Don’t be afraid to prepare for the cold palace. Experienced sisters teach you how to warm up the palace to promote pregnancy!

Many women will have menstrual delays, less than ten days, as many as two or three months, which are actually caused by Gong Han.From another perspective, the temperature of the uterus is not suitable for breeding fetuses, so women who prepare for pregnancy must pay attention to conditioning the cold of the palace first.

Gonghan will not be infertility, but it may be slightly more difficult, because it affects menstruation, and Gong Han is not good for the fetus. Therefore, it is best to pay attention to maintenance and condition.So please rest assured that the sisters can still get pregnant as soon as possible.

1) Do you often look bad and energetic?Dysmenorrhea, has a cold feeling in the lower abdomen?

2) The leucorrhea is many and clear, and the smell is smelling?

3) The menstrual period is either in advance or after the wrong, and the amount is small and the color is darker?

4) Look in the mirror and find that your tongue coating is white and slippery?Afraid of cold, often sore waist and knees, cold hands and feet?

5) The complexion is dark or pale?The sexual interest is not high, hasn’t moved for a long time for pregnancy?

Do you have most of the above symptoms?If so, then you are likely to belong to the "Gong Han Girl".

1) The recipes of giving up the cold of the palace: brown sugar, rice wine, ginger (chopped), four or two white flour, mixed and steaming together, start eating in the morning on the next day of clean menstruation.Things, you can drink a small amount of water and eat it once.

2) Persist in soaking your feet for 15 minutes every day, drink brown sugar ginger water on an empty stomach, and avoid spicy and cold food. In winter, keep your body warm and not cool. Eat more hot warm foods. Use wormwood moxibustion your belly.

3) Take an egg and open a small mouth to add 1.5g of saffron, stir well and steam.Generally, it is taken on the second day of menstruation. One day, lasting nine days, a menstrual cycle of 3-4 months, can effectively treat infertility in qi deficiency.

Well, Gong Han’s sisters don’t have to worry. As long as you pay more attention to maintenance and conditioning, you will still get pregnant soon. I wish you a good pregnancy and get your baby in the coming year!

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