Does eczema during pregnancy affect the fetus?How long can it be good?

I have been eczema during pregnancy for more than ten days. From the beginning to the beginning to the back of the body, it is really itchy and very uncomfortable. I do n’t know how many pregnant mothers have similar experiences with me?And pregnant mothers are most worried about the impact of eczema during pregnancy.Let’s talk about this problem together.

During the last birth checkup, the obstetrician asked me to check the blood of rheumatism (see if the bile acid increased) whether there was any problem. If there was no problem checking the blood, they would go to see the dermatologist. The dermatologist would open some ointment.of.There was no problem with the results of the blood check, so I hung up the dermatology department.

Rheumatology and liver work inspection report

Before looking at the dermatology, I had to go to the pharmacy to buy pills. The effect was okay, but I still couldn’t cure it, and I dare not use those ointments often.Forbidden, but for the drug, I still adhere to the principle as little as possible. I only dare to use the ointment bought by a pharmacy for one week, and it is only used once a day.

At the same time, my family is also equipped with a glyphosate washing agent. This kind of washing agent can also be used by infants and young children. It can be used to treat eczema. I used to buy it for my son.Effect.Therefore, after the ointment is applied once a day, if it is still itchy, I will apply glycrystone.

The day before yesterday, the cream bought by the pharmacy has been used for a week. I want to stop it and don’t want to use it for too long.But just the effect of coating the cooker is relatively slow. Suddenly I thought that in the center of the confinement, the nurses asked me to buy zinc oxide, which was used to treat the baby more seriously.It can treat eczema.

So I found out and read the manual, and it was true.I used zinc oxide instead of a pharmacy to buy some pills, and alternately with furnace Ganshi.

Zinc oxide, stove glycrystone washing agent

Because it was uncomfortable when it was itchy, I hung a dermatology number the day before yesterday. I went to the hospital for an hour before I saw the doctor. As a result, the doctor’s suggestion was that he could not take medicine during pregnancy.Blackstone, oops, isn’t this the same as my current medication?

I don’t keep asking yet, is there no better way?I want to get better soon.Do not do it. If it is itchy at that time, there is no way to bear it. You can take oral chlorine buds, but in general, pregnant mothers can not take the drug without oral drugs, which is not good for the fetus.Essence

I asked again, can I take some traditional Chinese medicine regulation.She said that I can’t prescribe the traditional Chinese medicine for you. You can go to the Chinese medicine department, on the second floor.At that time, it was already more than 4 pm, and the number of Chinese medicine department could be hung.If you think about it, go home.

Pregnant women are difficult to see a doctor. From obstetrics, to dermatology, to the Department of Chinese Medicine, a disease must be tossed so many departments.The point is that when looking at the obstetrics, she only told me to see the dermatology department, see the dermatology, and let me see the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine.Now seeing that doctors generally have to make an appointment before they have a sign. It is difficult to have a sign that day, and even if there is a sign, you have to wait a long time.

What kind of body is uncomfortable during pregnancy? When you go to the doctor, you usually see a loneliness, because doctors dare not give you oral medicine, and can only use external or traditional Chinese medicine.Therefore, you should always pay attention to some, exercise more, enhance your physical resistance, and get less sick.

In fact, I have been eczema for the first time, and it is severe to the whole body, hands and feet, belly, and even ears and faces itchy. Every time I scratch, I will have a lot of small crickets.

After consulting doctors and online inquiries, the reasons for learning of eczema during pregnancy are as follows:

1. Reasons for changes in hormones during pregnancy.

2. Pregnant mothers themselves are susceptible to allergies. It may be caused by changes in certain foods or external environments, which can easily cause allergies.

3. Eat habits, or staying up late can cause eczema.

4. If you have eczema, not treated in time, and often scratch, it will be more serious and it is more difficult to recover.

What are the precautions and treatment methods during pregnancy?

1. Pay attention to skin moisturizing, you can apply some body milk. Generally, oral drugs are not recommended. You can apply cork and zinc oxide. If it is serious, oral western medicine or Chinese medicine under the guidance of the doctor.

2. Try not to scratch when itching, because it will be more scratching and serious.

3. Usually sleep sufficient sleep and stay up late.

4. Keep clothes and bedding, it is best to use cotton.

5. Appropriate exercise to enhance immunity and promote metabolism.

6. Drink more warm water, eat more fruits and vegetables, do not eat high protein, seafood foods, do not eat hot and humid fruits, such as durian, mango, pineapple.

7. Do not use soap shower gel because it will make the skin dry and itchy.

Does eczema affect the fetus during pregnancy?

Eczema during pregnancy is generally no effect on the fetus, but allergic constitution will be inherited.

Can eczema heal during pregnancy?How long will it take?

Eczema itself can heal itself. If the situation is not serious, mild, and pregnant mothers have better immunity. Pay attention to avoid anxiety and relax in mood. Generally, they can heal themselves.

Eczema is generally treated, 2-4 weeks can be good, and more serious. Be sure to seek medical treatment in time to find out the cause.

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