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Eggplant is a one -year herbaceous plant. The color is mostly purple or purple -black, and the shape is also round, ellipse, and pear -shaped.Eating eggplant often can better prevent diseases and enhance physical fitness, and has a high auxiliary effect on the rehabilitation of the disease.It can be fry, burn, steamed, and boiled, as well as fried, cold, and soup.It is best not to peel to eat eggplant to avoid vitamin loss.


Scatter blood

Vitamin P can enhance the adhesion between human cells, reduce brittleness and permeability, prevent micro -blood vessels from rupture and bleeding, and keep the cardiovascular functional function.

Hemostatic anti -aging

Eggplant is also rich in vitamin E, which has the function of preventing bleeding and anti -aging.Eat eggplant frequently can help delay aging and retain youth.


Eggplant also has the effect of clearing cancer fever. It is rich in dragon sunflower. Dragon cream can inhibit the proliferation of digestive tract tumor cells, especially for gastric cancer and blind bowel cancer.

reduce cholesterol

The saponin contained in eggplant fibers can effectively reduce cholesterol.Eating eggplant often has the effects of preventing hypertension, atherosclerosis, scurvy and promoting wound healing.


Cool and sweet.The taste is sweet and spleen, and the sex is cold.It has the functions of strengthening the spleen and eliminating food, and Zhongli spleen, and the fullness of elimination.

Gastrointestinal dysfunction, unfinitive food, qi and blood deficiency, bloating and abdomen, fatigue and tiredness, poor transportation, can take this product for treatment.

This product also has the effect of nourishing kidney astringent essence and strong yang and yang.The waist and knees are soft, fatigue and fatigue, and skid and premature ejaculation. This product can be served with lotus seeds, golden cherry, 芡 芡, and mandarin meat.


The taste is sweet and soft, sweet and delicious, and it can be used for use.Make vegetables and use it, have appetite and spleen, and adjust the skills of qi and blood.

This product has the effect of cultivating the soil through the spleen.The lungs are thirsty, the fluid is not distributed, the throat is dry, the sputum is uncomfortable.The eggplant button and eggplant are boiled in water. It has the effects of moisturizing the skin, evacuation of wind heat, cooling camps, moisturizing, detoxifying and antipruritic effects. It is mostly used for skin tinea and vitiligo, and it is used to combine with psoralen.

healthy diet

Fried eggplant will cause a large amount of vitamins it contains. The frying system can reduce this loss after hanging paste.

Eggplant is a vegetable with strong oil absorption. It can be fried in the pan until the water out of the water, or steam it in advance and then fry. This can save oil and health.

Eggplant is very easy to oxidize when it is heat, and the color will turn black and affect the aesthetics. If you put it in a hot oil pan before cooking, it will be fried slightly.Because the oxidation effect will be brown quickly from white, if the cut eggplant is immediately soaked in water, and the filter is dried up when the cooking is made, and the eggplant can also be avoided.

Eat eggplant before surgery. The anesthesia may not be broken down normally. It will delay the patient’s wake -up time and affect the patient’s recovery speed.

Choose storage

When buying, pay attention to the old tenderness of the eggplant. The color of the tender eggplant is dark, the skin is thin, the skin is loose, the weight is small, the seeds are tender and sweet, the seed meat is not easy to separate, and the lower part of the calyx has a green and white skin.The color of the old eggplant is bright and smooth, thick and tight, the meat is strong, the meat seeds are easy to separate, the seeds are yellow and hard, the weight is large, and some are bitter.

In the place where the eggplant sepals are connected to the fruits, there is a circle of light -color rings. The wider and the more obvious this band, the more it can indicate that the eggplant fruit grows rapidly and is not aging.If the ring is not obvious, it means that the eggplant has stopped growing when harvesting. At this time, the eggplant has become old and the taste is poor.


Eggplant + pork: Eggplant is rich in dietary fiber, which can reduce cholesterol in pork. The combination of the two can maintain blood pressure, strengthen blood vessel resistance, and help to prevent purpura.

Eggplant + soybean: Eggplant has the effect of protecting blood vessels and preventing bleeding.It contains vitamin P, which can reduce the brittleness and permeability of the capillaries.Soybeans are beneficial to qi and nourishing blood and strengthening the spleen. They are rich in nutrients required by the human body. The two are equipped with ventilation, smooth intestines, moisturizing swelling, and balanced nutrition.

Eat eggplant + grass carp: Eat together, not only to replenish in the warmth, but also the effects of dampness, warming the stomach, flat liver, and expelling wind.


Eggplant + crab: Crab meat is salty and cold, and the eggplant is sweet and smooth. The two medicinal properties are cold. At the same time, consumption can damage the stomach and stomach.

main reference

Zhang Huaping’s "Food Health Nutrition and Food Encyclopedia" [M] Nanchang: Jiangxi Science and Technology Publishing House, 2013,4.

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