During my aunt, my boyfriend was very eager to own me. I satisfied him, would I get pregnant?

[Fans’ letter] During the time when my aunt came, my boyfriend proposed to live with me to live with me. I expressed my concerns and anxiety to him.But he insisted that this was a habit of their family. His brothers and sisters did this, and they never had an accident, so I agreed.I feel scared now. I wonder if I will be pregnant during my aunt?

[Doctor answered] During the period of aunt, the life of husband and wife has always been a controversial topic.Some people think that sexual behavior is not safe during this special period, while others hold the opposite view.

The physiological changes during the auntie period

The aunt’s period is a physiological cycle experienced by women, also known as menstrual period.During this time, the endometrium of women was peeled off and accompanied by vaginal bleeding.This process is to prepare for the regeneration and update of the endometrium to suffer from essence and pregnancy.

The physiological changes during the aunt’s period were caused by changes in hormone levels in women’s ovaries.In a normal menstrual cycle, the ovaries will release an egg, which is called ovulation.If the eggs are not fertilized, the endometrium will be peeled off, and then the body is excreted through the vagina to form menstruation.

During the auntie, women’s endometrium generally gradually thickens so that it can provide a more suitable environment for fertilized eggs.During this period, the egg was not released, so it was impossible to conceive.At this time, the peeling of the uterine endometrium is to prepare the beginning of the next menstrual cycle.

Although the possibility of conceiving during auntie is very low, it does not mean that there is no risk at all.Because sometimes women’s ovulation cycle may change, resulting in different ovulation time and expected.In some cases, women may ovulate shortly after the end of menstruation, which increases the risk of pregnancy.The survival time of the small tadpoles can last for up to several days. If sexual behavior is performed after the menstrual period, Xiao Yan may still survive and combine with eggs after ovulation.

Even during the auntie, in order to avoid accidental pregnancy, using contraceptive methods is still very important.Common contraceptive methods include condoms, oral contraceptives, and in -palaces.These methods can provide additional protection to ensure the safety of sexual behavior and avoid accidental pregnancy.

The life of the child refers to the length of time that can maintain vitality and ability to maintain vitality and ability in an appropriate environment.Generally, the survival time of small tadpoles in women is relatively short, about 3 to 5 days.The life span of small tadpoles is affected by many factors, including environmental conditions, secretions in the reproductive tract, and mucus in women’s body.

The life span of small tadpoles depends on their quality and vitality.Normal healthy small tadpoles usually have a long life, and can survive in the appropriate environment and maintain fertilization.Some factors may shorten the life of small tadpoles, such as high temperature, acidic environment, exposure to certain drugs and chemicals.

When performing sexual behavior during the auntie period, the survival time of the tadpoles may have ended, because the endometrium peeling during the aunt’s period will change the reproductive tract environment, including the increase of acidity and the increase of mucus, which may not be conducive to the small tadpoles.Survive.In theory, in theory, in the case of sexual behavior during the aunt, Xiao Yan is likely to be unable to survive the time of ovulation in women, and combine with eggs to form fertilized eggs.

Women’s ovulation time may vary due to individual differences.Some women’s ovulation time may appear within a few days after the end of menstrual period, so that the time for the survival of the small tadpoles may coincide with the ovulation time, increasing the risk of pregnancy.

Common contraceptive methods

Constitution: Constitution is one of the most common and reliable contraceptive methods.It can prevent the small tadpoles from combining women’s body and eggs to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitting diseases.Therefore, whether it is male or female, the use of condoms should become a conventional practice of sex.

Oral contraceptive pill: Oral contraceptive pills are a contraceptive method for intraward. By regulating hormone levels, ovulation is regulated.Under the guidance of doctors, women’s correct use of oral contraceptives can effectively avoid pregnancy.However, oral contraceptives do not provide the protection of sexually transmitting diseases, so it still needs to be combined with condoms in sexual behavior.

In -the -palace birthday: The in -palace for birth device is a long -term contraception method. By placing a small device in the uterus to prevent the fertilized eggs from bed.Its use requires professional doctors and can provide several years of contraceptive effects.The in -palace is a reliable choice for women who are not suitable for oral contraceptives or forgot to take medicine.

Contraceptive pills: contraceptive pills are an emergency contraceptive method, usually taken within 72 hours after sexual behavior.It contains high -dose hormones that can delay or inhibit ovulation, thereby reducing the risk of pregnancy.However, it is not a long -term reliable contraceptive method, and should be avoided as much as possible.

Contraception: It can provide contraceptive effects for months to several years, but it needs to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

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