely supplement the water required for the body, and add part of the inorganic salt at the same time.

Four wipes: Due to high temperature, high humidity, and windlessness, when the body is difficult to heat the body, you can use cold water or ice water to wipe the bath until the skin is red.

Five drops: The body temperature of the heatstroke is as high as 40 ° C. When symptoms such as coma, convulsions, etc., especially the treatment of patients with heat irritation should follow 3 principles: 1. Quickly, effective, and continuously cool down; 2. When the liquid is supplemented quickly, Early vein supplement; 3. Control agitation and convulsions.Dial 120 at the same time and send the patient to the hospital for the hospital as soon as possible.

In addition, it is reminded that the following kinds of heat stroke emergency errors are required!avoid!waived!

1. If you take degenerate drugs (such as acetylphenol, aspirin, etc.), if you use antipyretic drugs to cool down, the body’s metabolism will increase the burden on the body, and the side effects of the drug will be greater.

2. Excessive wiping alcohol will not only stimulate the skin, but also cause alcohol poisoning.

3. Applying ice and ice packs to cause blood vessels to shrink and cannot heat dissipation smoothly.

4. After soaking in cold water, the blood vessels can cause cardiovascular emergencies after cold contraction.

5. Applying topical medicine (such as 10,000 gold oil) oily substances are more not conducive to heat dissipation.

Finally, it is reminded that they are often alert to heat stroke indoors.It is not only time for outdoor exposure to heat stroke. The indoor environment with poor ventilation and high temperature may also cause heat stroke.

In particular, some elderly people are worried about opening the air conditioner to waste electricity, and live in old houses with poor ventilation, which is very easy to lead to heat stroke.Therefore, for the high -risk people such as the elderly, even if they do not go out at home, they should open an air conditioner or window.Do a good job of ventilation to avoid heat stroke.

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