Domination during pregnancy tortured me for a long time

I believe that every expectant mother in this world is particularly brave. Some people cannot conceive naturally because of physical reasons. I have suffered a lot of mental stress and physical damage. And I am fortunate to usher in my baby!I look forward to the arrival of my cubs with joy!Then, the real discomfort followed, and no one told me that pregnancy would make me feel better than death!

Just when I got the hospital test report, I had just determined that the pregnancy period was determined. My physical response was particularly strong. Every day, my mental was sluggish. It seemed that I had a serious illness. Every time my husband asked me what I wanted to eat, I suddenly felt that people had to eat?The word rice exists like poison for me!

Not only that, it was like motion sickness at the beginning. I was uncomfortable, and finally … when I brushed my teeth in the morning like a turbulent force, I shocked my head and vomited …

It was an unforgettable moment in my life. Since then, my brain has hurt for two days. The blood marks on my face and neck due to that impact!

Later, I was out of control. When I vomited to the end, I vomited every day into my home. I had no appetite, drooling, bitter mouth, and a little smell., Always get a plastic bag, even the doctor asked me the question, I did not answer!What green water, yellow water, red water, and black water have spit …

These of these did not improve until I was five months …

My friends around me told me that it was the most comfortable time during pregnancy!Feel the fetal movement of my baby every day, and the wonderful feeling is worth it!

In the end, I was grateful to the husband who had been with me, taking care of me, accompanied me, and comforting my spirit.

Edema occurs in the second trimester. I help me massage every night and do prenatal education. I do n’t feel comfortable to eat my legs outside. I also massage at any time.

The suffering of pregnancy is not suffering, my husband’s love makes me feel that everything is worth it!

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