Don’t underestimate the risk of edema during pregnancy. Experts teach you "six moves to swell" and learn quickly

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After pregnancy, pregnant mothers are like playing games in the barrier. They will overcome all kinds of discomfort in their bodies all the way, and they must also replenish nutrition in time so that the baby can eat and drink in the stomach.For the baby, expectant mothers will eat at all costs at all costs. After 10 months, the weight has soared all the way, and some pregnant women have eaten themselves alive into meatballs.

However, during pregnancy, many pregnant women will ignore a problem, that is, the phenomenon of "edema". Many people mistakenly regard "edema" as "fat" and tease themselves: "Eat a pig."

In fact, edema is an inevitable phenomenon of expectant mothers during pregnancy, but it is not clear whether a lot of pregnant mothers who are "swollen or fat" are not clear, which also makes many pregnant women make a lot of jokes:

@: The stomach is getting bigger and normal during this pregnancy, but why do I eat all the things I eat, and this leg has also become an elephant leg. It is envious of Baoma who is not long -lasting.

@: When I was pregnant with the first baby, I felt that I didn’t get much fat, but this time I had two codes in Huai Erbao’s shoes. It was 50 pounds in 8 months of pregnancy. I was afraid of it in this way.I can’t drag my body.

Obviously, some pregnant mothers have always thought that they are rich and fat, and they have not found that their bodies are abnormal.In fact, pregnant mothers feel that their legs become thicker and their feet become bigger. These phenomena are all manifestations of "edema", not fat.

Pregnant women’s edema generally appears on the neck, legs, feet, abdominal walls, etc. The most prone to appear is the lower limbs of the human body, that is, the parts of our calves, feet, and feet. Some pregnant mothers have serious edema.Can’t wear it.

During pregnancy, the baby in the belly will grow up day by day, and at the same time, their volume is constantly expanding in the uterus, making the belly getting more and more drumming.At this time, the body weight will cause compression of the mother’s lower cavity vein and pelvic vein, so that the blood in the leg vein cannot quickly refund the cycle, so that some liquids penetrate into the muscle tissue of the legs, thereby forming edema.The phenomenon.

The phenomenon of edema will appear in the middle and late pregnancy, and the general pregnant women will begin to emerge after 5 months of pregnancy. The longer the gestational period, the more edema will become obvious.Especially in the afternoon, the phenomenon of edema will be more serious in the afternoon. Resting at night will reduce the phenomenon of edema slightly, and edema will continue until the childbirth will gradually disappear.

One: "The" swollen ""

It is an inevitable thing that is inevitable to eat fat during pregnancy. The "swelling" caused by fat is usually caused by overeating because of the overeating of pregnant mothers, without effectively controlling the growth of weight.If you are simply fat, the pregnant mother can rest assured, as long as you control your diet.

There is a simple way to help the pregnant mother judge whether it is fat or swollen:

We pressed our fingers on the tibia of the calf. At this time, you will find that you will press a small pit. If this small pit cannot be recovered quickly, it means that the pregnant mother is "edema"; on the contraryThe appearance is that you are getting fat.

Two: "Physiological Edema"

The factors of eating fat are excluded, and the condition of edema is also different. Most pregnant women produce edema are physiological.The continuous compression of the stomach causes the blood flow from the lower cavity vein to be blocked, because the hydration with a poor blood circulation penetrates into the muscle tissue and becomes edema.

If the pregnant mother’s weight is normal, the blood pressure is within the normal range, and there is no urine protein in the urine routine, it means that it is physiological edema.Physiological edema generally does not have a bad impact on the baby, and pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

If you want to judge whether you are "swollen", you can analyze through the following aspects:

• The position of edema-the parts where physiological edema appears is usually in the lower limbs of the human body, and the legs and feet are the most obvious.

• The time of edema-the phenomenon of edema at the time of getting up is not obvious, but after a long time of the day, the edema is relatively obvious before going to bed.

• Changes in edema — Different parts of the occurrence of edema will be slightly different within a day. If you raise your lower limbs or feet, you will find that the phenomenon of edema will be significantly reduced or disappeared after a moment of rest.

3: "Pathological Edema"

If the pregnant mother is accompanied by certain pregnancy diseases during pregnancy, it will also cause edema of the body.Unlike physiological edema, pathological edema will not only have a certain impact on the mother’s body, but also endanger the baby’s health.Different from physiological edema, pathological edema should be distinguished like this.

