"Dark Missing Warm and Sweet".

Dark thinking warmly, accompanied by girlfriends for checking.I found out pregnancy.My girlfriend gossip asked who I was, and I vaguely said that the other party was a scumbag.Girlfriend who was angry directly called my boss, her second uncle.The second uncle must find out the scumbag.The second uncle looked at me and was happy. I want to be a dad.Swipe this video and hurry up with Ate’s friends, so that in 2023, you will be trapped and rich, and you will pass the test.

The girlfriend’s husband was on a business trip, and it coincided with the days of his birth inspection. My unjust friend, naturally, would naturally go to leave with her.But this does not talk about Wude’s cricket.I also did a test. He sacrificed the persuasion to persuade people, and he also made a generous pat. He said, "Come here, you said, right?"The sisters brought money today, and I just gave you a full body check.I really thank her.

My boss is like the king between the cold noodles. I asked this time to leave. He asked me what I did. If I did a full -body examination, I picked it out of my last life.The gynecological examination I did, my girlfriend was more excited than me, and it was your turn soon.Isn’t you irregular menstruation for a while?Suddenly, the tears I moved.It is worthy of being a girlfriend.I talked to him casually a while ago, the menstruation suddenly was irregular, but she didn’t expect she to remember it.However, we were silent when the checklist came out. My girlfriend stared at the order and looked at the good conference, so I asked the words difficultly, so you said that you have a dog outside.

I did not expect that this would be like this. I had a special look at the girlfriend’s girlfriend, but I found that I was pregnant.Dog’s blood drama dare not make it like this.

What do you know about Yan Yan? I usually do n’t deal with people very much. I was in a hurry to sweat my head, and I did n’t want to explain it. Why do I have it?Create evil!The girlfriend didn’t know which fork, and she was angry while she was in her sleeves.You tell me which dog man is, don’t be afraid I will be angry with me.

Don’t harm it!You should not be angry with you. I quickly calm her emotions. He probably doesn’t want this child.This matter knows that you know I know.

My girlfriend bombed and pressed me at the rest chair angrily. What the other party is still a scumbag, and now it is also a pregnant woman. It is really not advisable to do it.But the dog scum man dared to bully my best sisters. I had to find someone to kill him. I covered my face hard. I just wanted to say that I would like her and me.Dog scum man.However, it is not far from the slag of that time, and the scolding is excellent.The second uncle, you have to be the master for me.

My girlfriend posted a video, and I saw the people on the screen instigated.What do she find my dog?

Fu Jinyan’s expressionless handsome face poked on the screen and said: Isn’t it enough pocket money again?No my sister was stuck by a dog man. I didn’t have time to cover her girlfriend’s mouth. Her words jumped out like a bean. They were pregnant and refused to recognize his mother.I know that you are very powerful. Please help my sister to host the justice. After she said, she also put the camera on my face. I waved a embarrassing smile towards him.

Hey, President Fu, I hope I won’t be killed by him when I go back.After two seconds of his faceless face, suddenly the snow and snow was like a sun, and he smiled and asked me.Is Yan Yan said true?I can only hang the video call.Grab the phone while muttering and dial again. Before the matter has not finished, what do you do?I want to say that I can say I lie?I laughed and said twice, what sliding hands and slippery, when I returned, I would be cramped by Fu Jingyan.Girlfriend told that don’t slip anymore this time.I think she still wanted to find Fu Jinyan again, and immediately held his hand and said.Yan Yan really doesn’t need to bother him. Hi my second uncle is your second uncle. What you see with me, I pressed back and said.This is my private affairs. I don’t want too many people to know.Girlfriend frowned and said, how do you feel weird, she looked at me suspiciously, and I tried to show the most sincere smile.Maybe I was smashed by my pregnancy.My girlfriend is worried, then you tell me who he is, and we will go to him together, or what do you do?I didn’t want to say that the child came too suddenly. I haven’t thought about it or not my girlfriend gave me a big white eye, and the video he forcibly broadcast showed that the other party was busy, but my mobile phone was ringing.EssenceIt was Fu Jinyan called and followed which hospital you were.I will pick you up now, and the bull head I deliberately answered is not right, good.Then I returned to the company immediately, and then hung up the phone to apologize to the girlfriend, and the Dog’s boss urged too tight.I went back to the company first, and my girlfriend pointed at my belly uneasily, but what about your pregnancy?Rest assured, don’t worry about it for him to communicate with him.I waved my hand towards my girlfriend, and I quickly slipped, but I was notified to the president’s office as soon as I entered the company, and then stepped into the door.I was blocked by Fu Jinyan on the door panel. He smiled with his eyebrows and said gentlely.

