Embarrassing during pregnancy: When pregnant mothers encounter severe constipation, what should be good?

Clinical example: Xiao Zhao is a 25 -year -old office worker. At present, he has been pregnant with the first child for more than 4 months. Before pregnancy, he has habitual constipation. He often rely on soft toilet medicine. Sometimes you need to use enema to relieve it.EssenceSince pregnancy, bowel movements are more difficult, and often can not solve the stool for more than 3 days! The hard stools of solution often find that there are bleeding. Although I have tried to replenish water and eat more vegetables, it seems that it still cannot be improved. Sometimes I feel abdominal pain., Bloating.Worried about whether the fetus in the abdomen would not be adversely affected, it became a frequent visitor to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Nearly 40%-50%of pregnant mothers in China will have constipation.The proportion of the middle and late pregnancy is higher! The main reason is that gastrointestinal peristalsis is increased by the increased hormonal secretion, which will cause slowing gastrointestinal motility and small tension. The speed of food transport may be 20%-30%slower than before pregnancy.The time is extended to increase the absorption of water in the large intestine, resulting in hard stools, it is difficult to discharge smoothly, so it is easy to cause constipation.

In addition, during pregnancy, it is possible to spit or eat, and the belly gradually becomes larger, the uterine compression makes the blood flow of the lower limbs more bad, the pelvic bottom muscles are relaxed, and the amount of exercise will also increase the opportunity of constipation.

The symptoms of constipation of pregnant women are mainly manifested as: there are few intentions; difficulty in defecation and labor; poor bowel movements; dry stools, hard stools, poor bowel movements; constipation accompanied by abdominal pain or abdominal discomfort.Some patients with constipation are accompanied by mental and psychological obstacles such as insomnia, irritability, dreams, depression, anxiety and other mental psychological disorders.

The problem of constipation during pregnancy can be large or small, and lightness causes discomfort during pregnancy, which will seriously cause abdominal pain.There were pregnant women who could not obstruct the intestinal tract due to severe constipation. In the end, surgery was needed, which not only became a terrible complication during pregnancy, but also affected the safety of the fetus.

The most common complication of long -term constipation is "hemorrhoids"! Due to the increase in abdominal pressure, the compression of the pelvis increase, and the increase in blood flow caused by the increase in blood flow, the hemorrhoids gradually became obvious in the middle and later stages of pregnancy.Sometimes there is anal fissure or blood.

Since it is easy to cause constipation during pregnancy, how should it improve? I suggest that pregnant moms can pay more attention to the following points in daily life.

● Eat more high -fiber food

For example, dark green vegetables, as well as high -fiber vegetables and fruits.Such as brown rice, whole wheat food, leek, radish, celery, etc. help gastrointestinal motility.In addition, all kinds of bean fruit kernels such as bananas, honey, and fatty acids, such as black sesame, melon seeds, raisins, etc., are also helping to prevent constipation.However, the intake of food fiber should not be too much, otherwise it will easily cause uncomfortable intestinal flatulence and excessive number of stools.According to research, tea, coffee, and some sweets (such as chocolate) will also affect gastrointestinal motility and slow down. Therefore, pregnant women with constipation are best to take as little as possible, and do not eat too delicate food.

● Add enough moisture

Lack of moisture is one of the main causes of hard stools and unable to discharge smoothly, so it is necessary to supplement enough water.

● Supplement probiotics

Some nutrients containing lactic acid bacteria or probiotics can stimulate bowel movements and also have the function of improving constipation.A simple method, such as eating yogurt or yogurt to relieve constipation.

● Maintain regular bowel habits

Do not squat for too long, should not excessive force, and do not endure constipation for a long time.

● Appropriate exercise

Such as walking, simple stretching gymnastics, etc., can not only promote blood circulation, help digestion, but also facilitate smooth bowel movements.In addition, the legs can be raised slightly while sleeping, and the feet are moderately massaged to improve the local blood circulation, so that the muscles can be relieved, and cramps can be prevented.But be careful not to excessively press the "Sanyin Jiaoxue" at about the four fingers at the upper side of the feet.

● Try to wear loose and comfortable clothes;

In particular, do not wear too tight shoes and socks. For long -term standing workers such as teachers, nursing staff, lady counter, flight attendant, etc., and pregnant women with large belly, they are already high -risk ethnic groups of varicose veins, and they should pay more attention.

● Keep a relaxed and happy mood at any time

Pregnant women who are anxious and anxious have more constipation, because poor mood will reduce the amount of gastric acid secretion and slow down the peristalsis of the stomach.

● Help physician

If the above practices still cannot improve constipation, you can ask the physician to evaluate the use of soft stool drugs, but do not take drama or enema by yourself, so as not to cause early uterine contraction, even miscarriage, premature or early water breakthrough.

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