Does the amount of menstruation affect pregnancy?what to do?

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There are often patients who ask: Doctors, my aunt is too few. I heard that it will affect pregnancy. Is this that?I’m so worried!

What is the normal aunt?

Normal aunt (menstruation) is like this:

① The time of the first day when I came to Auntie to the first day of my aunt came to the first day of my aunt, the normal time was 28 ± 7 days, that is, 21 to 35 days.

② menstrual period: 2 to 7 days.

③ menstrual volume: 20-60ml.> 80ml, there are more menstruation; <5ml, less monthly.

The menstrual volume is less than 5 ml is the less month.

How much is the amount of 5 ml?5ml is the amount of daily sanitary napkin approaching wet.

In other words, a menstrual period has never been over. The total menstrual flow is less than a daily sanitary napkin, which is the less menstruation.

In contrast, do you confirm that your aunt is too small?

How did my aunt come?

Normal age -age women In the first half of each menstrual cycle (called follicular period or proliferation period), a follicle develops grows in the ovaries, and the follicles secrete estrogen to thicken the endometrium, Form the luteum; → In the second half of the menstrual period (called the luteal stage or the secretion period), the luteal secretes progesterone and converts the endometrium into the secretion period;Menstruation, my aunt came.

What is the reason why an aunt is less?How to diagnose?

It can be seen from the above that the aunt’s cycle, menstrual period, and menstrual volume are normal, at least two conditions are required:

① ovulation should be ovulated, and periodic estrogen secretion is secreted;

② The size of the uterus is normal, the endometrium is complete, and there is no disease.

Medically, only ovulation bleeding is called menstruation.If there is no ovulation, there is no progesterone. At this time, the bleeding cannot be called menstruation strictly, but we are used to call it menstruation.

The endometrium is divided into two layers:

① Function layer: The surface layer, the periodic changes of proliferation, secretion, and falling off every month under the action of estrogen hormones;

② Base layer: At the bottom layer, after the menstruation is described as menstruation, regenerate and repair the endometrium wound of the uterine, and re -form the function layer.

The reason why the aunt is too small: Generally speaking, either ovulation ovulation and estrogen hormone are either a problem of endometrium.

① Without the development of follicles and no ovulation, the level of estrogen secreted by the ovary is low, the endometrium is thin, and the menstrual flow is small.

② Personal flow and other uterine cavity surgery, and pelvic tuberculosis or severe pelvic infection can damage the endometrium base layer, which will affect the proliferation of the function layer.The endometrial function is not long, and the menstrual flow is small.

How to diagnose?

① First determine whether it is a small monthly pass (with the standard of 5ml, in fact, many people are many!), And at the same time, understand whether the menstrual cycle and menstrual period are normal.

② Check the function of ovary and have ovulation.Check the hormone from the 2nd to 4th day of menstruation, and check the thyroid dysfunction and other related examinations to judge whether there are high -centered prolactin ledin, antiarophemia, ovarian reserve function, or abnormal thyroid and adrenal function.At the same time, the basic body temperature measurement, ovulation test strip, luteal hyperexic detection, B -ultrasound ovulation monitoring, etc. are used for ovulation.

③ In the middle and late menstrual period, that is, in the ovulation or luteal stage (secretion period) to check the thickness of the endometrium. If the thickness of the endometrium is <8mm, even thinner, or there is a manifestation of the uterine cavity, and there is anyThe history of abortion or other uterine cavity surgery, or the history of tuberculosis or a serious pelvic infection, must consider endometrial damage.

Will aunt less affect pregnancy?How to treat it?

① Without ovulation, you will definitely not get pregnant.Playing ovulation is needed and treated with the cause, such as: high -centered prolactin ledis, treatment with bromine paddy; thyroid dysfunction, replenishment of thyroid ains.

② ovulation, the thickness of the endometrium in the middle and late menstrual period is> 0.8cm, which generally does not affect pregnancy and does not require treatment.

③ There is ovulation, but the thickness of the endometrium in the middle and late menstrual period is <8mm, or there is uterine adhesion, which will affect pregnancy.Use estrogen to promote endometrial growth; if there is a uterine cavity adhesion, the laparoscopic adhesion can be linked and separated, and the uterine endometrium is used at the same time.

How can a female aunt who does not have fertility requires too little, how to treat it?

① If there is no ovulation, you can replenish progesterone regularly.As mentioned earlier, there is no progesterone without ovulation. Uterine endometrium will occur with irregular bleeding or endometrial lesions under the action of estrogen for a long time.Many patients’ menstrual flow will increase.

② Ovulation, endometrial thickness> 0.8cm, no treatment is required.

③ There are ovulation, the thickness of the uterine endometrium is <8mm, or symptoms such as uterine cavity but no abdominal pain can be treated without treatment.

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