Eat 6 pieces of persimmons on an empty stomach, 4 -year -old girls who are born of huge persimmon stone experts: Do not eat on an empty stomach, do not eat with seafood

China News Service, February 21 (Chen Jingxun Xiaolei) The persimmon is delicious, but it cannot be greedy, because excessive consumption will produce persimmon stones, causing persimmon stones.The reporter learned on the 21st that the 4 -year -old girl Tongtong (a pseudonym) has a large and small stomach stones in the abdomen of the abdomen, and abdominal pain and vomiting blood. It turned out to eat 6 pieces of persimmons on an empty stomach.

Why is eating persimmons prone to gastric stones, even gastric bleeding, ulcer, and intestinal obstruction?Professor Huang Ying, director of the Department of Gastroenterology, Affiliated to Fudan University, said in an interview with reporters on the 21st that persimmon or persimmon contains a lot of tannic acid (also called tannin acid).Protein degeneration combines food and residue into a group, that is, persimmon stones.The longer the time in the stomach, the stronger the group formation.

The expert told reporters that do not eat persimmons or persimmons on an empty stomach, and do not eat too much at a time; do not eat with acidic fruits with acidic fruits, do not eat with seafood; do not drink milk after eating persimmons.Huang Ying suggested that older people and poor digestive people try not to eat as much as possible.

Huang Ying shared a case for reporters.The 4 -year -old Tongtong was rushed to the hospital for abdominal pain and vomiting blood.Doctors at the Department of Gastroenterology of Pediatric Hospital found in gastroscopy that children’s stomach was more erosion, bleeding, and gastric ulcer.What is even more surprising is that there are huge black clusters -shaped foreign bodies in Tongtong’s stomach. Medical staff of the gastroscopy room have tried to put foreign bodies many times, and they could not take it out of the esophagus due to the excessive foreign body.

Professor Huang Ying carefully asked the patient’s patient history, especially the recent diet, and learned that he was hungry and unbearable after dancing home on the evening of February 13, and ate 6 pieces of persimmons on an empty stomach.The gastrointestinal treatment team is initially inferred that the foreign body in Tongtong is a huge stomach caused by excessive consumption of persimmons!According to reports, Tongtong’s stones are estimated to have goose eggs. Due to continuous friction and stimulating gastric acid secretion, gastrointestinal bleeding, erosion, and ulcers may cause intestinal obstruction at any time.However, gastric stones are large and hard, and it is difficult to remove under the gastroscopy.

According to clinical experience, the diagnosis and treatment team suggested that parents let Tongtong drink more cola every day to soften gastric stones, and then observe closely, choose the right time to go under gastroscopy to explore, and strive for conservative treatment opportunities for Tongtong.A few days later, the gastroscopy showed that Tongtong’s stones were smaller than before and softened.The treatment team first cuts the gastric stones into two pieces with foreign objects, and then removed with foreign objects.

During the interview, Professor Huang Ying bluntly said that you must not drink colas casually when you get stomach stones.(over)

Source: China News Network

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