Xia Lan, how do you feel?I frowned and wanted to express their views, but her lips were blocked by her, and she was free, but he first said that he would feel very lacking. Do you want to feel pregnant?I have seen a lot of pregnancy strategies, and I said that I will be very hard in the early pregnancy. Otherwise, I will give you a holiday, when will you be loose, and then decide whether to go to work.And you are the most important nutrition now. Do you think that nutritionist should ask a nanny, and stop and stop my brain.Although his attitude moved me so much, it was not the result I wanted.He looked at me puzzled, and I clenched my palms before gathered courage.I haven’t decided to ask this child yet.The man who was just joyful and excited instantly turned black, hate too strong, scaring me to be careful not to be controlled by the liver.I just don’t want this child very much, how can there be.

Xia Lan, you have to give me a reasonable explanation. His eyes stared at me deeply. The storm brewed in his eyes seemed to swallow me at any time. I was a panic.I want to find an excuse that can make him satisfactory, but if the tattoos are exhausted, I only have a sentence to dry, and I have not been prepared yet.He sneered and looked sharply. I couldn’t help holding my fingers tightly. When I was deadlocked, the secretary knocked in the door.

The contract of the vice president, please sign it. The micro pressure in the president’s office instantly dispersed, and I caught the opportunity to fall away.I and Fu Jinyan and I have underground relationships. Among them, it is a lot from his family, and it is why I have been unwilling to make public.If he gave him a child at this moment, wouldn’t he have to face his family, and he could look at me too, and returned to the work of colleagues to ask curiously.

What is the relationship between Xia Lan and President Fu?You ask for a vacation, he came to your station at least 5 times.What he came to do, and I pretended to shake his head confused, saying that the employee should do it as well as the blood, which makes sense.I didn’t expect my colleague to take it seriously. I shook my head crying and laughing. I was blame Fu Jinyan that he was a workaholic on weekdays.The two sentences hurriedly worked, and my palm stroked my lower abdomen unconsciously, and my brain hurt.In fact, Fu Jinyan and I are far away.He used to be my senior. I was a school girl. I heard him at school. He knew that he was particularly powerful. Fu Jinyan’s family was also good, but he did not rely on his family to start a business.Later, I graduated and interviewed his company, and then entered, and then I liked him very much. He took him as my goal and took the initiative to confess. He even agreed. We slowly became familiar, but the request I made is.I can’t tell others the relationship between us. I even feel that I am not worthy of him, but now I have a child. I still want to stay with what he meant, but what do I do if I have a child.When the phone rang, it was the news from Fu Jinyan. I want me to be responsible for the child. You are not allowed to know not.I felt speechless when I saw this news. He always had such a fate tone in front of me. I wanted to go to me to send him a message. Is it necessary for the child?The news returns quickly, and it wants you even more.I sighed at the three words.What does he mean?Is it planning to make it public?But I don’t want to make public, I really can’t play with him.I didn’t go back to Fu Jinyan anymore.A meditation dialogue.What do you mean?Girlfriend called me and said.This is a good thing, which means that he still likes you. I think about Fu Jin’s cold and majestic face, and shook his head again and again, "EssenceIf you think about it, he said that he wants your child to want you more, that is not what you like you.You have to be indifferent, then I will accompany you to see him.I have to figure out this matter.

I don’t want to see him for the time being, I hit it.If I let my girlfriend know that I was with his second uncle, I was afraid he would explode on the spot where I performed.

Girlfriends turn around, you are not the way to escape reality.Aren’t you working in my second uncle’s company?I called him how to help you.The problems were made by his second uncle, and he asked him to help me.She can only rely on herself without a good idea.

Yan Yan, let me think about it first, think about it for a few days.It doesn’t matter, maybe the peak circuit has turned around.I laughed and indicated that she didn’t care about it. I was a big living person. When the child was born, it was equivalent to having a bond to the two sides.Is he really thinking about going to marry me, or because the child can’t help it, but he really wants to get rid of that determination.

In the afternoon, I came home from get off work in the evening. I felt like I was forcibly stuffed with paste in my head. The pain was so bad that I wanted to take a takeaway.The doorbell rang unexpectedly.Fu Jinyan came.Not only did he come, but he also brought a lot of pregnant women’s supplies for me to do not know which one to buy.You buy it with your head first.I asked him to show him to see that he put things one by one.

Can’t help but twisted his eyebrows.He is very intimate in this regard, but does he really have to leave a child?President Fu, don’t mind.The house I rented was in the old community. In a small suit in a pound of a pound, he had a long leg and had a long leg. He suddenly looked not enough. He shook his head, but I hope you move to me to live.The living environment and conditions are better than this, and it is convenient for me to take care of me.

I didn’t want to shake my head either, but I still didn’t need it.I don’t want to go here. I don’t want to go.

Xia Lan was serious, but he suddenly looked solemnly. Pay attention to the blutal of me watching him without mind, but I haven’t thought about it yet.

There are more children between us now. I haven’t figured out yet. What if the relationship between us is not so pure?Before, I could ask for love on Fu Jinyan unscrupulously.But now there are more children, which means that we have to face the gap between two families.Fu Jinyan said calmly, so you think that the two of us are just playing.

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