Don’t ignore toothache during pregnancy.

Red Net Moment News February 27th (Correspondent Xiao Wang) Toothache is more common in our real life. Generally, patients with toothache will choose a hospital or clinic for treatment as soon as possible.However, for special groups such as pregnant women, they are always worried that the treatment of teeth will affect the development of the fetus, so most of them choose to nake the pain and dare not treat it.According to clinical data, more than 80%of pregnant women will have oral diseases, while the consultation rate is only about 6.81%.

Ms. Mo is one of the many cases: 10 weeks of pregnancy+, toothache has last 3 days, affecting eating and sleeping, and worrying about treatment on the fetus, she has been forbearing.Until recently, Ms. Mo chose the dental department in the case of pain and was unbearable. She moved to 3 three three hospitals in Changsha, but she had not been effectively treated for various reasons.Finally, Dr. Xiao Xiao, the Department of Stomatology, Hunan Province, Hunan Province, Hunan Province, Hunan Province. After careful examination of Dr. Xiao, diagnosed as acute pulpitis.After Dr. Xiao communicated and appeased in a timely manner with the patient and accompanying people, he immediately opened the marrow treatment of the bureau, and explained that the patient was reviewed after 10-14 days.After treatment, the patient’s pain was quickly relieved, and it was able to sleep normally that night.

Why do pregnant women have a high oral disease?It turned out that the changes in hormones during pregnancy easily caused gingivitis and wisdom tooth crown inflammation, etc.; Changes in dietary habits, increased frequency of eating, and often not in place to suffer from dental caries and pulpitis.

How to deal with toothache during pregnancy?First of all, it is necessary to know what causes pain. Mild inflammation can be used to brush your teeth with mouthwash.Once severe pain and symptoms affecting eating and sleeping, you need to go to a professional oral institution for further diagnosis and treatment.If it is not thoroughly treated with oral pain, it will affect the health of the pregnant woman and the safety of the fetus.Clinically, many pregnant women endure the torture of oral diseases during pregnancy. The quality of life has been severely reduced, and the proportion of premature babies and low -body births has increased.

How to avoid teeth pain during pregnancy?According to the treatment during pregnancy, you should pay attention to oral health during pregnancy and prevent pre -advancement.Detailed oral examination before pregnancy.The tooth of the tooth is pulled as soon as possible, and the washing teeth were washed as soon as possible.Do not wait until you are pregnant and put yourself on the point where you have a dilemma.In the pregnancy, the sweetness and frequency of sweets should be controlled during pregnancy. After vomiting, rinse, and brush your teeth in three meals.Go to bed early and get up early.

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