Don’t be in a hurry to be shy, these 4 disease signals appear in the underwear secretions, you have to be vigilant

Surveys have shown that the chance of Chinese women’s gynecological diseases is more than 70 %.Gynecological diseases are common. It is often manifested on your underwear. Once you do not pay attention to personal hygiene and private care, it is easy to cause abnormal secretions and even affect your fertility.Today, Sister Miao talked to you, the health of the underwear.

Leucorrhea is a secretion of female vagina. The composition mainly comes from the secretions of the cervical glands and the secretions of the vaginal wall. A small part of the secretion of the endometrium gland and the secretion of the large glands on both sides of the vaginal mouthBest.

The vagina is a passage connecting the interior and outside of the human body. Therefore, the composition of the vagina also has mucosal tissue, and the secretion needs to clean and lubricate.Under normal circumstances, leucorrhea is such a good material, which has an indispensable effect on maintaining normal function of the vagina.

I believe that female friends are no stranger to leucorrhea.Under normal circumstances, leucorrhea should be an egg white -like liquid. It may be colorless and transparent, or it may be white or pale yellow. Generally, there is no odor and the secretion is relatively small.

But this is just a normal leucorrhea in most cases.In some special periods, due to changes in hormones in women, leucorrhea may also occur different.

For example, the impact of menstrual cycle on leucorrhea is more obvious.

In the early stages of menstrual cycle, about ten days after menstruation, leucorrhea generally presents the state described above; when the ovulation period is reached, about half a month before menstruation. Due to the peak of estrogen secretion, the amount of leucorrhea will secrete the secretion.Increasing, sometimes it appears viscous, and the traces of the secretions on the underwear are more obvious; during the period before the menstruation after ovulation, the estrogen secretion decreases, the progesterone secretion increases, the cervical mucus secretion decreases, so leucorrhea is therefore of leucorrhea. ThereforeThe amount is also reduced, and the leucorrhea will become more sticky, mostly white, or slightly yellow.

During the menstrual period, it is basically difficult to identify the leucorrhea, most of which are menstrual blood; in two or three days before and after menstruation, brown or brown leucorrhea may also appear because of mixing a small amount of menstrual blood. This is also normal.

Women with their age growth can also affect the state of leucorrhea secretion.

From adolescence, the level of estrogen has gradually increased, and the amount of leucorrhea secretion has increased; women reach sexual maturity at the age of eighteen.Voltage of leucorrhea secretion is more likely to have abnormalities; at the stage of women’s pregnancy, because the level of progesterone is higher, the amount of leucorrhea will increase, and women in women at this stage are poor.Unusual state.

Blood leucorrhea

We said earlier that women may be mixed with blood in two or three days before and after menstrual period.But if it is not at this special time point, blood wires appear in the leucorrhea, even brown thick and thick, and the amount is particularly large. You must go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, because this is likely to be a signal of a malignant tumor. Generally, the most common is the most common.It is cervical cancer, and it may be chronic cervicitis under benign.Even chronic cervicitis, most of them are caused by HPV virus infection, and may develop into cervical cancer.

Tofu -like leucorrhea

If the leucorrhea is tofu -like, or white condensed milk and ointment, if there are symptoms such as itching, burning, redness, etc., this is likely to be moldy vaginitis, which is mostly caused by Candida infection.It is best to go to the hospital for treatment.

For such problems, it is recommended that female friends clean the vulva in moderation. Generally, water is sufficient. Do not use cleaning agents too much, otherwise it may cause imbalance in vaginal flora.In addition, it is recommended to use less pads, wear less chemical fiber underwear, and maintain the breathability of the genitals.

Gray -white leucorrhea

If the leucorrhea is gray -white or even smells of smell, it is accompanied by itching and burning symptoms of the genitals, especially after sexual behavior or after menstruation, which may also be vaginal inflammation.In addition to the timely medical drugs mentioned above, reducing the use of cleaning agents, and maintaining pussy breathable, it is also recommended to reduce sexual frequency at this stage.

Stinky and foam

Sometimes the leucorrhea becomes yellow -green or darker yellow, the state becomes thin, and even has a foam, exuding smell of smell, and at the same time, the vagina occurs in burning or itching symptoms.

There are generally two types of communication channels in vaginal trichomas. One is sexual life, and the other is that public toilets and public baths and other facilities are indirectly spread. Female friends should pay attention to such communication sources.If you really accidentally infect vaginal trichoma, you should also seek medical treatment in time.

Learn to distinguish the disease signals from abnormal leucorrhea, so that female friends can better care for themselves.

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