Due to frequent trouble after pregnancy?Pregnant women look at it correctly than all day of trouble

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Xiaoya has been pregnant for 7 months. She has no other symptoms of discomfort, but she has been frequent recently and goes to the toilet every day.Seeing her situation, her mother -in -law smiled and said, "This is a good thing." Xiaoya said angrily, "I’m so hard to go to the toilet, I can’t sleep well at night, where is it good?"It shows that the boy is pregnant. I was like this at the beginning. "Xiao Ya didn’t believe it, but there was no way, but he could only boil.So the boys are frequent, do you make sense?It is necessary for pregnant women to understand these points.

Why is there frequent urination during pregnancy?

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women have frequent urination, mainly because of the congestion of the uterus and compressing the bladder, which occurs frequently.Later, with the development of the fetus, the uterus became larger and larger, so that the pressure on the bladder was even greater, which weakened the urine storage function of the bladder, and pregnant women will continue to go to the toilet.In the third trimester, especially after the fetus enters the basin, this situation will be more serious. Some pregnant women even leak urine, but this is a normal pregnancy phenomenon.

Is the frequent urination of pregnant women related to the sex of the fetus?

To be honest, this kind of statement was the first time that Tao Ma heard it, but it is certain that this statement is unreasonable.You must know that most pregnant women will have frequent urination. Will each pregnant woman give birth to a boy?Obviously not.The frequent urination of pregnant women is only a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy. It has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus. Do not believe this.

Can pregnant women urinate frequently by drinking less water?

This approach is definitely not desirable, but Tao Ma often finds that there will be a pregnant woman to do this.After pregnancy, the metabolism of pregnant women became faster.If pregnant women drink less water, water deficiency in the body will affect normal metabolism.This is likely to cause metabolites in the body to be discharged in time. After a long time, it will accumulate into toxins, affecting the health of pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, pregnant women should replenish water normally, it is best to follow the principle of a small amount.And it is advisable to drink water for white water, do not use drinks instead.

Can pregnant women urinate?

Some pregnant women will urinate in order to reduce the number of toilets, and this practice is also incorrect.Because the capacity of the pregnant woman’s bladder is relatively small. If you often urinate, the bladder will lose the original elasticity. In severe cases, it may cause cystitis and urinary tract infections, and pregnant women are not good for the development of the fetus.So when you want to go to the toilet, pregnant women must go quickly, don’t hold it.

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