Do you want to produce more diseases?Sow health care during pregnancy must do this

Pregnant sow has a heavy body burden. At this time, you should pay more attention to health care. On the one hand, improve the health of sows and promote the smooth production of sows. On the other hand, it can improve the health and early birth of piglets.The quality of milk and the success rate of breeding again.However, many pig raising people do not know how to do health during pregnancy. Choosing not only has no effect on the drug, but there will be side effects. Today I will talk about the management methods of sow feeding during pregnancy, which is better than all drugs.

In terms of breeding management, we must first grasp the middle of the two ends. This method is suitable for sows with poor physical condition. After 20 days before the breeding and 10 days after the breeding, the physical condition is mainly based on green feed.Feed according to the usual feeding standard until the 80th day of pregnancy, and then feed the precision.

The second is to set up the law step by step. It is suitable for the preliminary sow and sows that breed during breastfeeding. The first time of pregnancy is mainly green and rough feed, and the proportion of seizure is gradually increased to increase the protein and minerals in the feed. Pay attention to the sow productionThe feeding amount should be reduced by 10-20%the previous week.

Third, the front and rear sperm methods are suitable for the sows with good physical condition before the breeding.

In addition to hygiene and ensuring quality, the diet that feeds the pregnant sow must also have a certain amount of green coarse feed, so that the sows will feel full after eating, and will not compress the fetus.Elements are conducive to the normal growth and development of the fetus, while providing sufficient drinking water.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to feed mildew, frozen, poison and strong irritating feed, otherwise it will easily cause miscarriage. At the same time, do not change the feed variety at will. Feeding green coarse feed should be added to the diligence, and the sow can drink clean water at any time.For sows during pregnancy, we must improve the health of sows, improve the quality and quantity of sow milk, and alleviate the problem of constipation during pregnancy.

About 20 days after pregnancy, the embryo is easily affected by the environment.Special care should be given in feeding management, and high -quality full -price feeds are given; in the last month of pregnancy, on the one hand, the weight of the fetus has increased sharply and requires a large amount of nutrients. On the other handSqueezing, it is easy to cause the sow insufficient feeding.Therefore, it should be fed to nutritious diets, especially protein feed.

For sowing during pregnancy, in addition to careful care and reasonable feeding, there are many points to pay attention to, such as ensuring the sow’s nutritional supply. At this time, the key to promoting fetal development must be strengthened.Circle breeding, the ground should be flat, dry and clean. In the first month after the sow’s pregnancy, it should be allowed to eat, sleep well, and exercise less to restore physical strength and feelings.In the later period, the amount of exercise should be reduced, allowing sows to freely move, and activities should be stopped 1 week before giving birth.

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