During pregnancy, big supplement+less movement?Beware of heart pregnancy diabetes!How to easily get rid of the sugar mother for the expert’s tricks

Over the early pregnancy, loss of appetite and vomiting

It’s hard to have appetite in the middle of pregnancy

Based on the "full motivation" of 1 person to eat 2 people and the active feeding of the family

I believe that many pregnant mothers have opened the daily routine of "big supplement+less movement" ~

I was tired after walking in a short period of time, obviously ate, and I wanted to add a meal when I saw desserts …

Therefore, Xiaohe can only risk the risk of beating to the pregnant mothers to enter

The image is small, and you are alert to gestational diabetes. Baby!

What is gestational diabetes?

Diabetes that have been metabolized normally before pregnancy and only occur during pregnancy, called gestational diabetes (GDM).During pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels, the physical function of pregnant women is in a special state, which can easily lead to abnormal blood sugar.In my country, the incidence of GDM is 1%-5%, which has a significant increase in recent years.

How to diagnose pregnancy diabetes?

Whether diagnosis is pregnancy diabetes requires oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), which means that it is usually called "sugar tolerance".Generally speaking, it is "sugar" from the 24th to the 28th weeks of pregnancy. There are high -risk factors of gestational diabetes (the family history of diabetes, old age, obesity, have suffered from gestational diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc.)Pregnant mothers have to monitor blood sugar from early pregnancy.It takes rich nutrition during pregnancy, but it is definitely not as much as possible.

Many pregnant mothers eat and eat them. They are afraid that the baby is not nutritious. If the sugar is not passed during the birth check, it is diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and the harm to pregnant mothers and fetal baby cannot be ignored!

What is the harm of gestational diabetes?

Harm to pregnant mothers

It will increase the risk of abortion, difficulty, and postpartum bleeding;

It will affect the immunity of pregnant women and make it easy for pregnant women to be infected;

In the future, the chance of diabetes will be much higher than ordinary people.

Harm of fetal babies

It is easy to make the baby’s weight exceeding the standard too much, increasing the risk of dysplasia and deformity of the baby;

Increase the incidence of newborn respiratory distress syndrome, neonatal hypertrophylin ledin, hypertrophymia;

Newborns are prone to low blood sugar.

Of course, many pregnant mothers have repeatedly asked experts who have been questioning and beautiful online in pregnant doctors. They are fat in themselves. How can I control their diet to avoid gestational diabetes?Can you be stated at the stare of diabetes during pregnancy?

Is there a good way to control it?

Pregnant mothers don’t have to panic, get these, easily control blood sugar.

3 steps for blood sugar abnormalities!

Step1 Hold your mouth and open your legs!

Control diet: eat less meals, quantitatively quantitative, thick and detailed matching; eat more foods with rich dietary fiber and protein, and do not excess fat; eat less fruit with high sugar content;High, just eat cucumber and tomatoes every day. The growth and development of baby baby requires sufficient nutrition for pregnant mothers. There are specialized nutritional clinics during the United States.

Appropriate exercise: If pregnant mothers have no other complications except for pregnancy diabetes, they should ensure 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day.The easiest way to exercise is to walk quickly and yoga, but pay attention to safety.Pregnant women are prone to dizziness, and try to accompany their families as much as possible during exercise.In addition, the increase in the amount of exercise of pregnant women must be gradual.

step2 self -provided blood glucose meter

Monitor blood sugar changes

STEP3 Drug Treatment

If the dietary adjustment and exercise intervention, the blood sugar is still abnormal, go to the hospital to see the endocrinology department, and use insulin therapy under the guidance of a doctor if necessary.

It is worth noting that pregnant mothers who have gestational diabetes need to review blood sugar after giving birth ~ more need to adhere to a healthy diet and exercise habits.

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