• Position of edema-pathological edema will not only appear on the lower limbs, but also edema in the hands, faces, abdomen and other parts of pregnant women.

• Changes in edema — Raising the leg rest for a while according to the method of physiological edema, there will be no relief. On the contrary, the phenomenon of edema will gradually increase.Even feel lost.

• Judgment of edema — If you gently press the skin with your hands, the skin will show sinking, no elasticity, and dark skin.

If the position and change of edema are as shown in the above, the patients with pathological edema must be considered as a pathological edema, and they need to seek medical treatment in a timely manner to avoid harm.

Tips: The phenomenon of edema is not systemic, and the part that is more prone to edema is the lower body.Edema will first appear in the position of the feet and feet, and then the calf, usually the edema of both legs occurs at the same time.But if it is only a unilateral leg edema or the symptoms of pain on the legs, or edema on the face, eyes, fingers, and wrists, you should go to the hospital for examination in time to exclude related diseases.

1. Choose the right clothes and relax your body

The most important thing about pregnancy is comfortable. We must pay attention to wearing clothes, especially do not wear tight clothes and underwear. It is the best for wide and comfortable.At this time, the pregnant mother should not consider that the clothes are not beautiful. After all, the taste of edema is really uncomfortable.

2. Remember to sit for a long time, and get up appropriately

Some pregnant mothers are lazy after pregnancy, and they often sit for a few hours. Women’s blood circulation is much worse than usual after pregnancy, so sedentary can cause poor blood circulation and cause ankle.The joint swelling and the calf veins, so sit up for a while to move the lower leg to relieve the lower blood flow.

In addition, when pregnant women are sitting, they can raise their legs to speed up the blood circulation and reduce edema.

3. Drink water appropriately to speed up your body’s metabolism

Since it is edema, would some pregnant mothers think that because of too much water to cause physical edema?As long as you reduce drinking water, you can relieve the occurrence of edema.This understanding is wrong. Drinking water will not cause the body to cause edema, so there is no need to limit drinking water. On the contrary, it is necessary to drink water appropriately, so as to speed up the body’s metabolism, thereby reducing other body abnormalities.

4. The regular production inspection cannot be less, and you need to pay attention to your own situation

Predictive examination is an indispensable item for each pregnant mother, so pregnant mothers should pay more attention. If edema occurs, pay special attention to their blood pressure, weight, and urine protein to prevent the disease of pathological edema.Phenomenon.

5. There are requirements for weight growth, and the situation should be taken seriously

During pregnancy, pregnant women pay more attention to their weight changes, because this data is also an important indicator of edema during pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, after the second trimester, the weight of pregnant women grows around 0.5 kg per week. If the weekly weight exceeds 1.5 kg, you need to check whether there are symptoms of edema.

6. Ensure enough sleep, and you must cooperate with exercise

In a guarantee of sufficient rest time, we also have to exercise during pregnancy. This will not only help relieve the water circulation of the legs and reduce edema, but also prepare for childbirth, such as pregnant women yoga, walking, and use.Fitness is a good choice.

肿 When pregnant women have edema, they must pay special attention to their own diet, and eat less salt and sugar as much as possible to avoid the phenomenon of edema worse.

Take high -protein foods and sufficient amounts of vegetables and fruits every day. This can not only supplement a variety of vitamins and trace elements for babies and mothers, but also improve the body’s resistance.

, Diet should be light, eat less or not eat foods that are difficult to digest or are prone to flatulence, such as onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., so as not to cause abdominal discomfort, cause backflowing, and increase edema.

有 You can eat more foods with diuretic effects, such as pumpkin, winter melon, pineapple, grapes, etc. This can effectively accelerate the body’s metabolism.

It’s not easy to get pregnant, because in this long 10 months, we don’t know what kind of pain we will go through, but when we think of the babies in the stomach, those discomfort disappears.

Each pregnant mother is great, because she has to bear the discomfort of the body alone to exchange the healthy growth of the baby in the stomach. Even if she suffers more sins, it will not cause the baby to suffer.At the point.

Being a mother is hard but also happy. I hope that all mothers have a powerful body to escort the health of the baby.

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