Does gout lowering uric acid and analgesic drugs affect fertility?Will it affect sperm quality?

As a metabolic disease, gout has increased the incidence year by year in recent years, and it has gradually become younger.Many young patients face fertility requirements.Will gout affect sperm quality?Does long -term gout drugs affect fertility?Today I will focus on popular science!

Long -term gout has a certain bad effect on sexual power, but this is a accumulated and slow process. As long as gout patients pay attention to the early stage of gout, the problem is not so serious, but if the treatment is neglected all year round, the gout of more than five years is about five years.In medical history, sexual ability began to gradually weaken.

So important questions say three times: gout must be treated early!Gout must be standardized!Gout must pay attention to the role of non -drug treatment!

Gout generally does not affect sperm quality.Gout is a metabolic rheumatism. Its pathogenesis is crystals of uric acid, deposited in joints, kidneys, and blood vessels.

The most common clinical symptoms are gouty arthritis and gout nephropathy.In addition, patients with gout are accompanied by long -term hyperuricemia, which is also an independent risk factor that causes hypertension and cardiovascular disease. It does not affect the human reproductive system much, so it will not affect the quality of sperm.

Gout is a metabolic rheumatism.If patients have early diagnosis and standardized comprehensive treatment, most patients have a good prognosis, and patients can achieve clinical cure and restore normal life and work.However, there are also some patients with gout, with chronic gout arthritis, arthritis, and gouty kidney disease due to the inadequate treatment.

1. benzide

At present, there is no literature report on the influence of benzinemon on fertility, and the influence of benzinemaron has not mentioned the impact on fertility or sperm quality.

It is recommended that the plan is planned to be discontinued 3 months before pregnancy.

2. Allocurbol

The pregnancy grades of the Purine of Purine in the United States are C -Class, which means that it is harmful to the fetus in animal experiments.It is found in the study of rats to inhibit the apoptosis of rats and promote the occurrence of sperm cells.However, there is no research on human fertility for allopurinol.

Therefore, it is also recommended to stop using it before planning to be pregnant.

3. Nonalt

Without the study of fertility, refer to allopurinol, it is recommended to stop using it before pregnancy.

1. Autumn water posom

Plosth of autumn water can inhibit cells with silk division, and the US FDA pregnancy grading is D -Class.

When gout occurring during pregnancy, it is not recommended to take losinine, and other painkillers should be selected.

2. Non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs

Including a major type of gout patients, painkillers in daily use, the FDA pregnancy grading is C -Class.Taking Saido as an example, in animal experiments, large doses of Slangbu did not damage the reproductive ability of male rats.

Male patients who are prepared during pregnancy can be taken at the minimum effective dose during acute attacks, and the medicine is stopped in time after relieving.

3. Glycogen hormone

The study of large -dose glucocorticoids on male fertility suggests that glucocorticoids have not directly affected and male fertility.But there is no very powerful evidence to continue support in the future.

Pregnant male patients can be taken at the minimum effective dose during the acute seizure, and the drug is discontinued in time after relieving.

1. Before planning to be pregnant, discontinue uric acid reduction drugs for 3 months and strengthen lifestyle adjustment.Refuuate drug treatment in time after successful pregnancy.

2. If the gout occurs during pregnancy, the non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs or glucocorticoids can be used in the short term.

Fortunately, women with rarely suffer from gout during the childbearing age, and after the wife is pregnant, her husband can restore uric acid treatment, so the overall treatment of gout will not have much impact.Finally, I hope that gout patients can have healthy and happy babies.

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