Do you want your baby to be healthy?These 5 -like things can not be touched during pregnancy, especially the first

For a woman, pregnancy is really a top priority, especially after pregnancy, it requires many aspects of care. It is not only the attention of the living environment, but also pay attention to diet.So do you want your baby to be born healthy?These four -like things cannot be touched during pregnancy, especially the first!

1. Drug

After pregnancy, women must take medicine carefully.However, after some women are pregnant, they suddenly get sick, and they will go to the pharmacy to buy medicine by themselves. They are eaten according to the previous methods. In fact, this method is right.Women who are pregnant must take the medicine under the guidance of a professional doctor. Be sure to ensure the safety of the baby’s baby and obey the doctor’s advice, otherwise it will hurt the fetus greatly!

2. Stay away from radiation

Many women’s work is very high, such as the radiology department of hospitals, chemical areas and the like.Therefore, if you want to prepare for pregnancy, you must go to the hospital for an examination first, and then stay away from these places. It is best to prepare for a few months.Especially those who are pregnant, they have to stay away from these places. For the health of the baby, it is best to stay quietly at home!

3. Nail polish

Every woman loves beauty, which is natural.However, after some women are pregnant, they still dress up too much, especially those women who love nail polish, and continue to apply after pregnancy.This approach is not good for fetal development.Because nail polish is not only unpleasant, but also contains a large amount of chemicals. In severe cases, fetal malformations can be caused!

4. Food

For women after pregnancy, they need to pay special attention to diet, especially these types of foods cannot be eaten: hawthorn, barbecue, cold drinks and the like.Not only will increase the chance of miscarriage, but also causes abnormal fetal development.Therefore, after pregnancy, you must pay attention to your own diet, eat the right pregnancy meal, and ensure the safety of the baby!

5. Tobacco and alcohol

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers must not touch the cigarettes. Smoking not only affects her body, but also has a great impact on the baby in the belly.And drinking will cause acute or chronic poisoning of the fetus, affect the normal development of the fetus, and even cause the fetus to malformation. The mother must be cautious!

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