Dogs are sleeping, and the shaved nests are constantly. The bitch should pay attention to whether they are pregnant!

I once watched a cute video, a dog with a very heavy sense of sleeping ritual.Before the dog sleeps completely, it will hold the toy to its own bed, keep placing its own bed, and finally circle itself into a circle to sleep.In fact, we will also have it. Before we lie down to loosen the pillow, prepare a comfortable posture, and start to sleep well.But this behavior of dogs is more degraded.Even some dogs may be a sign of pregnancy or fake pregnancy.

Darwin refers to this series of behaviors as degraded behaviors, an instinct that no longer needs.Family dogs do not need to provide their own bedding, but dogs still have a pre -bed ceremony to prepare their own sleep venues.This is also a process of declaration of territory. The glands on the dog’s paw left a smell during the scratching process, telling other animals, "This is my place!".In the process of hovering, the dog can clean up the grass, soil and snow, just like you shaking the quilt before going to bed, but also help to observe the nearby environment before going to bed.The creepy crawled animals were expelled by the way.

Dogs like to sleep in a clean place, so they keep the dog’s nest tidy as much as possible.This is why cages can be used to train fixed -point urination, because dogs will not urinate in their sleep.Even if our dog is sleeping on the cushion now, this behavior will continue.

If a dog is a bitch, her behavior may be related to pregnancy.The pregnant mother hopes to create a safe place for her newborn puppy. Here they can give birth and raise puppies. At the same time, puppies are very small and easily hurt by other predators.

Even if you don’t realize that the dog is in estrus, or you don’t know that it has encountered a male dog during his estrus, the nesting behavior of the bitch is likely to be due to pregnancy.Take the dog to see the pet doctor as soon as possible to check whether it is pregnant.Pet doctor will help you, so that the dog mother and the puppy in the belly get the need for care.Of course, it may also be a fake pregnancy. When the bitch’s body "thinks" it will appear when she is pregnant.Dogs may show signs of body and behavior of pregnancy, including weight gain, increased breasts, decreased stomach, vomiting, collecting items, and even aggressiveness.Fake pregnancy usually occurs within 6 to 8 weeks when the bitch’s last estrus.

If dogs have always had this habit, there is no need to worry, they just want to sleep more comfortably.Buy durable mats for dogs, so that you don’t have to worry about the cushion often tortured, and may be eaten by the dog by mistake.But if you see that the dog suddenly starts to start bedtime, it may be that it is not satisfied with the bed in this place.Maybe this place is too noisy, too cold, or too far from you.Consider moving beds to see if this helps to reduce the behavior of dogs.If you think the dog may be accidentally arched by other male dogs and take it to see a doctor.It is best to take the dog’s behavior first, so that the doctor can fully understand the dog.

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