Don’t eat spring bamboo shoots, know the spring!The deliciousness of spring, don’t miss it ~

Don’t eat spring bamboo shoots, know the spring meaning

The taste of spring is like a newly digging bamboo shoots

A little fragrant, a trace of fresh sweetness

Spring bamboo shoots are buds from bamboo. It is known as the "king of vegetables" in spring because of its hypertrophy, white as white as jade, fresh and tender meat, and delicious and refreshing.From March to April each year, if you do n’t seriously eat a few days of spring bamboo shoots, it is the spring.These super delicious spring practices, learn about it ~

· Pickled Fresh ·

Freshly picked spring bamboo shoots, cut into pieces, put 1 tablespoon of salt, and cook in boiling water for 2-3 minutes to remove astringency.

Prepare related ingredients such as asparagus, pork belly, bacon, louver and other related ingredients.

Put pork belly, bacon, and louver into a boiling water cooker, add cooking wine and ginger slices, boil the high heat and turn it into low heat, and stew it for about 40 minutes.

After opening the lid, put it in the spring bamboo shoots that have been simmered. After slowly simmering in low heat for 30 minutes, add asparagus to continue stewing for 15 minutes to get out of the pot!This bowl of soup condenses the umami flavor of the whole spring!

· Fresh meat bamboo shoots, diced wheat ·

Spring bamboo shoots, scalded in the boiling water pot for three to five minutes, removed, and then cut into diced.

Put the meat into the pot, add soy sauce, salt, sugar, and edible oil to stir in the same direction.

Use a rolling pin to roll the dumpling skin for four weeks, and it becomes burning wheat skin.

Wrap the filling and plastic surgery, make the mouth open.

After the steamer is boiled, put it in the roast wheat and keep it steaming for 8 minutes.

The burning wheat skin is thin and chewy. The meat in the filling is perfectly integrated with the bamboo shoots, creating a fresh but not greasy taste, so that you can take a bite and stop.

· Take bamboo shoots and tips ·

It is not only delicious, but also has the effects of relieving cough and phlegm, healthy stomach, and eating food, nourishing blood, and moisturizing intestines.

First, the spring bamboo shoots contain a large amount of oxalic acid, which is easy to form calcium oxalic acid that is easy to digest in the body content. Before eating, use boiling water for three to five minutes to dissolve most oxalic acid and remove the astringent flavor. It tastes healthier and the taste is more delicious.

Second, the spring bamboo shoots contain a large amount of crude fiber. Eat on an empty stomach can easily rub the digestive tract, causing gastrointestinal discomfort. It is best to drink a few soups and a few mouthfuls of rice before eating to reduce stimulation of the stomach.

Third, people with allergies should be careful, especially those with allergic rhinitis and urticaria, because it is likely that the old disease is recurred because of a spring bamboo shoot, which really makes the spring bamboo shoots "spring damage".

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