@, Eat shrimp and settlement: How do you burn the most fresh?Why is this year’s marsh shrimp so expensive?

Chao News reporter Zhang Hui

Recently, the "River Shrimpy Season to the Prices of the River Shrimpy Season is nearly double the year -on -year" reported that it has attracted the attention of netizens after it was published.

Right now, it’s the best season to eat shrimp.Is the river shrimp that Zhejiang people like it expensive or cheap?How to burn river shrimp is the best?Why is the price of Marsh shrimp still high this year?

On May 29, the reporter visited the Hangzhou Aquatic Products and Farmers Market. He also invited the manager and netizens of the well -known restaurant "Hangzhou Mu" to show the doorway.

Is the river shrimp cheap or expensive?

Hangzhou Aquatic Market is a first -level wholesale market in Hangzhou aquatic products. It is also a key vegetable basket project in Hangzhou. The sales of river shrimp daily are about 6,000 pounds.Yan Yongqiang, manager of the Hangzhou Aquatic Market Management Department, told Chao Yongjin reporters that the recent wholesale price of river shrimp is between 40 yuan and 50 yuan. This price is about 20 yuan a pound cheaper than last month.

When the reporter rushed to the Hangzhou Dongxinyuan Farmers Market, although the morning market had passed, the aquatic stalls were still very busy.A boss named Xu told reporters, "The local Deqing River shrimp, a smaller 50 yuan per catty, 70 yuan per catty of the medium point, a particularly large 100 yuan pound."

This also confirms the different feelings of everyone. Some people only need to buy river shrimp for seven or eighty yuan per catty, and some people still feel that they can’t afford it.Although the overall price of the river shrimp is more than last month, the variety is different, the individual size is different, and the price is still interval.

"The sales price of river shrimp is slightly increased during the epidemic. At this time last year, the epidemic control has not been released. This year’s market flow and sales volume have steadily increased. Compared with the output and previous years, the output and previous years were the same as in previous years., When the demand is large, the price rises slightly. "Yan Yongqiang said.

The spring breeze blew the rain overnight, and the water was full of green shrimp.Most of the favorite river shrimps from Hangzhou people come from Deqing in the province."This year’s weather is good, the output is up, the sales volume has been opened, and the raised shrimp farmers increase the income of 500 yuan per acre, which is very happy." Yao Liang, deputy director of the Agricultural and Rural Office of Xiahuhu Street in Deqing, Huzhou, told Chao Liang about the news reporter, QingThe land price of the shrimp has fallen to 40 yuan a pound, and the land price in 2021 is only 25 yuan per catty.The most fundamental reason is that after the new crown epidemic, the restaurant opened the door.

Yan Yongqiang reminded everyone that the peak season of river shrimp will end until early June, and those who want to eat river shrimp must be hurried.By July, the price of river shrimp will rise again.

River Shrimp Source: Visual China

What shrimp is the most ordered by "Old Master Oil Crusher Shrimp"?

Speaking of shrimp, it is naturally impossible to turn around the well -known local restaurant in Hangzhou.

Gao Tianzhen, deputy general manager of Hangzhou Coconut Catering Management Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the operation of the "Oil Oil Crusher Shrimp", said that the price of river shrimp in April in April of previous years will continue to decline and will continue until June. This year’s river shrimp season is particularly late.At this time at this time, the price was only thirty or forty yuan a pound, and this year still cost 50 to 60 yuan a pound. Therefore, from the price, Hangzhou people eat shrimp this year than before the epidemic (2019), which is more expensive (2019).The year rose slightly.

How much does Hangzhou people love shrimp?The data of the old man’s oil burst may be reflected.Starting from a small shop in Hangzhou Plum Blossom Stele, today’s "old man oil burst shrimp" has spread the market across the country, and only one tons of shrimp in Hangzhou stores in 20 stores in Hangzhou.

For so many years, you can also see the changes in Hangzhou’s taste on the ordering menu of this well -known restaurant."There are three options for the main focus of vegetable oil. The ratio of river shrimp, swarms and shrimp. The proportion of three kinds of shrimp in the four seasons of the year is different.The shrimp is relatively uniform throughout the year. The earliest guests are mostly middle -aged and old Hangzhou people, and the first choice of oil -bursting shrimp is river shrimp. In the past two years, the situation has changed.Essence

Hangzhou small farmers’ picture supply

This year’s three kinds of shrimp are expensive. In contrast, because there are more diners, the value of the sways shrimp has risen.Some netizens have found that the price of a brand of marsh shrimp (fresh) is 99 yuan per catty.

Why is the price of marsh shrimp high?Yan Yongqiang visited several operators to give carefully answers, "Because this year’s marsh shrimp is high, this is one of the reasons for your expensive. Second, the output of marsh shrimp is relatively small. At the same time, the increase in labor and logistics costs increases.Most of the marshal shrimp comes from Jiangsu, so the price can’t come down. "

"Hangzhou Mom" teach you how to burn river shrimp

In the best eat the shrimp season, how to burn river shrimp is the best?

The tide journalist, please teach you the "Hangzhou Mom" Xu Ying, which is popular with netizens.

"Now that river shrimp is listed in large quantities, it is cheap. River shrimp. We in Hangzhou people generally oil, shrimp, saline shrimp, drunk shrimp, and a dish are very delicious, that is, dried dried vegetables and shrimp."

"Hangzhou Mom" Xu Ying reported the menu with a breath.

Click on the video to see Hangzhou Mom taught you to burn the dried Caihe River shrimp soup

The dried vegetables and soup are delicious, and the river shrimp is very delicious.The "Hangzhou Mu Mom", the dried Caigan cuisine soup, is not only one of the few summer main foods that the son Yang Fan reads, but also has also played the seventh episode of the food documentary "Flavor Earth".

"The dried vegetables used, preferably dried dried plums and dried vegetables, and more fresh. There are two main types of river shrimp that can be bought in the vegetable field, one is old wool tongs (male shrimp), and one with seed shrimp.Caihe shrimp soup should be burned with old wool tongs (maxia); oil burst shrimp, both river shrimp can be burned; saline shrimp, with seed shrimp; small river shrimp can be used as drunk shrimp. "" HangzhouMom "Xu Ying suggested that young people who are new to cook can start from saltwater shrimp, and those who like to ponder can try drunk shrimp.

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