Early pregnancy test strips are obviously weak, but menstruation is in a few days. Why?

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"Aunt Auntie" is not late, and quickly buy a pregnancy test stick to see — wow, I saw weak positive.Is this the legendary pregnancy?

What is weak positive?One of the red lines is darker in color, and the other is faint.Just like the above.

What happened to menstruation and menstruation again?

The pregnancy test stick shows the weak positive, and it is undoubtedly pregnant, so let’s wait for the child to be born.

But the strange thing is that after a week of menstruation, and the early pregnancy test strip has not responded at this time.What has actually happened?Speaking of which we have to understand what is "biochemical pregnancy".

Biochemical pregnancy

After pregnancy is the process of fertilized eggs, the process of fertilized eggs is in bed; only the combination of essence eggs is called fertilization, not pregnancy.

Biochemical pregnancy is a combination of essence eggs, but it does not form a process of bed, or after the combination of fertilized eggs, I tried to bed but did not live, so it was excreted in vitro.This is why the early pregnancy test strip shows the weak sun.

Early pregnancy test paper principle

It is determined by detecting a hormone level in human urine to determine whether it is pregnant. This hormone is called chorionic gonadotropin, referred to as HCG.

HCG will produce when the sperm enters the egg.Over time, the level of pushing hormones is getting higher and higher, and it can be detected in urine to a certain extent.The weak positive can be measured after about 2 weeks of conception.

Why is the bed unsuccessful

After fertilization, as long as I get bed, it means pregnancy, but why is there still a situation that can’t be bed?This involves the window period of the uterus bed.

Under normal circumstances, the uterus will get a signal after ovulation, receiving fertilized eggs at a specific time. If the fertilized eggs do not arrive within a specific time, the window period will end and will not continue to wait.In this way, fertilized eggs missed the best bed, and biochemical pregnancy occurred.

It may also be because the fertilized egg itself has problems, and the bed will not succeed.So at this time, only fertilization is not conceived.

What should I do if I have a biochemical pregnancy

If you have a biochemical pregnancy, don’t be nervous and anxious. You don’t need to do something special. Just relax your mood, raise your body, and wait for the next normal pregnancy.

After biochemical pregnancy, you can take the next pregnancy after a normal menstruation.

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