During pregnancy, hypothyroidism and danger are not small!In severe cases, fetal brain development is affected!This can solve the problem

Experts in this article: Zhang Shaoling (Chief Physician of the Department of Endocrinology, Second Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University)

Breeding a smart and healthy baby is the wish of how many young women.However, if unfortunately "encountered" hypothyroidism, would this originally close wish be realized?

Young women suffer from hypothyroidism (thyroid dysfunction), in addition to being "tortured" by the disease itself, that is, the clinical manifestations of often occur in hypothyroidism, such as chills, fatigue, drowsiness, sweat, weight gain, etc., I have to face a test of a realistic problem such as "whether you can get pregnant".

Generally speaking, female patients with hypothyroidism are difficult to get pregnant.This is because hypothyroidism is a systemic endocrine disease. While affecting the basic metabolic level of the whole body, it will cause endocrine and immune disorders of the patient’s body. This will inevitably affect the patient’s normal ovulation.Greatly reduces the chance of normal conception.

Even though hypothyroidism finally passed the "lucky" -succeeded in becoming a pregnant mother, and the hanging heart was still difficult to fall.

"Poor fetal development" is the most worrying thing for pregnant mothers.And hypothyroidism is precisely such a dangerous disease -it will seriously threaten the "safety" of the fetus.

The thyroid hormone is a necessary hormone necessary for fetal brain neurodes.Lack of thyroid hormones can cause fetal brain development disorders. In severe cases, dysfunction may occur, manifested as low intelligence, short body and small limbs bone deformed.

In the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, the thyroid function of the fetus has not yet been established, and the thyroid hormone required for brain development mainly comes from the mother’s body.At this time, if the mother suffers from hypothyroidism, the amount of thyroid hormones in the mother’s body is insufficient, and the impact on the development of the fetus will have a great impact.

A foreign study found that mild hypothyroidism and baby born by normal mothers, although not very different from the beginning of birth, after 7-8 years, the children’s children’s children in terms of learning ability, language ability, etc., But there is a certain gap with the children born by normal mothers.

In addition, the fetal growth of the fetus of the pregnant mother will increase the probability of slow growth and deformity during development.At the same time, the risk of abortion, premature birth, abnormal fetal position, and death of pregnant women will also increase.

Could it be that the pregnant mother unfortunately "encounter" hypothyroidism, can you only wait negatively?of course not.

Thyroid hormone is a kind of hormone necessary for the human body and can synthesize itself.And hypothyroidism is that the thyroid hormone secreted by the human body cannot meet its own needs.Therefore, as long as the doctor needs to supplement sufficient thyroid hormone under the guidance of a doctor, the problem can be solved.

At present, the most commonly used drugs for replenishment of thyroid hormones are left thyroid gonadine sodium tablets.

However, as mentioned earlier, the insufficient amount of thyroid hormones in the mother’s body affects the brain development of the fetus, mainly in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.But clinically, many people were found to have hypothyroidism after 20 weeks of pregnancy.At this time, the fetal intelligence may have been damaged.

Such a pregnant woman should immediately start the alternative of thyroxine, so that the level of thyroid hormone in the blood should be quickly recovered to normal.This avoids the baby’s growth and development.Because the level of thyroid hormone in serum in pregnant women continues to decrease, it is the most critical factor affecting the development of fetal neuroded.

In the process of giving birth to the baby, A’s pregnancy reduction mothers may have realized the desire to "give birth to a healthy baby" with the help of drugs.However, please don’t forget that once you suffer from hypothyroidism, you need to take medicine for life.Otherwise, the next time, although it may have nothing to do with the baby, the hypothyroidism will definitely come back.

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