Does pregnancy and breastfeeding really cause breast sagging?These things are done right, and they can develop secondary development

There are often mothers who say doubt:

It is said that breastfeeding does not cause breast drooping, but my breasts have fallen off after my breastfeeding!Some mothers even found that not only had breasts shrinking, but also sagging a lot.

So what is the fact?

If these things do not figure out, many mothers will have deep fear of breastfeeding after giving birth. Even some women even choose not breastfeeding because they are afraid of breastfeeding.

Why do many female postpartum chest sagging after giving birth

After breastfeeding, the sagging into a small droop is because when nurturing the baby, the skin on the surface of the breast surface is extended, and the elasticity of the suspension support structure of the breast also decreases. At the same timeSmaller and drooping.

Of course, in addition, the sagging breasts is also related to age, excessive weight change after pregnancy, and wrong breastfeeding methods.

There are also studies that the breasts with smoking are easier to sag. In addition, whether the breasts are prone to sagging, it depends on genes. Some people are born with natural breasts.


Age factor

As women grow older, chests may sag.

This drooping is due to the decline of the body’s endocrine function due to aging. The skin, support tissue, fat, and glands have begun to degenerate and atrophic.


After pregnancy, the weight changes too much

Some mothers have too much body weight during pregnancy, breast growth is too large, quickly lose weight after giving birth, decreases fat in the breast, and the skin is relaxed. After the breastfeeding is over, the chest sagging will be showed.


Wrong feeding method

Do not pay attention to breast care when feeding is the culprit that causes breast drooping.For example, in order to facilitate breastfeeding and not wearing bras, let the baby eat the breasts while habitual. After the child eats milk, you must also play with nipples and do not pay attention to breast care.

How to avoid sagging breasts


Adopt the correct way of breastfeeding

When breastfeeding, don’t let your baby get too close to your chest, and don’t put your baby too low, otherwise it is easy to pull your nipples.The two breasts should be feeded alternately. When the baby only eats one breast, the mother should empty the breasts on the other side with a breast pump to keep the breasts on both sides symmetrical.


Wear the appropriate corset during breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, wearing professional breastfeeding underwear will support and support the breasts, keep the blood circulation of the breast unobstructed, not only can promote milk secretion, but also improve the disease resistance of the breast, protect the nipples from wiper from rubbingInjury and pain.


Pay attention to weight during pregnancy and postpartum

Do not eat without restraint during pregnancy: Generally speaking, the average weight increase of expectant mothers has increased by 10 to 12.5 kg on average during pregnancy. Generally, it should not exceed 15 kg, but it must vary from person to person.The weight index is different, and the scope of safety growth during pregnancy is also different."Monitor" your own weight at any time, and strive to control the ideal range, so that it is good for mummy and baby.

Weight index BMI = Weight (KG)/Height (M2).

Do not diet immediately to lose weight immediately after childbirth: In fact, this is not desirable.

Diet can cause breast fat tissue, which will cause breasts to shrink.


Eat more foods that promote estrogen secretion

Eat more foods that promote estrogen secretion to keep the breasts strong and beautiful, such as lean meat, eggs, milk, beans, carrots, lotus root, peanuts, grapes, sesame and other foods.

B vitamins are essential components of estrogen in the body. Vitamin E is an important substance for regulating estrogen secretion, so foods rich in such nutritious foods should be eaten more.

At the same time, foods with rich nutrition and containing sufficient exercise fat and protein can also increase the fat content in the breast, and the breasts will naturally be plump.

There is no need to be too anxious. After most women have been breastfeeding for a while, the breasts will gradually return to the original size. Drying is only temporary. It is not enough. Surgical plastic surgery is also a choice. You can also choose the size and shape of the cup!It’s not so lost if you think about it!

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