Do you want to resign at home after pregnancy?Several people come here to tell you experience, pregnant mothers want to hold up

The topic that Sister Sister discussed today is: Do you want to resign after pregnancy and concentrate on raising your fetus at home?When it comes to this topic, many people who come here will have something to say. After all, the choice at the beginning can be said to have a great impact on the family no matter which one, and the person who comes as a coming is also wanting to tell the latecomers.Below we will listen to these representative people who come over and see what their experience looks like. Pregnant mothers should hold it up.

Ms. Wang’s condition is also very representative. Because of physical reasons, she had two babies before, but because she didn’t pay much attention in the early stages of pregnancy, the accident occurred, and the fetus did not keep it.No, when I was pregnant for the third time, Ms. Wang asked the unit for leave with the unit as soon as possible after finding her pregnancy. Fortunately, this time Ms. Wang’s baby kept it.After pregnant, Ms. Wang gave birth to a very healthy little princess, and her family was very happy.

Ms. Wang’s experience is: after pregnancy, do you want to continue to work, you must make the right judgment based on her physical condition.The same is true of Sister Sister. If the pregnant mother had unexpected miscarriage before, or the original body is more fragile, then this pregnant mother must pay attention to it after pregnancy.It is difficult for pregnant mothers to have a child safely.

Ms. He, who resigned at home after pregnancy, was worse.Because he resigned as soon as he was pregnant, there was no economic source, and he was endured the cold eyes of her mother -in -law throughout pregnancy, and they were disliked.Sometimes her husband does not understand Ms. He. I always feel that Ms. He does not make money and spends money randomly, but Ms. He said that she is just a normal check -up, and she bought some items needed for the baby and herself within the normal range.Word.Ms. He said that if she gives herself a chance, she will not choose to resign and raise a full -time tire at home, which is too difficult.

Sister Sister’s view is that the situation of each pregnant mother is different.It is also not going to work after pregnancy, but there are also happiness, and there are also feathers that live in one place.What Sister Xian wants to say is no matter what the situation is. In short, after pregnancy, we must weigh good and disadvantages before deciding resignation, and take into account the situation in all aspects.

Ms. Zhao went to work at the bank because she was pregnant soon after she was working, and found that she had been in pregnancy for 10 weeks, and she was in good condition after delivery.Coupled with Ms. Zhao’s work is not very tired, colleagues in the unit have also taken care of, and Ms. Zhao has been at work until 37 weeks before she starts to rest.In Ms. Zhao’s words, she is young, mainly because she is not a problem every time she checks. She is also very comfortable when she goes to work. She feels that she is suitable for her normally.

Ms. Zhao’s situation can be said to be very representative, that is, starting from pregnancy, basically they are working normally, until they are near the due date.Choosing this pregnant mother, on the one hand, earns money at work, can rely on themselves economically, and does not put too much pressure on the other half.On the other hand, because of the work, it also reduces the situation of the pregnant mother’s carelessness throughout the pregnancy. Because of the work, the activity is more moderate, the development of the fetus is better, and it will be smoother during production.

Sister Sister suggested that if the pregnant mother is pregnant, she feels that she has no problem, and it will not be too hard to go to work, then there is no need to get a full -time baby at home as soon as she is pregnant. After allIt is boring to do only one thing during this time.

Do you resign at home as soon as you are pregnant?What is your story like?


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