Don’t you know if you are pregnant?These performances in the body are reminding you to be a mother

Times have made progress, but the girls still don’t seem to know how to protect their bodies.After staying in the gynecological clinic for a long time, I found that although society has always been popular education, many girls still do not even know that they are pregnant.This is definitely a kind of harm for women itself, and it is an irresponsible manifestation for the fetus in the abdomen.

Therefore, whether from the perspective of self -protection or from the perspective of the marrying eugenics and eugenics, it is recommended that every woman should fully understand their physical condition, and those things about the intimate between men and women may treat our bodies.The impact.Of course, if a little couple wants to have a healthy and smart baby, it is more intense for learning in this regard.Because the childbirth of a small life has been founded from the time of pregnancy.

Generally speaking, if a woman’s daily menstruation exchanges are relatively regular, then he should be his own ovulation period within ten days in the middle of menstruation.If you have intimate behavior between husband and wife at this time, it will be easy to get pregnant.

If it is not surprising, if the sperm and eggs of both sides are relatively healthy and there are no other obstacles, it should be combined into a fertilized egg about ten days after the husband and wife live, and quickly arrive in the uterus and successfully bed.As fertilized eggs enter the new home of the uterus, women’s bodies will have some obvious changes.

1. Nausea and vomiting

For early pregnancy women, when the uterus enters the fertilized eggs, it is equivalent to entering a foreign body in the body, and our body will naturally make a series of rejection reactions.

For example, began to be nausea, sensitive to odor or taste, and even vomiting and nausea.If the fetus is not affected in this process, it can still develop well, it means that his body and his mother’s body is quite fit.However, if the fetus can’t stand the rejection of the mother’s body during this process, it means that the fetus is not suitable for this mother, and naturally occurs, and naturally occurs.

Second, the breast becomes softer

According to the truth, the building is still very real before the Hewlett -Packard milk, but as the pregnancy arrives, they begin to become very soft, so that we can clearly feel a trace of tingling.In fact, this is an instruction for the body after the fertilized eggs, which prompts the body to quickly secrete estrogen androgen.This is also a good opportunity for many women’s secondary chest development.

3. I always want to go to the toilet

According to the truth, it should be frequent when you enter the middle and late pregnancy.But in fact, although the fetus is not so large in the early pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s body will secrete more velvety gonadrops.Stimulated by this hormone will affect the feeling of the bladder, so that even if women do not drink much water, they always feel frequent to the toilet.

In short, when you have the above three performances, and after the two people are intimate, congratulations, you are about to upgrade to be a mother.

On the road of parenting, we are all novices. How to take care of children better, we can pay attention to me, and discuss those things on the childcare road with me.

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