During pregnancy, there are hints for boys and women?The experience of listening to the people!


The statement of fetal dreams predicts the gender of the fetus for a long time.

I heard that EALL also had a baby dream before giving birth to imply the baby baby. As a result, it was really a male treasure. So how accommodated the baby’s belly is accurate?Let’s listen to what the Bao Mom says!

In the past two days, the pregnant mothers in the expected period chatted and talked about their dreams.Some said that they dreamed of two big gourds, and some said that they dreamed of a big snake.

There was also a second child, Baoma appeared, saying that when she was born, she dreamed of an apple tree. At that time, she felt vaguely that she was a daughter. She was really a big fat girl!Really envy others!

At first glance, there are really a lot of Bao Ma who have similar experiences:

@小 是 是:

I feel accurate. When I was pregnant with my son, I dreamed for the first time and I was old and I came to a cornfield in a car. Later, I often dreamed of a big snake. Another time I dreamed of a little boy in a playground.With me smiling, my hunch is a son!Later, I did give birth to a son!I wish my sisters a good pregnancy!


The second child dreamed that the pregnancy belly was transparent to see the child’s appearance. His black hair and thick eyebrows were very strong. He also looked at it was a boy and girl. At first glance, he was a boy.I hope the dream is reversed, and give birth to a daughter.


When I was pregnant, I dreamed of a big python, rose straight into the sky, and came to chase me, scaring me … As a result, my son, 13 years old, one meter seven …

I also set up a lot of fetal dreams that Baoma said more about boys and women:

It looks quite amazing, but at the same time, it can’t help but be confused. Is it really related to dreaming for boys and women?

It is still necessary to consider whether the boy and the dreamer are related to dreaming.

But first of all, it can be clear that in medicine, giving birth to boys and women only related to the sex chromosomes carried by Xiao Yan, the baby’s gender is determined at the moment when Xiao Yan landed.

However, some research data show that the gender of the fetus is indeed affected by some specific environment.

A study published in the "National Academy of Sciences" showed that the pressure of pregnant women in pregnancy may be related to infants, and the pressure (including physiological pressure and psychological pressure) is more inclined to give birth to girls.

Relatively speaking, the tadpoles containing X -sex chromosomes have stronger adaptability in harsh environments.

Excessive pressure during pregnancy may lead to greater risk of fetal stop or abortion during development, while female embryo is more likely to survive until delivery.

In addition, some studies have shown that stress during pregnancy may also affect fetal intelligence and personality. Family must pay attention to more emotional and physiological support for pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

In addition, there are some factors that will affect the gender of the fetus.

Dr. Long Tengfei, the attending physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, pointed out that the reason for affecting the activity of the small tadpoles generally has the following points:

1. Living habits

Little tadpoles carrying Y chromosomes are relatively vulnerable to tobacco, alcohol, etc.Data show that families who do not quit smoking and alcohol during pregnancy, or continue to suck second -hand smoke, are more likely to have girls.

Tobacco and alcohol damage to the fetus are irreversible. For the health of the fetus and mother, it is strongly recommended to prepare for pregnancy or pregnancy.

2. Education age

If you are older, you will have a certain impact on the gender of the fetus.On the contrary, the young men and women who are childbearing age have a good physical condition, the sperm eggs are vibrant, and the chance of having a boy will be relatively greater.

3. Temperature

The temperature of the environment in the month before pregnancy is an important factor affecting the sex of the baby.Low temperature can cause a decrease in vitality containing Y chromosome sperm, and the chance of having a boy will also decrease.

Pregnant mothers pay attention to keeping warm. Too low temperatures have adversely affecting the development of the fetus.If you are pregnant in autumn and winter, you should pay attention to keep warm, it is best to bring a small blanket with you.

As the saying goes, Mo Qiang begged, and sometimes there must be.It is very uncertainty to predict the baby’s gender from the "fetal dream" alone. Pregnant mothers do not have to be blind, nor do they have to feel angry or stressful because they do not match the sex of the dream.It will be full of pregnancy!

It is often said that there is something in the sun and dreaming at night. It is normal for pregnant mothers to dream of future babies.However, if the dream of the fetus frequently affects sleep, or the nightmare is repeated, you must be alert to over anxiety.

In fact, it is normal to have some psychological pressure or ideological burden during pregnancy.In the face of a fragile little life, there will be some concerns and ideas.

There are also some pregnant mothers who have a severe pregnancy response after pregnancy, and often worry about:

Can you give birth smoothly?

What should I do if there is any emergencies?

All kinds of mental stress eventually caused insomnia, dreams, and even nightmares.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother has seriously affected sleep, such as insomnia, dreams, etc., we must pay attention to, communicate with family in time, or find obstetricians for consultation, or chat with other pregnant mothers and Baoma.To relieve anxiety and nervousness.

Relax, you don’t have to see the dream of your fetus so mysterious. You meet all fate. The angel baby belonging to you will definitely come to you healthy and happy.

Written at the end:

Think of the warm little poem again:

"What are you asking me to do before birth? I answered that I picked up my mother in the sky and saw you. I felt that you were particularly good. I wanted to be your son, and I felt that I might not have that luck.It’s in your stomach. "

Children can meet us is the fate of the gift of heaven.Whether it is a man or a woman, it is a piece of meat fell from the mother. It is the baby held in the palm of the hand and the blessing of the whole family.

Pregnant mothers should not put too much pressure on themselves, eat well and sleep well, and rest well. Children will come to you healthy and healthy to give you the warmest smile and hug.

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