Eight weeks of pregnancy, from knowing that I can’t sleep at night during the day, I can’t sleep at night

As a mother, have you ever experienced such a situation?It was very sleepy during the day, but I couldn’t sleep in the evening when I was at night. Is it exactly the opposite of the schedule before pregnancy?In fact, this phenomenon is mainly due to the effect of hormones. Some mothers are because of the age of age, frequent urination and uterine compression that they have poor lungs and may also appear insomnia.

For the pregnant mother, insomnia and sleeping have become a normal state in life, but the poor sleep quality of mothers will indirectly affect the baby’s health.Pregnant mothers are more exhausted during pregnancy, and they usually have an hour more than the normal 8 hours of sleep.If the pregnant mother does not sleep well, it will affect the growth of the fetus, so pregnant mothers should pay more attention to rest, improve sleep quality, and extend sleep time.

So how do pregnant mothers let themselves prevent insomnia?One is to add more foods with more calcium, such as milk and tofu, so that in the late pregnancy, you can also avoid always cramps in leg cramps.

The second is not to drink plenty of water before going to bed. Usually increase physical resistance.In the daytime, you can take more water. Drink less water at night or before going to bed. Originally, pregnant women were easily frequent in urine, and urinating often affects sleep quality.

The third is to exercise appropriately during the day, and don’t be bored at home every day.Proper exercise can improve cardiopulmonary function.It also helps to have children in the future.

The last one is to reduce the burden on the waist. The baby is getting larger and larger in the body, and the spine pressure of the pregnant mother is also very large. When you sleep at night, you can buy a pregnant woman pillow to sleep and sleep. This can also reduce the burden on the lower abdomen.

All in all, pregnant mothers are really hard when they are pregnant. As pregnant mothers, family members must care and care for mothers. The pregnant mother is in a good mood and rests.Oh ~

Moms, will you insomnia during pregnancy?Is there a mother who does not have insomnia during pregnancy?Or do you have any tricks to deal with insomnia during pregnancy?

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