During pregnancy, frequent urination, drinking less water is more, how to proper frequent urination during pregnancy?

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Do you always want to go to the toilet after pregnancy?

I thought, because I was not particularly uncomfortable during pregnancy, I chose to continue work.I can not only make me diverted my attention, alleviate the discomfort during pregnancy, but also maintain economic independence.But what made me feel particularly embarrassed was that every time I sat for a while, I wanted to go to the toilet, and the toilet seemed to be wrapped by me alone.So I asked my colleagues: "Why did I always want to go to the toilet since I was pregnant? Then I just sat down for a while and wanted to go to the toilet again, so I was embarrassed. Will the boss think I am lazy?"Colleagues said, "This is normal, don’t think too much."

Why do you urinate frequently after pregnancy?After women’s pregnancy, the uterus will become larger. The uterus and the bladder are adjacent to the bladder. If the uterine increases, it will be squeezed to the bladder next to it. The bladder will be stimulated and frequent.The bladder is squeezed after the uterine is enlarged, resulting in less storage of the bladder and causing frequent urination.The excrement of the fetal baby also needs to be excreted through the mother, so the increase in urine volume can also lead to frequent urination.

How to treat frequent urine correctly

Do not urinate

Some expectant mothers are because of their busy work, and on the other hand, they feel embarrassed to go to the toilet, so they choose to urinate.But to deal with frequent urination by urination, this is very unparalleled.

Normal people’s long -term urination will affect their health, let alone expectant mothers?

Mother -in -law’s urination for a long time will not only cause cyst inflammation, but also may also cause urinary tract infection, increase the burden on the kidneys, and serious points will also endanger the health of the baby’s baby.

Therefore, if the expectant mothers have urine, they must go to the toilet in time, and don’t be embarrassed because of embarrassment.

Pay attention to drinking water time

Some expectant mothers think that drinking less water can reduce urine, so that they will not go to the toilet so frequently, so they use a little water to deal with frequent urination. I do n’t know that this method is wrong.

The energy consumption of expectant mothers during pregnancy is large. If the water is insufficient, it will affect the blood concentration, which is not only not conducive to the metabolism of the baby’s baby, but also may lead to less amniotic fluid and is not conducive to the healthy development of the baby.Very unpleasant.On the contrary, expectant mothers should maintain 1000-1500 ml of water every day to keep the body sufficient water.

Expectant mothers can arrange daily drinking time, drink less water as much as possible before going to bed, and reduce the number of times to go to the toilet. Frequently going to the toilet at night will affect the normal rest of the expectant mothers. Poor mothers’ sleep quality will affect the healthy development of the baby baby.Essence

Pay attention to cleaning

In daily life, expectant mothers must pay attention to keeping the vulva clean and dry, try to choose cotton materials and breathable underwear, and pay attention to replacement every day.In addition, because of the pushing of time, the stomach of the expectant mother will become larger and larger, so it must be replaced in time according to the size of the belly.

Do the bottom muscle exercise of the basin

During pregnancy, expectant mothers can properly do anal reduction exercise, exercise the tension of bottom muscle muscle, strengthen the control of muscles to urinate, prevent incontinence due to urgency, and reduce the embarrassment in life.


Frequent urination during pregnancy is normal, and expectant mothers must not hold back because of embarrassment.

We must learn to deal with frequent urination and spend expectations safely.

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