Early symptoms of pregnancy

What are the early symptoms of pregnancy?For the first time as a mother, they all pay attention to this problem because they all want to know whether they are pregnant.But the early symptoms of everyone’s pregnancy are different. How can we see if they are pregnant?The following are the symptoms of pregnancy for you for your reference.

During pregnancy, you will experience physical and emotional changes.Among them, the pregnancy symptoms are included below.Although each of the following symptoms are considered early symptoms of pregnancy, they will occur early or late.But remember that some of the symptoms of pregnancy are very subtle and not noticeable.Therefore, whenever you have questions about whether you are pregnant, you must do a test of pregnancy test at home.

Early symptoms of pregnancy 1: Men disclosure

Perhaps the most obvious symptoms of pregnancy are: menopause.This symptom has caused women to notice more symptoms of pregnancy.

Some women may only experience some weakness compared to usual.They may not find any symptoms mentioned below before discovering menstruation.

Early symptoms of pregnancy 2: Just feel "pregnant"

This symptom may be why you are now browsing the webpage.Many women believe they have the ability to predict pregnancy.And their intuition is often right.

Perhaps you just feel abnormal: tired, emotional, often disgusting, dizziness.You may also have stomach pain and constipation. Perhaps, you find that you have to go to the bathroom more times.Perhaps you will feel the pain or stiffness of the waist, maybe, you will feel breast pain, or the breast is too sensitive, or you just feel that you are very different from usual.

Early symptoms of pregnancy 3: breasts become sensitive

One of the obvious features of pregnancy is that your breasts start to become sensitive, swell, and feel sore for no reason.When you are looking for a comfortable sleeping position, you feel that your breasts are abnormal when you are exercising or bathing, or when you wear clothes.

When you are pregnant, your body starts to produce milk and prepare breast milk.Hormones began to increase.In addition, the breasts will become sensitive and swollen, and the nipples will feel sore and extremely sensitive.Some women will find that their nipples will become black.

When breastfeeding, breasts play a very important role.Therefore, when you are pregnant, your breasts will become sensitive and expand.This is also a very obvious symptom of pregnancy.

Early symptoms of pregnancy 4: fatigue

One of the early symptoms of pregnancy is fatigue.You may go to bed earlier, but find it more difficult to get up in the morning.If you have a job and do it at noon, you will feel that you need to find a place to lie down and rest.Exercise becomes high consumption.Simple activities such as shopping will make you feel very tired, even

The head is light.All these symptoms are derived from the growth of hormones in your body.

If you know that you are pregnant, then take a nap for 15 to 30 minutes when you need it.Tell your family, friends and colleagues, you do need these rest time.And ask them for help and set your personal rest schedule.

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